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Totally Tara!

Chapter One – Dog Day, After Noon

Bonnie Rockwaller could not believe it. Her life was in danger. Again!

Stupid Kim Possible! No matter where she goes, she thought, trouble just follows her!

She peeked out from between the hospital beds where she was crouching to see if the coast was clear enough for her to make a break for it while the girl in the cheerleader uniform stood her ground against the dangerous weirdo.

An eight foot tall weirdo that looked like a dog-headed Egyptian statue come to life, naked but for only one of those ancient desert-style black skirts, sandals, thick banded wrist bracers, and a gaudy gold medallion on a chain resting on his chest.

I knew I shouldn't have gotten talked into coming here! Bonnie ranted internally as she tried to figure out what to do. Kim, I blame you!

Just minutes ago they had been in a quiet hospital room. She and the rest of the old Middleton High Cheer Squad had come to visit two of their number who had been in comas for the past week and a half. Bonnie did not really care about them. She rarely cared about anyone. However she was subject to peer pressure, especially a majority. So not willing to risk being ostracized as a pariah she agreed to come and in the process managed to take control and make it seem like it was her idea from the beginning.

It was even her idea for them all to wear their old cheer uniforms. To show their respect. That they cared. Which meant of course she simply had to out do them all by being the last of the group to leave. To show that she cared the most.

She was after all, a Rockwaller, and Rockwallers do not do anything less than Over The Top.

As per to her plan, Bonnie got there early so as to be the first to arrive. There were machines of all kinds near the heads of the beds, the constant beep beep beep of the heart monitor thingies made her uneasy. For long minutes she had nervously rattled around the room the couple shared, trying not to think too much about them or the past they shared. After all it's not as if I like you two losers, she told herself yet again, But no one deserves this. Not even you.

Looking at the first bed, Especially not you.

While it was unusual for hospitals to have co-ed rooms an exception was made for the pair. Not because of who they were, but because as they shared the same mystifying affliction it was a matter of practicality they share the same equipment. Who goes to sleep and simply doesn't wake up? How stupid is that?

They arrived mostly on time in groups of twos and threes, each bringing gifts of flowers and cards and balloons. None as fancy or expensive as the Aromatherapy Ambient Sound Machine which was her gift, Bonnie noted smugly.

Thus began the vigil.

Seemingly endless in Bonnie's frustrated opinion. They sat around for hours while family and other friends of the stricken couple came and went. Plain that the squad was going to do the entire stretch of visiting hours, Bonnie put on her best Social Face, determined to be The Last One Standing, so to speak.

To show she cared. Really.

With soft giggles and light laughter, the clutch of teenaged girls seemed intent on bringing the atmosphere of a quiet slumber party to the dreary occasion. Nails, magazines, low-playing music, gossip and general catching up since graduation. During which each took turns to stand by the beds and quietly say whatever came to mind as it was well-known that coma victims could possibly hear. The entire time Bonnie played at gracious hostess, as if it were her own home, to ensure she remain the center of everyone's attention.

Finally came the twenty minute warning and in the same groups and reverse order they arrived in, they hugged and left, promising to do it again soon.

Until there was just the two of them and it seemed the other wanted to be last as well.

The two girls locked narrowed eyes and wordlessly the final challenge was laid down and accepted. Neither moved nor showed any indication of doing so.

Until the wall exploded inward.

The reflexes of both former cheerleaders had them diving for cover. Bonnie for between the beds, the other for the open doorway of a walk-in closet, as chunks of plaster, drywall, wooden splinters and who-knew-what-else debris showered the room.

Which is when Dog Face shouldered his way in. He looked about, then stalked for the beds and the helpless patients therein.

"Stop right there!"

Bonnie looked up and stared as the other cheerleader somersaulted back into the room to position herself between him and the first bed. No! Not you, not here, not now! Why??

"Don't you know visiting hours are over?" she challenged sweetly, in a fighting stance.

