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Chapter 20: Him

A week later ….

Sephiria POV

Back from the three old leaders, I had many lists of Chronos' mission on my job desk. While I was sorting them and deciding what Numbers would do them, Belze came to my room.

"It's good to see you, Belze." I gave him some lists which a few names of our team were in there.

"How about others?" He asked, seeing the untouched lists that I hadn't given him.

"I'll check on them quickly and give them to others."

"Fine." Then he left my room.

While reading them, the last mission written caught my attention.

It has been so long I never asked him again for a mission.

Eve's POV

In my room, I saw myself in front of the mirror, ensuring that I was in the best look for the party.

Anyway, talking about party, I wasn't the type of girl who liked it very much. I preferred burying myself in my book collections rather than going to the party. But this was different.

Avedici Co. was celebrating its anniversary in a famous hotel. There was no reason I couldn't come.

"Whoaa, you look amazing, Princess!"

I smiled bitterly, hearing that nickname of mine. It was not him who called me. It was the receptionist girl at my office, Fay.

"Fay, please knock on my door before you enter my room," I said a bit upset.

"Sorry, Princess." She grinned, sitting on my bed.

"And please don't call me like that," I added.

"I didn't mean to make fun of you. I just want to cheer you up since he disappeared last week. He always calls you with that nickname. So I thought you would be happy if I called you with it." She explained, defeated. It looked like now she realized that the one who was allowed to call me like that was only him.

I chose to be silent, staring at her. I couldn't really hate her. She is my good friend at Avedici Co.

"Umm … did you find any trouble to get the costume for the party?" She changed the topic.

"Not really." I sighed, taking the invitation card on the table. It was written that all the participants should wear formal dresses, and especially for the females, they should wear dress with white style.

Truthfully, I had no objection about the color of my dress, although in my opinion, black was the greatest. Well, blue was good. Maroon. Purple. Green. Grey. Brown. They were still fine. Even pink was not a problem for me. But white? Just white without any color combination? The last time I used that color was with Adam in the first Eden Project.

"They would laugh at me with this dress," I mumbled.

Sven appeared at my door with his usual white tuxedo. He looked so proud and satisfied with my appearance. However, he smiled bitterly before saying, "You've grown up well, Eve."

I looked myself in the mirror. I wore a small white dress with spaghetti straps on my back. It was lucky I let my hair down so it could cover the revealing part of this outfit. The skirt part stopped a few inches above my knees. I also had high heel strappy white sandals with leg strapping.

"I think you should wear it." Fay helped me to wear a silver cross necklace. "There. You look great now."

A few minutes later, Sven, Fay, and I were in his car. I sat beside him and Fay on the passenger seat. We didn't talk much on our way. I felt relieved that he didn't use the old car as we bought the new one last month, knowing the old one was pretty frustrating and we currently had a better financial status.

When Sven was driving, I looked at the window, eyeing anything outside unresponsively, wondering my current life without him.

Sometimes I didn't understand what Sven was thinking. As his partner, I still couldn't believe my adopted father didn't show any care or worry about him. Even until now, he always changed the topic every time I asked about him. This was so frustrating for me. Although they had different perceptions about my future happiness, weren't they still friends?

After parking the car, Sven followed Fay and me to the building. I looked back at him, confused. He never openly forbade me to go the party. For him, party is boring so he halfheartedly let me go to. But now, he willingly came with me.

Soon he realized I was staring at him and I gave him a small smile. I knew what he wanted from the party.

There is your target here, Sven.

He smiled back, as if saying, "You're right."

I wondered who his target was. Did he know that soon he would be captured and thrown into jail?

"Welcome to the party." Fay grinned as we saw many reporters, cameramen, and photographers in front of the building, realizing it would be hard to get inside.

I held my breath, seeing them.

"It's okay, Eve," Sven said before he protected me to pass through them.

When I entered the building, they came to me, trying to touch and pull me while screaming. Eve Volfield. The most favorite new comer of Avedici Co. I hugged Sven's arm tightly when we were passing the crowd.

"Oh, Eve! You come!" Nigel, one of the photographers in Avedici Co., approached me at the entrance. He gave me a big hug. "Come on. Enjoy the party!"

as long as they don't annoy me too much …, my mind continued, glaring at the reporters and cameramen ready to bug me with a picture taking and a small interview.

"Oh, there are so many cool guys over here!" In the center of the room, Fay squealed like a high school girl beside me, her eyes roaming the room where some couples were dancing gracefully on the floor.

I nodded unwillingly, until a silver haired boy with black tuxedo standing in front of me.

"May I have this dance, Princess Eve?"

I didn't have to answer it as Fay did it, in her way.

"Why are you here, Troy?" She growled.

"Why not? I'm still part of Avedici Co," he barked. Obviously, his annoying attitude was still in him, and it disappointed me. I thought the second Eden Project could change him.

However, Fay still didn't give up. "But you should-"

"How is your father?" I cut off.

"He gets better and better. I'm glad he's fine now," he replied, satisfied. "And from now on, I think father and I will start a better and right life."

"Good for you."

