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Chapter 60

Months later…

Johanna quickly ran up the stairs to her father's barber shop, a huge smile on her face. She burst through the door without knocking and walked to her father who was shaving one of his customers.

"Dad!" she squealed with delight and he looked at her with a frown.

"What is it, Johanna? Why are you running?" he asked without stopping his work.

"Maddy!" she said and he quickly looked at her.

"What about her?" he asked as his hand fell to his side.

"She's crawling!" she said jumping up and down excitedly. Sweeney looked at her with raised eyebrows and continued his job.

"I know that." He said and Johanna frowned.

"But…she only started today! You have to come and see! Excuse us, sir!" she said as she grabbed her father's hand and all but dragged him to the door and down the stairs.

"I have a customer, Johanna!" Sweeney hissed but doing nothing to release his hand from her grip.

"He can wait." She said as she pulled him onto the pie shop. Grace was kneeling next to a very energetic Madeline who was moving around clumsily with her knees and hands.

"Look at that! Isn't that cute?" Johanna said, letting go of his hand. Grace looked at him and smiled. He stared right back and a slow smile started forming on his lips as he watched Maddy crawling.

"I'll take her with me upstairs." He said laconically as he walked over to the baby and picked her up. Madeline whined for a while before settling back in her father's arms, her small hands against his clothed chest as he carried her to his room.

"Where are you taking her? You're working. You can't keep an eye on her." Grace called.

"Yes, I can. See you at lunch." He said as he disappeared with a giggling Madeline.

"You know why he took her, don't you?" Grace asked as she picked Madeline's playing blanket from the floor.

"Why?" Johanna said with a smile as she walked behind the counter.

"So he can watch everything she does. He doesn't want to miss anything that has to do with her." Grace simply said and Johanna laughed again.

"Why you think that is?" she asked as she took a bit from a cookie they had made earlier that morning.

"Why…? I'm not sure…I think because he missed all those things with you…he doesn't want that to happen again." Grace said softly with a shrug and Johanna nodded, looking up at the ceiling with a happy smile.


Sweeney entered the barber shop and placed Madeline in her crib before returning to his customer.

"Sorry, sir. Family business." Sweeney said with a polite smile as he walked back to the man sitting in his barber chair, waiting.

"No worries, Mr. Todd." The man said with a nod as the barber took hold of his razor and finished the job as quickly as possible.

A few hours later Sweeney hid his clean razor and turned the sign to 'close' before walking towards the crib with a smile. He reached inside and picked Madeline up before settling her on the bed. He kneeled next to it and looked at her expectantly. When the baby did nothing but blinking at him he raised a single eyebrow.

"Well? I'm waiting for your crawling show, young lady. Won't you show to daddy how you were crawling?" he said with a soft voice and the baby giggled before falling on her bottom with a soft thud. Sweeney chuckled and helped her balance again and slowly Madeline started moving around the bed crawling. Sweeney placed a hand on her small, warm back and rubbed it soothingly.

"That's my girl…" he whispered before sitting next to her on the bed and placing her in his lap, his right hand caressing her hair while the left one supported her waist. He dropped a kiss on her head and leaned back on the bed until Grace called him for lunch.


Two months later…

Sweeney walked out of the bathroom and raised his eyebrows in question when he saw Grace lacing her dress and pulling her hair back in a high ponytail.

"Where are you going?" he asked and she turned to look at him with a smile.

"I'm going to the shops with Johanna." She said as she took her shawl.

"What for?" he asked as he approached her.

"What for? Have you forgotten? She has to buy a dress."

"Dress? She has plenty of dresses." He said confused.

"A wedding dress, Sweeney."

"Oh, that." He muttered as he sat down on his chair with a sigh.

"What's wrong? I thought you were okay with it." She said as she came closer and stroked his cheek softly.

"I'm not okay. She's getting married! She'll leave and that…whelp is going to be with her all the time!" he snapped and she stared at him.

"Sweeney…she'll still come to help me with the shop. She will live very near. Ben's new house is just a few blocks away." She reasoned and he huffed in annoyance.

