Disclaimer – I do not own Horseland. I don't know if why Will lives with his aunt, uncle and cousin ever was covered in the show, but here is my version of it.

The Accident

Will was sitting in the back of the car that his parents were driving. The snow was falling lightly outside the car and the seven year old boy was watching it, quite happy to be heading with his parents and little sister to Horseland for the Christmas holidays. Jimber was already headed in the trailer to Horseland.

The thing about Horseland was that it was like a second home, a home away from home and he liked the fact that he would get to hang out with his younger cousin rather then his four year old sister who could be quite annoying at times, but then Kimmy was still four years old.

"Jingle bell, jingle bell rock, dancing and prancing…" the radio blared and Kimmy sang along. Kimmy seemed more interested in music and singing then she ever did in horses. His parents said that she would come around and begin to like horses too, but for the boy it was to far off to think about.

"Momma… when are we going to get there?" Will muttered. "I mean… I want to ride with Bailey."

"Did you know that Bailey is riding on his own now, and has his own horse?" his father commented.

"So… I was riding then too… this means that we both can ride the horses instead of Bailey riding up with me." Will commented. "That will be fun."

"Maybe you could take Kimmy up on the horse with you then?" his father laughed.

"Kimmy screams whenever she goes near a horse in fright!" Will commented, sinking back into his seat, not happy about the idea of taking his little sister for a ride.

"Oh… maybe this time will be different," his mother smiled.

"That's what you said two weeks ago," the boy muttered. He leaned over to the left and suddenly saw the car coming straight at them, causing him to cover his little sister with his body as it slammed into them and then everything went black.