"Well, back to the offer, how about one dance?" He lifted his hand gracefully, hoping I would take it. But before I replied, the dance was stopped as the master of ceremony of this party started greeting his guests with a long talk.

Troy scratched his head, frustrated, that he lost the chance. But at least, he had something to say to me.

"You look gorgeous, Eve, and …." He seemed so nervous.

I just eyed him flatly, waiting for him to finish.

"… good luck."

I eyed him, confused. Good luck for what?

He left me before I had my chance to ask.

Soon my attention was back to the party. I didn't really listen to what the MC said. But I heard the last part that it was the time for the guests to continue eating and drinking and dancing.

I stood beside the table alone as Fay already found a nice guy for accompanying her. Maybe I should be with Sven at this moment.

I had tried to find him for almost half hour. Yet, I didn't see him anywhere. Was he in the toilet? Or maybe was he smoking outside the building? And the target? Was he in here?

My eyes widened as I saw him head to the exit at the backside of the room. I followed him silently, and called him when he was not far from me.

Outside the building, he turned his head while hurriedly putting something inside his pants pocket.

"What is it, Eve? Don't you enjoy the party?" he nervously asked.

"What's in your pocket?" I questioned straightly.

"Nothing important."

I stared at him cautiously.

"Come on. Let's go back to the party." Sven took my hand, heading to the party room.

"Do you find the target?" I asked.

"Yes. He is on the fifth floor. But I think I'm not the one who will capture him."

"So who will-" I stopped right after the lamps were suddenly turned off and we heard some female frantic screams and some shoots and hits.

I stood watchfully as some people run, passing through me to reach the exit.

"Be careful. Don't get yourself being stepped on!" Sven warned me.

"I think this would never happen if you're the one who captured your target and did it earlier," I stated.

"I'm sorry but I do have an excuse for it."

I pouted, staring at him defiantly.

An excuse to let the target being caught by your friend? Who is the best sweeper in my eyes beside you, Sven?

However, I never thought that I could get the answer so quickly as I saw a man entering the room from the exit. I gasped when he was passing next to me. Actually, my eyes weren't too good in the darkness, just like any normal human. But his figure reminded me about someone in my past.

Messy dark brown hair. Black long coat. A gun in his left hand.

He came into my room, before pointing Hades at my head.

His tawny eyes looked surprised, realizing it was me whom he saw. Yet, he didn't stop. On the other hand, he ran and went upstairs, leaving me and Sven and the mess in this big room.

"Eve …" My step father called me from my back.

"You never told me about this," I held my rage.

Instead of comforting me, he spoke, "I thought you like surprise."

Being speechless, I bit my lip. I knew that Sven was protective over me, and I didn't mind as he did it because I'm his daughter. But this incident wasn't really expected, yet beyond my wish.

Somehow, he realized what I wanted. So he smiled and nodded.

Sven's POV

I asked Eve to wait for him outside the building since he always completed his duty quickly, and thankfully, she didn't resist.

After she left, I sighed.

"Thanks for being cooperative, …," I said to a golden haired woman with black suits coming from the door. "… Miss Sephiria Arks."

She smiled genuinely. "Well, it's the part of our agreement, right, Mr. Volfied?"

Eve's POV

I never thought tonight would be this cold and quite here, and unfortunately, this skimpy dress didn't help at all as I followed the stone path with many bushes on each side of the path.

I held my pace as I smelled something familiar.


and not far from here ….

Intuitively, I looked up the high wall in front of me.

He sat on the edge of the wall, his legs hanging lazily while looking at me watchfully through his shining golden eyes before jumping down, and landing gracefully not far from me.

After seeing him straighten his body to stand, I thought soon he would greet me with his common childish tone, like "How are you, Little Princess?" or "Train, the knight with shining armor, is ready to serve his princess" or maybe "Will I get a bottle of milk as a reward for capturing Sven's target?" with silly cocky style.

But luckily (or maybe unluckily), he didn't say anything, just looking at me with his cat eyes.

Keeping my composure, my eyes focused on his black clothes.

Isn't it Chronos' outfit?

I swallowed hard as an intimidating feeling crawled down my spine. I never thought he would return with this state. His other side that was filled by loneliness. Taking-no-crap attitude. Courage. Decisiveness. Definite maturity.

Did Sven push him too far so he becomes like this?

But …

I hid my bitter smile, seeing a little bell on his neck. At least, there was still one thing that never changed here.

Minutes passed without a word said. Even I was too tense to move my body under the observant gaze of Black Cat's.

I wonder what he is thinking of me ….

Actually, the only thing that made me still have my courage to look into his eyes until now was my curiosity. But later, I felt it slowly sank. Thus I lowered my head, wondering why I felt like losing my sanity if I still kept staring at him.

"I didn't mean to ruin the party fiercely."

I held my breath.

That husky male voice of his that I miss ….

Studying my insecurity and anxiety, his cold face slowly softened as if he realized that I didn't deserve his unkind treatment. For any reason.

I lifted my head instinctively as I felt the tension was gradually going down. I was about to say something, silently reminding him that I still had my pride as a tough girl, but I couldn't stop him as he spoke,

"I'm back, Princess."

and I can't deny that that's what I want to hear from him again.

to be continued ….

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