"Yeah, right…" he muttered and she sighed.

"She has to leave one day, Sweeney. She has her own life." She said as she leaned down and kissed his cheek, her lips lingering on his skin and he sharply moved his head back from her lips to stare at her. His eyes sad as they bore into her own. Suddenly his hand shot out and grabbed the back of her neck, bringing her closer. He looked in her eyes one last time before closing the gap between them with a fierce kiss. His hand slyly reached for the ribbon holding her hair together and swiftly undid it. Her brown locks fell down her shoulders and back and he tangled his fingers into it tightly.

"I told you not to do that. I like it down." He said as he moved back and held the ribbon out of her reach. She narrowed her eyes at him and scowled.

"Cheater!" she accused as she took her purse and moved towards the door. Sweeney stared at her as she walked away before he talked again.

"When you'll be back?" he asked, his voice deeper than usual.

"Um…in a few hours…Maddy has eaten so don't worry …I have tea over there…in case someone comes." She said as she smiled and exited the room, leaving him to staring after her, confused at her last words, his fingers playing with the ribbon in his hand before bringing it to his nose. He inhaled her smell and turned his attention back to Maddy who was playing with her bear, her small hands tugging at the poor animal's ears. Sweeney chuckled despite himself.

"You have my rage; love…not a good thing to take from me." He said amused but the baby hearing her father's voice only giggled and tugged harder on the toy.

His fingers continued their play with the white ribbon until a knock came to his door. Without looking up he answered.

"Come in…" he muttered and the door opened.

"Mr. Todd, sir?" came the familiar voice. Sweeney's eyes widened and he looked at the gentle face of Ben, a small box in his hand as he entered and closed the door behind him and smiled.

"Can I come in, sir?" he asked and Sweeney reluctantly nodded, standing up from the chair.

"What can I do for you, son?" he asked as he looked at him.

"Nothing. I simply came here to keep you some company, sir. Since Johanna and …Grac…Mrs. Todd went to the market." He quickly corrected himself.

"Hmm…sit down then." The barber said as he brought another chair from the far corner of the room after checking on Madeline.

"These are for you, sir." He said as he gave him the box he was carrying.

"What is that?"

"Um…I brought a few chocolates for you and your wife…I didn't know what else to…"

"It's fine, son. Grace eats them very much." The barber said as he placed the box on the nightstand.

"Tea?" he offered and Ben nodded.

Sweeney poured the hot liquid into two cups and offered one to the younger man.

"Thank you." Sweeney nodded and sat across from him in his chair and took a sip from the tea.

Ben's eyes wandered around the room before settling on the crib, where Maddy was playing silently.

"She's beautiful." Ben said with a smile as he waved at the baby, trying to get her attention.

"Who?" Sweeney drawled and Ben pointed to the baby.

"Your daughter, sir." He said and Sweeney nodded in agreement.

"She is…just like her mother." Sweeney said with a smirk and Ben nodded.

"So…the wedding is coming soon…" Sweeney said, looking at Ben.

"Yes…I went today to the church…"


"Um…in two months, sir." Ben said with an eager smile.

"I see…I have a warning for you, boy." Sweeney growled as he set his cup on his lap.


"If you ever hurt her…you'll curse the day you were born." He said, pointing a finger at him and Ben's eyes widened.

"Never! I would never hurt Johanna. I love her." Ben quickly said defensively and Sweeney scrutinized his face before slowly nodding.

"Good. Just be warned." Sweeney said before standing up.

"Now, more tea? Or…what about some gin, son?" he asked and Ben nodded with a confused smile.

When Grace returned late in the evening she met with Ben as he was exiting the barber shop.

"Grace! Hello! How the shopping went, Mrs. Todd?" Ben said with a too cheery, for Grace's taste, smile.

"Good, Ben. Um…Johanna went to bed. She was tired but we found an absolutely fantastic wedding dress." Grace and Ben smiled wider.

"That's great! I'll see her tomorrow then. Night, night!" he slurred slightly as he walked down the stairs with unsteady feet. Grace frowned and walked inside the room, closing the door behind her. Sweeney was taking his vest off as she walked in.

