Chapter 4

*On the plane*

Ziva was pacing, not willing to settle down. She was confused. She should've killed him, she would have been head of Mossad, it would finally have been her in control... Snorting, she abandoned that thought... This is the way her father... the director, raised her. That was not her way of things.

Finally settling down next to Gibbs, who was reading a boat magazine, she sighed. She might as well start her new life right now, as she doubted she'd have any future whatsoever with Mossad after what had happened in her father's study. "Thanks" she sighed "for what you did, what you didn't let me do". Gibbs knew how hard this acknowledgment was for Assassin-Ziva, so he chose not to dwell on it, and simply nodded.

He also knew that the new life Ms. David was about to step into wouldn't be an easy one for any normal person. For Ziva, however, this would finally be what she had decided. Her life would finally be hers, and she'd be considered as a person, rather than simply a pawn in a chess game.

They arrived in DC in the early morning, due to the time difference. Considering that Ziva had no more apartment to go to, Gibbs invited her to his place, at least temporarily until she's find a place of her own.

After a meeting with the head of NCIS, Gibbs and Vance agreed it would be the best thing to have Ziva at NCIS, this time as an agent. Thanks to Fornell, who still owed a favour to Gibbs, it was within a week that Ziva officially became a citizen of the US, thereby leaving her old self behind her, embracing the new life that was waiting for her.

As expected, she was greeted upon her arrival at her desk by a crazy goth. Abby run towards her and pulled her in a breath-crushing hug before she even had the time to drop her bag. She was smiling at her best friend and happily chatting away. Not even Gibbs could keep her from the usual rambling.

"I've missed you too Abby, and yes, everything went fine. Gibbs just arrived on time and prevented me from my orinigal plan, which turned out to be the best thing. Where's Tony ?"

At the mention of their workmate, Abby's smile disappeared. "Still aboard the ship" Ziva sighed, what could she have expected after all.

"Ziva, follow me" Gibb's voice rang to her ears from where he was standing on the floor above, near to MTAC. She quickly jogged up the stairs and entered MTAC along with her boss, only to arrive to see Tony, not on-screen, real, standing in front of her. Gibbs backed away, leaving both of them, and it is only at that moment Ziva noticed that the normally so busy Center was now empty, except for Tony and her.

Tony stood there, his trademark grin on his face and opened his arms, motioning for her to come closer... She didn't let him ask twice and run towards him, throwing herself in his arms.

"I missed you, my ninja" She playfully slapped him in between their *Welcome Back* kisses. "Missed you too, my hairy butt" Ey, his yelp was swallowed by another kiss.

After a few more kisses, both of them settled down on the chairs and Tony began to tell her how Gibbs managed to convince the officer to let him off the hook earlier than planned. He smiled at how Gibbs just seemed to be there whenever needed and was content, just holding Ziva in his arms, now forever. As she snuggled closer to him, he swore himself that they would never be separated again.....

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