Well, hello everyone! This is my second Fire Emblem story, and it takes place after Radiant Dawn. It's also when you have A support with Ike and Soren so they'll be on the journey together. I hope the story will be okay, since this is my first long Fire Emblem story.

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Chapter 1: Out at Sea...

Soren had never been at sea before. The boat drifted forward at a comfortable speed, for they had picked up a good wind and were travelling well. Seagulls screamed overhead, the waves lapped at the hull of the ship, the wind cooled his face; he never really paid attention to nature's beauty- he only saw the terrain advantage it would give in a battle - but this was all so new to him that he couldn't help but feel exhilarated by the feeling of sailing.

He was pulled out from his reverie by the scream of a seagull as it dived for the sea and flew upward with a fish flapping in its beak. Soren watched bemused as the seagull attempted to swallow the fish whole but it gave up and flew away with the meal halfway down its throat.

" So, liking it out here?" Ike walked up beside the smaller mage, watching the seagull soar up towards the sun. Soren winced as salt spray landed in his eye.

" Hmm," came his blunt reply. " I hate to admit it, but sailing... is so new to me, I can't help but love it." He turned to his friend. " I hope you packed enough supplies for the journey to last us at least half a year. I don't know how long we'll be out,"

" Oh, don't worry. All of our friends were nagging so much about our supplies that I think we have more than we need."

Soren nodded. " Right. Then I'll recheck the stock to make sure we have enough of everything."

Ike quickly put a hand on his shoulder as Soren turned around. " Soren, don't," he sighed. " You have been pouring over the stock books over three times now. Why don't you just leave it, and enjoy your time now? I mean, you decided to come with me on this journey, right? Well..." Ike ran a hand through his hair, "I didn't take you so you could read inventories. I took you because you wanted to come."

Soren opened his mouth to say something but was stopped by something inside him. He remembered a conversation he and Ike had before they left together.

" Soren, please. You have to stay here. The Greil Mercenaries will need you!"

" Ike, I pledged my loyalty to you not so I could watch you leave on a journey you may never come back from."

" What about everyone back here? They'll need a strategist to help them organize fighting plans!"

" Titania can handle both jobs. She's smart. You can't change my mind Ike. I'm coming with you."

" Soren..."

Sighing, Soren gave up the argument. " Fine. But I'll still need to check it once in a while."

Ike grinned, slightly relieved. " Good. I'll go and adjust the mast, then we'll go into the cabin and eat."

That night...

Ike was standing atop of a high rising cliff, gazing out at the land that spread before him. It was supposed to be Tellius, but it wasn't the Tellius he'd last seen. There was no colour, the trees were thin, dry grey skeletons; to his right he could see the place that should have been Serenes Forest - instead it was a mass of dying trees and wildlife. Lines and lines of people were marching towards Begnion, where the tall beautiful buildings were replaced by looming forts and large workshops.

He wanted to run towards the gaunt faces of his people. They looked up to the sky and begged the goddess to save them. Alas, Yune wasn't there to answer their pleas. Ike tried to step forward but he couldn't.

" Ike, a danger is coming upon Tellius," said a whispery voice beside him, and without turning Ike knew it was Yune. She continued, " You must continue on your journey to another land, and seek help. Take the Branded boy with you wherever you go. He will be most vulnerable."

" What do you mean?" Ike wanted to ask, but no words came out of his throat. Yune said, " Farewell, and good luck."

Ike awoke the next morning remembering nothing.

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