"Get out of my way girl! None shall thwart neither the wrath nor vengeance of the Jack-aaaaaal‼" his name became a howl, "Step aside and I shall spare you your life."

However the teen was unmoved, an expression of resolution on her face, "I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't do that," she said rather cheerfully, "You should just leave a message and leave. I promise I'll see it gets delivered."

You idiot, Bonnie threw her thoughts at the girl as if she might hear and heed, You'll only get yourself, or worse me, killed! Then she felt something scurry up her back to her shoulder. Only her senses of self preservation and image enabled her not to squeal in terror. She turned her head to spy Stoppable's insufferable hairless rodent next to her head. "Really?" she whispered, "Must I suffer you too?"

Rufus the naked mole-rat nodded and squeaked out something that sounded a lot like, "uh'hu uh'hu," before looking at the main action. Bonnie looked too.

The Jackal growled at the girl in his way, "Just who in the hades are you anyway?"

Breaking her stance, she took a step forward and extended her hand, the sincerest of smiles on her face…,

"Hi! My name's Tara. Like, nice to meet'cha!"

With the same comical cant to his head that dogs do when examining something puzzling, the giant looked at the tiny slip of blondeness with blinking eyes. Amazingly he dropped to one knee in front of her and shook the proffered hand.

"Uhm, nice t'meet youse too…?"

Is she frikkin' kidding me? Bonnie stared agape.

"I know you!" Tara beamed pleasantly. "You're that Jackie Oakes fellow from the GWA on TV!"

The Jackal nodded, "Youse's a fan! That's roiht Sweet Cheeks, tho 'Jackie Oakes' is n'longer… ."

"What the hell is 'GWA'?" Bonnie blurted out.

"Who said…," The Jackal rumbled looking about, finally spying the other girl where she peaked from between the beds, eyes wide, hands covering her mouth as if to keep from saying anything else stupid, a familiar naked mole-rat perched on her shoulder. "Oh I see, that must b'youse sidekick!"

Still smiling sweetly Tara glanced her way, "We, y'know, hang out at times."

The Rockwaller impulse to not be talked about while in the same room automatically caused Bonnie to stand. Without further thought, forgetting all about Rufus on her shoulder, the brunette adopted her usual Rich Bratz pose: one hand on jutting hip and the other pointed at the current objet de dédain, object of scorn. "Sidekick? Hah! As if! Look Alpo Boy, if anyone has the brains between us, it's me."

That same puzzled canting of head as he looked between them, "But… iffen she's the… then why're youse the one blockin… ."

What the hell am I doing? she kicked herself mentally while calling forth more Rockwaller Bluster. I'm up now. "Hey! You didn't answer my question. What is 'GWA'?"

Without realizing the tactical wisdom of it, Tara stepped so as to keep both villain and her sometimes-friend in easy sight. "The Global Wrestling Association, how could you not know that?" she supplied.

"TV wrestling?" Bonnie wrinkled her nose in disdain, "Gah! Well no wonder! We Rockwallers are far too cultured to follow something so vulgar. Who's stupid enough to watch that drek? Besides, everyone knows it's fake." Rufus was nodding along until he realized what she was saying. He squawked at her, "hyy!"

"Bonnie! It's not fake!" the ditsy blonde protested with a slight frown, "I was watching the time Mr Jackal here, like y'know, went on this rampage to put the smackdown on Steel Toe and Pain King!"

Bonnie frowned, "Who??"

The blonde though, was caught up in the excitement, her eyes shining as her arms mimed some wrestling moves, "But then Kim and Ron show up from, like, nowhere and…"

"Which is why I'se goin' t'go over ta theys beds right there and beat theys heads in…," Jackal tried to interject, pointing at the comatose hero and her partner, but was basically being ignored.

"…after a brief tussle they got the upper hand and defeated Mr Jackal here!"

"T! It. Is. Fake," Bonnie said.

"Well, there's cer-tan-ly en element of sportsm'n-like-ship, shure, but…,"

"Nuh uh!"

"Nuh huh!"

