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RATING: T for Teen
SPOILERS: Through US Aired Episodes of Season 9
SUMMARY: Sara wakes up to a very welcome sight. GSR Perfect Ending

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The sounds of water slapping at the side of the tub woke her from a well deserved afternoon nap. When she reached
the doorway to the bathroom, he was already out of the tub. The sudsy water sluiced off his bare skin in tiny rivers back
into the clawfoot tub, and she leaned back against the door frame to admire the view.

Sara watched as he gently toweled the rest of the water off. It was like a dance, the soft fluffy towel dabbing here,
circling there, and she enjoyed the whole thing. The towel tickled over each curve and swept through the dips and

She smiled, knowing that all of this was hers; every moment, every look, every dance, every curve. It was all hers and
hers alone. And seeing that perfectly round bottom currently being given some attention with the towel, she was infinitely
grateful for what she had.

With her realization came a deep sigh and Sara unwittingly made her presence known. Grissom turned with a loving
smile. "You're up."

"I heard the bath water, and thought I might be getting a treat." She saw the careful raise of his brow and a comfortable
giggle slipped out. "And it was." With the suggestive turn of her own brow, she watched the blush rise in his cheeks.

"You're obviously feeling better." He turned a little more and carefully stepped out of the tub.

"Yes, thank you. The nap was just what I needed." Her smile let him know that she was indeed grateful.

Watching him wrap that wonderful bottom up into the downy yellow towel, Sara wondered how in the world something so
beautiful and perfect could be in her life. When she realized she had been caught, it was her turn to blush a little.

Grissom walked to her and placed a soft kiss on her lips. "Don't worry, Dear… We both know you have a thing for our
cheeks." He passed the carefully bundled baby into his mother's waiting arms. Lifting the hood on his ducky robe, he
kissed the forehead of his very happy little boy and left the bathroom to strut down the hallway stark naked.

As Sara turned to watch his showy departure, she said, "Keep that up, and we're liable to have another one of these
very soon."

Sara smiled at their bouncing baby boy when Grissom's voice called out from the bedroom, "That's the plan."