He looked up and smirked at her.

"You're back?"

"I am. What did you do to poor Ben?" she asked as she walked closer.

"Do? I didn't do anything. It's not my fault that the boy can't handle a few glasses of gin." He said as he unbuttoned his shirt.

"Poor thing was drunk like a fish. What if he banged his head on a wall as he walked back home?" she sighed as she checked Madeline who was sleeping calmly in her warm covers.

"He won't…it's not that far." He muttered as he sat on the bed and looked at her as she took off her shawl and then started removing her dress. Sweeney licked his dry lips and stood up, coming to stand behind her. He stopped her hands and helped her remove the dress himself.

"Thank you." She said, looking at him over her shoulder.

"We chose a very beautiful dress. We'll show it to you tomorrow." She said with a smile and the barber hummed in response.

"We visited at least three shops to find what she wanted. But it was worth it." She said as he let the dress pool around her legs. His hands moved to her back and slowly caressed her sides then back up to her shoulders, his body pressing closer to her.

"Did it now?" he husked in her ear and she nodded as his hands wrapped themselves around her waist and pulled them forcefully to his chest.

"Is it as nice as your dress was?" he asked in her ear and she nodded.

"Even prettier." She replied and he made a purring sound next to her ear.

"Lock the door and come to bed, Gracie." He whispered as he let go of her and stepped back. He turned around and sat on the bed waiting. She snapped out if her daze like state and did as he told her.

"I'll…go and change…" she mumbled but he shook his head.

"Nah ah…come here. You don't need to." He said as he patted his lap.



She sighed but walked towards him nonetheless.

"Sit here." He said as he pulled her to his lap and moved back on the bed, his back resting against the wall. She obliged and he pulled her to his chest, his hand diving for her leg under her shift. He trailed it up and down and she shivered, her head falling on his shoulder.

"Are you drunk?" she asked and he smirked.

"It takes more than three glasses of gin to make me drunk, my love." He said and she smiled, placing a quick but tender kiss to his chest right above his heart. His other hand moved to her hair and caressed it softly.

"Why are you being like this?" she asked and he looked down at her.

"Like what?"

"Affectionate…" she muttered.

"You don't want me to?" he rose and eyebrow.

"No…I do…it's just weird…"

"Hmm…I am weird." He chuckled as he tugged at her hair, moving her head back and angling for a kiss.

"Have I told you that I love you lately?" he asked and she smiled, kissing him.

"No…but I'd love to hear it…" she whispered and he smiled at her.

"What will you do to make me say it?" he asked her and she looked at him.

"Do? I don't know…maybe this…" she said as she leaned close and kissed his neck and down his chest, causing him to shudder.

"Good start…" he breathed as he pulled her head closer to his flesh. She smiled and moved to his lips, both of her hands cupping his face. He kissed her back and quickly laid her down to the bed.

"I love you." He whispered and she grinned.

"That's good…cause I love you as well." She said as he covered her body with his and pulled the covers around them with a smirk.


"Well? Do you like it, dad?" Johanna asked as Sweeney looked at her dress, his lap occupied by a fascinated by the white lace Madeline.

"Hmm…it's nice…you'll look like an angel, my sweet." He said and she beamed at him happily. She moved over to him and kissed his smooth cheek as Maddy took hold of the dress in her small fist. Sweeney looked down at his younger daughter and shook his head.

"Maddy, let go of Johanna's dress…" he said as he gently pried the baby's hand off the white fabric.

"It's all right, Dad…she wasn't doing anything. She just likes it." Johanna smiled, kissing Maddy's forehead and then her small hand. She moved back and smiled at them before walking back to her room to take it off.

Sweeney looked down to his daughter and narrowed his eyes.

"Whatever you do they find you cute and pretty. Me on the other hand…" he was cut off by Madeline's loud giggle that made him stare at her.

"Thank you for making fun of me, missy." He said as he looked at her accusingly. She stared right back and then smiled a toothless smile at him that made him melt on the spot.