"Like, so was not!"

"Oh yes. Like, so was!"

"D'youse all mind? Wanting revenge over here?"

Hands on her hips, Tara defended her hero, "Bonnie Rockwaller! Are you trying to say that Kim was party to a faking?"

"I'm not trying, Tara Queen, I'm saying!"

"You're just jealous! You've always been jealous of Kim!" arms down at her sides, fists clutched, Tara screamed at the obnoxious brunette.

Whose eyes widened like she had been physically slapped, hands lifting as if to ward off another such blow. The pink rodent seemed equally shocked.

"Oh schnnap…," the still kneeling dog-headed giant muttered.

The girl's mouth worked up and down several times soundlessly before she managed to recover. Her eyes returned to their normal slits, an intent gaze burning back at the normally quiet ex-squad mate. Crossing her arms she challenged, "Well, if it was so real, then just how did Kim," she spat the name, "manage to defeat him?"

"Simple," answered Tara, back to her perky cheery self as she spun back to the kneeling Dog Man. "She used Rufus to take his magic amulet off…" with a swift motion she reached up, deftly scooping up the golden disk from his chest and flicking the chain over his head, "…and without it he's nothing! See?"

So caught up in the drama was he, so smooth the blonde's move, the Jackal only had time to blink once before the disrupted spell reversed. Arms raised in abject frustration, he roared as magic energies swirled painfully about his form, dissipating as did his bulk and stature. In just a couple heartbeats the imposing form of the Dog God shrank down to that of a small man a full head shorter than either teen.

Oh, now this I can deal with! sneering inside and out, Bonnie placed both hands on the bed beside her, swinging herself over and across the comatose Kim Possible as Rufus leapt away.

The little man only had time to get out a "Oh, youse is real good Sidekick, goin' for the distra…," before the feet of both cheerleaders landed solidly. Both of Bonnie's high on his now less massive chest, Tara's right roundhouse only slightly lower at the solar plexus, sending him flying back through the hole he made to crash against a semi-empty food cart.

In a flash of blue and blonde, Tara continued the energy of her kick into a flip to land straddling the guy as he struggled to regain his wits. She looked him in the eyes, "No one hurts Kim Possible while I'm around."

Standing upright she delivered her heel to his chin in a rapid one-two-three kick, almost as if she was scrapping him off the bottom of her shoe.

Amid cheering from a mixed crowd of patients and medical staff gathered in the hallway, Tara turned to the brunette just coming up behind her, Rufus scrabbling back to her shoulder. "Yeah B!" they high-and-low-fived, both smiling. "Way to do the sidekick thing!"

"Oh you so don't want to go there…," then, "Agh! What is with you, Rat?"

[A collage of stock footage from several of Kim's adventures] "For years Kim Possible has saved the world on numerous occasions, asking for nothing more than the occasional favors for rides later on her way to help someone else."

[A still photo of Kim unconscious in her hospital bed hooked up to monitors, oxygen, and IV drip, Ron almost visible in his own at the edge] "In a coma since early last week, Middleton's Favorite Daughter lays struck down by a mysterious and unknown cause."

[Mr and Mrs Doctor Possible in lab coats standing in a hospital corridor, concern and worry on their faces; he with his arm around her as she spoke] "She went to bed like any normal night, but wouldn't wake up."

[A group of other doctors of several obvious ethnicities standing in huddled conference] "Experts from around the world have been working around the clock seeking a diagnosis and treatment for the ailment."

[A collage of many supervillains ending with stock footage of people scattering in panic from in front of Lorwardian battle machines] "Everything is being considered from plots of revenge by her foes to an alien infection from her close encounter with them during the invasion just three days before her affliction. No answers seem forthcoming."

[A huge question mark in front of a silhouette easily recognizable as Kim's] "Now the question being asked by everyone world wide is: 'With Middleton's Favorite Daughter incapacitated, who shall step forward in her stead?'"

