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Chapter 4: Arrival

Sothe had not visited the docks of Oribes for a long time. The last time was months ago, when he and Micaiah were journeying around Daein as a new king and queen. Now he was there on urgent business - at least, on his own urgent business. A bad feeling in his gut told him that the boat arriving at the dock was not a trading boat. It had come from somewhere else, somewhere far away. How he knew he wasnt sure, but Sothe was determined to find out soon.

He spurred his horse a little faster. It would take at least two days on horseback to make it to the Oribes. He had packed enough food for the journey there, and then he will buy more supplies for the way back. The young male he took from the stables had not been ridden in a long time, so it sped eagerly along the trail, wanting to run off its boredom from staying in the stables so long.

When the sun reached its zenith, Sothe slowed his horse to a trot and stopped to rest by a small river. He sat down at the base of a tree and watched as his steed bounded into the water. With a sigh, Sothe leaned back against the tree and looked up at the treetops for a while.

" I didn't know you liked nature, Sothe."

The voice came from behind the tree he was sitting against. Sothe leapt up and twirled around, drawing a dagger from his belt. There was a laugh as a human form leapt at him, sword clanging as it met Sothe's own weapon.

Micaiah entered her bedroom and closed the door behind her. Pelleas had been commenting on her decisions too much lately. " Oh, I would never have thought of that!" " Your Highness is of such avid intelligence!" " A magnificent choice, I'd have never thought of that!"

I guess that's what happens when you are given the monarch's status, she thought, by someone without the proper confidence of a real king. She sighed and sat down on the cushioned bench by her door.

Chirp chirp! Micaiah looked outside and saw a tiny orange bird perched on the rail of the balcony. " Yune," she cried in surprise. She had not seen the tiny bird for a long time, since Yune had flown over Tellius to free the people from Ashera's stone clutches. Micaiah opened the glass doors and held out her hand. Yune fluttered there and for a while, Micaiah stood there holding the orange bird to her cheek.

" I missed you," she whispered softly. Yune chirped back to her happily. Micaiah was about to turn and go when she felt the ground sway beneath her. Confused, she turned around and looked out towards the forest. Nothing.

There. It came again. The edges of Micaiah's vision suddenly became fuzzy. The ground felt uneven, and she staggered against the stone railing. Yune twittered anxiously and began to flutter around her head.

" Yune, do you think... this is a vision?" Micaiah asked woozily. She stood straight and suddenly saw an image flash into life before her eyes.

She was standing in the watch tower of the Daein castle's gate, looking westward. Then, like a bird, she felt herself rising up and speeding towards the shores. She wasn't sure where she was now, but before her stood a group of strangely dressed men. They held razor-sharp blades to the neck of a young man, whose green hair stood out in the dreainess of his surroundings.

" Sothe?" Micaiah tried to say. But she was once again whisked away to another place, somewhere far over the ocean, where a ship drifted, alight with raging flames. Micaiah reached out, as though to snuff out the fire with her hand, but the world spun once more.

Finally she found herself at the crest of a tall cliff, looking over all of Tellius. She felt like a giant gazing at a tiny, different world. A dying world. A sharp pain stung her wrist, and Micaiah pulled off the glove she always wore to look at her arm. Her brand mark was glowing. Micaiah gasped and stepped back.

" Micaiah," said a voice. " Micaiah. Help your homeland. Tellius is in grave danger."

" Yune?" Micaiah called.

" Not your bird. It is I, Yune, the one you freed from the medallion."

Now Micaiah remembered. " Of course, I would never forget you. But what are you trying to tell me?"

" Micaiah! You must make sure Begnion does not fall into evil hands. Protect them from greed! Protect them from temptation! It will only lead to their own destruction and yours."

The world looked like it was spinning. Micaiah felt the flor disappear from under her feet as she fell forward and collapsed to the ground. Yune began to chirp wildly. The orange bird shot into an open hallway window and flew down the hall.

Sothe savagely pushed his attacker to the ground. He raised his knife in a threatening position, but then he looked closer and saw who it was.

" Edward?" he said incredulously. " Edward, is that you?"

The young swordmaster stood up and dusted himself off, grinning ruefully. " What? Don't tell me you've forgotten who I am already!"

Sothe couldn't help but smile a little. He realized that he had missed the young swordmaster a lot. Another person stepped out from the bushes and picked up Edward's dropped sword. He handed it to him, smiling a little at Sothe.

" Leonardo," Sothe said in surprise. " You're here too?" There was no way he could mistake the archer from someone else. His blonde hair had grown longer, so Leonardo tied it up in a small ponytail. He was also holding that same bow he made himself a long time ago.

" It's great to see you Sothe!" said Edward excitedly. Leonardo nudged him slightly.

" Hey, he's the king. You should be calling him Your Majesty..."

Sothe shook his head. " No, please don't. To you guys, I am still Sothe of the Dawn Brigade. No need for the manners with me."

Suddenly, someone with a hooded cloak leapt from the bushes and jumped onto Sothe, wrapping his arms around his neck and hanging from his shoulders. The boy cried, " Sothe, you can't ignore me! I need a little happy reunion too!"

" Tormod!" Sothe cried out. " Get - off - me!"

The mage leapt down and gave Sothe a quick punch. " You're still too tall!" he whined. " And I actually grew a lot taller since the last time we were together, ya know!"

" Good for you," murmured Sothe, rubbing his neck. Leonardo and Edward laughed.

Sothe turned to his two old friends. " Okay, now tell me what's going on."

Tormod strode in front of Sothe and waved a funny looking staff in his face. " This is what's going on," he said, " and that's 'cause we're saving you a long journey to the harbour!"

" Somehow, Tormod got a hold of a Rewarp staff," Leonardo explained. " And Edward told me that he and Tormod saw you riding your horse to someplace."

" The harbour," Sothe told him. " That's right, can you get me to the harbour fast please?"

Edward stepped forward. " Not without us!" he laughed. " That's the whole reason why we came, right?"

" Actually, we wanted to go and find Nolan, Laura and Aran," Leonardo added, "but we couldn't find them... somehow."

Sothe frowned and nodded to Tormod. " Okay, let's go." He whistled to his mount, who galloped eagerly towards him.

" What? Now I have to warp three other people and a horse? You have to be kidding me." Tormod shook his head and sighed. " But I guess it can't be helped." He held up his staff and closed his eyes. Sothe felt the tingle of magic in the air as Tormod quietly chanted. An intricate circle of light appeared beneath. With one hand on his horse to reassure it, Sothe blinked as the forest suddenly disappeared, and was replaced with a view of sand... and the ocean.

And the town that was not too far from the shore came to sight as well. Strange ships were moored at the dock. Leonardo gasped. Edward hissed in anger, and Tormod cried out. Sothe felt his throat close.

The small - and innocent - town was in flames.

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