"There you go…being all cute again…" he muttered as he picked her up and hugged her tightly, his left hand cupping the back of her head tenderly.

Johanna walked in and smiled at the scene in front of her.

"What are you talking about you two?"

"I'm doing all the talking and her all the being cute stuff." He answered as he set the baby back on his lap. Johanna smiled and walked behind the counter, taking a bag of flour in her hand.

"What are you making?"

"A cake…"


"I'll visit Ben's parents again and I have to bring something to them, haven't I?" she said and he nodded.

"Oh…of course…"

"You and Gracie are going to meet them this Saturday." She stated and he gulped.

"Really?Hmm…I'm not very good at socializing." He said and she shook her head.

"You'd say anything to avoid meeting them."

"I have met his father….he was…agreeable." he said and she sighed.

"Agreeable? Well now you'll get to know him better." She said cheerily but he merely grunted in response.

Johanna shook her head and continued her cooking with him watching her.


"Goodnight everyone." Johanna said as they returned from Ben's parents.

"Night, love." Grace called with a sleeping baby in her arms. Sweeny nodded his head and they started walking up the stairs to their room.

"So? Nice people, right?" Grace said with a smile and Sweeney shrugged.

"They were fine…"

"Oh, come on. You had a nice time. I saw you talking with his father; Tom." She said as they entered their room and closed the door.

"I said it was fine woman!" he snapped and she winced.

"Okay…shh…" she hushed him, pointing to their sleeping daughter. He glared at her and walked to the window, looking out as she placed Madeline in her crib before covering her snuggly.

Grace looked at him and walked closer.

"You don't want her to marry, do you?" she asked as she embraced him from behind.

"It's not that…I …don't want to loose her yet…I can't…it's too soon." He whispered and she kissed his shoulder.

"I know…" Grace whispered, rubbing his arms.

"She's my baby…and she'll leave." He whispered as he turned around and hugged her to him. She kissed his temple and nodded.

"I know…but she's happy." She said and he nodded.

"I can see that…I want her to be happy…I don't want her life to be like mine was." He said throatily and she placed her chin on his shoulder as she held him.

"You…you won't leave too, will you?" he asked and she shook her head.

"No way…I like having you around, you big baby." She said teasingly but he remained silent.

"I'm sorry."

"What for?" she asked confused.

"For everything I have done to hurt you…believe me it was unintentional." He said, still locked in her embrace.

"I know that…I know that, Sweeney…" she whispered as they stood there together in the middle of the old barbershop.


Two months after that…

This is it…Sweeney thought as he was buttoning his white shirt. He closed the sleeves with the silver cuffs Grace had bought him a few days ago and buckled his belt. His eyes were staring outside the big window but they weren't sad. A slow smile stretched across his fresh shaven face as he heard the happy voices of the women downstairs. He walked to the chair near the bed and put on his vest. Johanna was getting married and he had finally come in terms with the fact.

The voices coming from downstairs indicated that Sweeney Todd would never be alone again even after the wedding of his eldest daughter. His eyes went to his razor that was resting on the nightstand, taunting him but he only smirked. He walked closer to it and took it in his hand.

"I won't need you today anyway…" he whispered as he placed the silver blade inside the box with the rest of his sharpened razors. He closed the lid and put on his shoes. He bit his lip as he stood alone in the silent room. He looked around and with a sigh took his jacket that was resting on the barber chair. He put it on, buttoned it up and opened the drawer of his nightstand. A small velvet box was resting inside and with a small sad smile he took it in his hand. He opened the box and stared at the necklace he had kept all those months in there. It was Lucy's and now it would be Johanna's. He looked at it and remembered how he had come to find this. It was one of the reasons he had fought with Grace all that time ago and he chuckled. He closed the box with a sharp click and moved back from the nightstand.

"This is your mother's gift, my sweet." He whispered as he placed the necklace in his pocket and headed for the door. He stopped, looked at the floor and with a deep breath exited the barber shop. It was time to take his daughter to the church. The past had to be left behind at last.

The End.

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