[Grainy blown-up footage from hospital security cameras: A blonde wearing the uniform of a Middleton High cheerleader facing against the Jackal; at the edge of the screen was the arm of another pointing at him, a naked mole-rat easily identified on the shoulder] "The answer comes in the form of one of Kim Possible's protégées: Tara Queen."

[Rapid collage of Tara deftly removing the Amulet; Jackal's reversion in double time; the double attack by the two cheerleaders, the face of the second hidden by the angle; then from another camera angle: Tara delivering the coup de grâce kicks] "Seen here with an unidentified sidekick protecting her comatose mentor from a vengeful Jackie "The Jackal" Oakes, freshly released after three years in prison."

[The diminutive former wrestling manager, still in Egyptian-wear, being lead out in handcuffs speaking to the camera before paddy wagon doors closed] "I was taken by surprise, shure. N'only does she have en ex-see-lent sidekick, but she was all like, y'know, Just So Damn Nice about it all, y'know… en all ar'nd schweet kid, really… ."

[Still frame of a brightly smiling Tara with fingers in a V-for-victory, a stock picture of Rufus in one corner, a roughly isolated image of the drop-kicking 'unidentified sidekick' in the background, face still obscured by the angle, ] "Will Team Tara be able to fill the shoes that Kim Possible wore? While time will tell, it is the valued opinion of this esteemed reporter that from her debut she is certainly off to a spectacular… ."

The TV abruptly clicked off in response to Bonnie slamming her fist against its power button.

"Arrgh! Rockwallers are not sidekicks!" she seethed.

"But Bonnie, you did good as the sidekick!" Tara looked up from the Teen Seen magazine she was flipping through.

The pair was sitting in a room adjacent to the hospital's main Media Conference Room, the so-called 'green room' where individuals wait until called. Despite the name there was very little green in the room aside from the plants, half of which were artificial. Tara was seated with legs crossed in one of the chairs along one blue wall idly going through the stack of old magazines, most were scientific or medical titles which she outright skipped over for the out-of-date entertainment and social themed ones before she struck gold with the only one teen oriented.

Off to one side Rufus was at a multi-compartmented party bowl, the center full of chips, the outer depressions full of a variety of dips. He concentrated on the cheese while ignoring the onion, ranch, and clam dips.

Bonnie had been too worked up to read and had instead opted to surf the channels on the large screen TV looking for any and all references of their encounter barely an hour ago. Channel after channel the bytes were much the same, all the affiliates having subscribed to the local news feed along with widespread Internet saturation.

At first the brunette wanted nothing to do with the mess. That changed as soon as she heard everyone praising them for saving the life of Kim Possible. Saving Kim! Yes! For once I'll come out ahead of her, was the immediate thought, I can run with this, rack up some primo media coverage.

Only, the entire world knew the name of Tara Queen along with her glowing smile, while she had been relegated to the anonymity of unnamed and faceless sidekick in the background. If they don't bother to chop the bytes even more, the brunette was livid. Hell, they even know the Rat Thing's name better than mine! But I'll set the record straight with this news conference.

To ensure they were going to make the best of impressions, Bonnie had dragged her blonde teammate back to the Rockwaller estate for a quick trip through her enormous walk-in closet, reported by Teen Seen to be third in size only to London Tipton's and that Hanna-somebody-in-Montana. With a critical eye Bonnie whipped a nice matching ensemble together to give them a team presence, but in different color schemes to both compliment their looks and individualize them.

Since they were well known as Middleton High cheerleaders, Bonnie decided to run with that as she worked colors to compliment each of them. For herself she went with the same color scheme from her version of the cheer squad uniforms three years ago, originally chosen to highlight her own looks. Thus she picked out a pair of Capri slacks in a muted mustard-yellow and matching top with sweetheart neckline, then knee-high doeskin boots and a jaunty high-collared long-sleeved Bolero jacket with zippers to accept an optional panel with which to close the front, both in Middleton-blue with red accents. She topped it off with a red beret to tie together all the accents and complete the Girl-of-Action look she was going for.

She then selected for Tara a similar appearance, replacing slacks and top with a near-Middleton-blue mini-dress with mock collar, along with the same style doeskin boots and jacket done in mustard. Another beret, twin to her own, tied them both together.

In a last minute inspiration, the brunette dug out two of the utility belts from her supply of KimStyle outfits for them both. She had studied them both in the mirror with a critical eye. The leader wears the pants, the sidekick the skirt, she nodded in satisfaction. World saving heroes with better fashion sense than Kim's!

Tara had simply enjoyed the rare opportunity to explore Bonnie's closet and the even rarer gifts of clothing. She cooed happily with the feel of the garments, everything but boots and belt an expensive velour. She loved how it enhanced her hair and complimented her eyes. The new outfit was simply the high point of the day for her, after saving Kim's life.

Matched the waiting room some too.

"No, uh-uh," Bonnie responded, "I'm not going to get stuck branded as the 'loser sidekick', not to you!" As an after thought, "No offense, T."

Tara simply smiled back, "None taken B." After knowing the brunette since middle school, the blonde had long since grown accustomed to her ways. Not that much fazed her anyway. Bonnie shook her head, That girl rarely ever turns on her Upstairs Lights… .

"Bonnie? Tara?" came a familiar voice. Bonnie spun about, at first thinking Kim had awoken to steal her hard earned glory but instead found another redhead entering the room. An older, taller version of Kim wearing a white doctor's smock.

"Mrs Possible!" the girl breathed a hidden sigh of relief that her irrational fear was unfounded.

The blonde bounced to her feet, tossing her magazine on the table, "Mrs Dr Possible! How's Kim?"

Even as they greeted her, the woman moved in close to sweep them up into a fierce hug. She was not crying, but from her voice she was close, "Oh! Oh, my Dears! Thank you both so much for saving my little girl!" She gave each a quick peck on the cheek before pulling away to look them over with the eyes of a mother. She readjusted their hair and clothes, mussed from her show of emotion. "Tara, Kimmie is just fine, thank you. Well, not 'fine', still being in a coma, but still alive thanks to you two!"

She stepped back and took them both in, each of her hands holding one of theirs. "That includes you as well Bonnie. Your mother and I see less than eye-to-eye, and I know that through the years you and Kim have been less than best friends, but I'm ever so grateful you were there when she needed you the most.

"Thank you both again." the woman released their hands so that she could stem her tears. "After so many years of her facing danger, to have almost lost her in her sleep is… is…,"

"Stupid?" supplied Bonnie, not certain why she repeated out loud to Kim's mom the same thought she had earlier that afternoon.

"Yes! Exactly! It's so stupid…," she continued to fight to contain herself. Tara moved in close again, this time wrapping her arms about the woman like a child. Neither said anything as Ann Possible wrapped arms about her in return, appreciating the simple joy of someone's daughter hugging her back, daring to imagine it was her own. They stood that way for long moments, sharing their humanity with each other.

Bonnie watched the entire display with growing unease. I'm not use to this. I don't know the last time a Rockwaller ever displayed this much honest emotion for or about anyone. She shuffled her feet.

Ann looked at the brunette, and correctly interpreting the expression in the teal eyes pulled herself together and away from the other teen. She knew Bonnie's mother from her own school days so she was able to suspect exactly what the girl was uneasy about. The woman adjusted her hair with a barely audible sniffle.

"I'm sorry girls," when she had herself better composed. "I'm supposed to prepare you for what to expect once the conference starts. You will be introduced and called to the podium where the reporters will get to ask their questions. You may answer as you want, but you are also free to decline to respond to anything you feel too personal or invasive. Also, and I'm sure this should not be an issue, be sure to watch your language. This is a mixed media, so many are on venues where they have to monitor such things. Plus the hospital has a reputation to consider."

Looking them over again and adjusting how their clothes rode, she sighed, "Think you two can handle this?"

Tara nodded, "No problems Mrs Dr P, Bonnie's like going to totally handle things."

"Really," the redhead cocked a very familiar eyebrow at the brunette. "Well, if anyone can handle the media, I'm sure a Rockwaller can. You go Bon-Bon," she smiled softly, "The conference has already started, the hospital administrator is saying his piece now. Mostly fielding questions about Kim and Ron, but also expressing the staff's appreciation for what you've done."

Bonnie nodded, the limelight and public speaking was something she was groomed for as a Rockwaller. Expected of even.

A member of the administration staff stuck his head in the door, "Time ladies."

"Ready T?" Bonnie asked. Time to set some shit straight!

The blonde nodded, "This is your thing Bon, I'm no good at this kind of stuff."

"Damn straight it is," the brunette smiled and led the way. The two teens followed the junior administrator out the door and across the hall to the media conference room. It was a moderately large room with a raised stage at one end where a podium stood with the hospital's seal prominent on the wall behind it. At either end of the stage stood the American and State flags. Chairs set facing the stage were filled to capacity with reporters while those with video cameras were arranged around the perimeter of the walls.

All eyes turned to them when they entered as a bespectacled older gentleman in an expensive suit was finishing up, "And here they are now. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Ms Tara Queen and her associate!" He applauded along with the rest of the room.

Feeling Tara suddenly freeze and recognizing where it was coming from, the brunette hooked their arms to keep her from bolting. "Come on Tara," she whispered, "We've been before larger crowds than this."

"Not so close," the blonde shook her head, turquoise eyes glazing over, "not focused directly on us. On me."

"It's Okay T. I'm used to this, so follow my lead." the girl sounded earnestly protective. Tara simply nodded as Bonnie, invoking the Rockwaller Composure, dropped her arm to take the other teen's hand and led the way up the center aisle as the ovation continued. Both still and video cameramen moved backwards ahead of them, lights and flashes in their faces.

Stately, like the queen which was her friend's namesake, Bonnie mounted the stage to lead the cowering blonde to the podium. While the applause wound down she took the time to adjust the dozen microphones into optimal positions. Finally the clapping stopped as reporters began to shout words and questions that all melded together.

"Miss Queen!" "Ms Queen, Teen Se…," "What was it…," "Did Kim choo…,"

Bonnie held up her hands, calling for silence. She remained that way until she got it. Once all the voices stilled, she smiled, leaning forward. "Thank you for the warm welcome…,"

Several variations of "Who are you?" floated forward.

"My name is Bonnie Rockwaller, and I'm Tara Queen's friend," she indicated the girl cowering behind her, peaking out like a child from the safety of her mother's shadow, eyes wide. "As Miss Queen is not accustomed to public speaking or being the sole scrutiny of so many people, she's asked me to field this session for her. Think of me as her manager and spokesperson." At least until I can get the recognition I deserve instead of her.

Hands rose, voices cried out, like a huge nest of hungry chicks all vying for tidbits from their returning mother. Sweeping her gaze across them for the more prominent and well known media personalities, the brunette finally selected one. "Yes, you there. You have a question?"

A woman stood. "Yes, thank you. Vernita Green, Channel One News. Ms Queen, were you scared?" she leaned as if she could see around the first girl better.

At Bonnie's encouraging nod, Tara stepped forward slightly, "Uhm…," she started cautiously, "I dunno. I didn't think about it?" She retreated again.

Bonnie selected another, "You next."

A man. "Les Eismore, Teen Seen Magazine. It's said that you are Kim Possible's protégée. How do you compare yourself to her?"

The blonde popped forward again, keeping her eyes on the mics instead of the crowd of faces. "She's like, a redhead, and I'm like, a blonde… ." A chuckle rippled across the assembled people.

Fighting her growing frustration Bonnie glared at them, "Doesn't anyone have a question for me?" There was a pregnant pause until one lone hand rose in the back. "Yes! Finally! Please!"

Another, younger man stood. "Lance Chance, Middleton High 'All My Matters'. Can you ask Ms Queen what she had for breakfast?"

That's it! "No. No! No‼ I mean, a question about me‼"

The reporters looked about at each other. A voice from somewhere, "Who're you again?"

"Hello? I was there? I helped‼" Bonnie indicated herself by patting both hands against her chest.

Nearly as one, as if practiced, the crowd before her said, "Ohhh‼ The Sidekick‼"

Try not to lose it…, "I'm more than the sidekick. Without me she couldn't find her way out of an open door. I'm, like, the brains of this outfit!"

Now that the attention was no longer directly on her, Tara stepped out more boldly. Not considering that maybe she should be offended by Bonnie's remarks, she nodded, "'S'true, I don't use mine very much."

Another voice from elsewhere in the mass, "So who're you again?"

It was at that moment Rufus, having finished his fill of chips and dip and realizing he had been left behind, caught up with the ones who saved his favorite humans. So intent on keeping her composure was the brunette, she only half-felt and half-ignored the sensation of the rodent scampering up her leg and back.

She barely noticed him on her shoulder, but those before them did. They recognized the naked pink animal instantly.

"Ahhh‼ You're Ron Stoppable!" the united voices declared.

Wha…? "Argh! No‼ I'm Bonnie!"

A new voice, "Bonnie Stoppable?"

That's it‼ Enough is enough, that's all I can stand 'cause I can't stands no more‼ Bonnie gripped the edges of the podium, leaned forward with eyes closed, and screamed at the top of her voice…,


It took two minutes for the feedback, echoes, reverbs, and general collected shock to abate. Then as one: "OHHH… ."

The broadcast came to an abrupt end as the ninety inch plasma screen TV flicked off. The room was lush and well appointed, with a fireplace that had a video screen, complete with a picture of burning logs, instead on a proper pit. Opposite the big screen was an expensive hardwood desk. In the dimmed light a hand lowered the remote, placing it on the desktop gently.

"Very interesting," mused a girlish voice.

The next morning at the local Middleton McSpensive, an upscale not-so-fast-food restaurant, found Bonnie sitting in her usual booth. None of the other patrons came near her, all giving the volatile brunette a very wide berth. Even nearby tables had been abandoned as she seethed in the aftermath of an even-for-her uncharacteristically explosive tirade.

All about, the booth lay surrounded by confetti that but minutes prior had been a newspaper. Some pieces still fell about her glaring and crossed-arm form like snow, some settling on her head and shoulders.

Ever oblivious to her friend's grumpier moods, Tara slid in opposite, cheery as ever, slapping a fresh newspaper in front of the brunette. "Bon! Did you see? We're on the front page!"

Having already just dispatched her own, the girl need not bother to look to know that the headline read:

It's Possible! Middleton Birthplace to World's Newest Heroes


NOTES: Wow! My 2nd KP fic and it's NOT in the WPS universe like I had thought all my fics would be!

This came about as a challenge on the KP/Haven forum, and as everyone pitched comments it just grew on me like moss.

The setting is 2 weeks after graduation.

I chose Queen for Tara's last name because while King is popular for her, to me Tara King will ever be the British secret agent and John Steed's partner in The Avengers.

Totally Tara is to have a lot more lighter moments that my WPS universe. Tara being the unexpected heroine with the heart of gold and head of… fluff, to quote the Tao of Pooh… LOL

As for why it seems centered on Bon-Bon more than Tara is because in my mind Bonnie is the suffering straight man to Tara's Dumb Luck Skills, Abbott to her Costello. As the fic progresses maybe it will shift some, hard for me to say right now.

Incidentally this story, and the Totally Tara(TT) universe, is slated to have a companion fic which will detail what's going on with Kim and Ron and why their bodies are catatonic. Don't know exactly when that will come as I already have a bit on my plate.

As for schedules, well, WPS is my primary fic and I'm working to keep those updates weekly. For now TT should update bi-monthly, maybe monthly. I hope that once I get the companion fic going it will be it and TT once a month, 2 weeks apart, leaving WPS to roll as it go.