Will had told his plan to his uncle and the man had thought it was a wonderful idea. He went and had Rodriquez pull out the horse trailer and began to put Jimber on it. Bailey came out, panic in his voice. "You aren't selling Will's horse are you?"

"No… just taking him to the Doc's for a checkup," his father commented. "Want to come?"

Bailey, not thinking anything of it climbed into the cab of the truck. As his father turned the keys, the door opened. Will stammered out nervously. "Scoot over Bailey… I'm going too."

"Why," the boy asked.

"Because Jimber's my horse and my responsibility," the boy snapped.

"I'm sorry I didn't take care of him for you!" Bailey snapped back.

"Knock it off you two… it is bad enough as it is already!" the man said pulling out of the drive.

Bailey noticed that Will wasn't cowering, even though he was still shaking. "We aren't going to go and take Jimber for a check up… are we?"

"No…" his father sighed. "And yes… it is just convenient that Jimber actually needs one."

They got out of the truck when they got to the place and while Jimber got his checkup. Bailey was now the one biting his lip. "I have to keep my end of the bargain… don't I?"

"Yes…" Will nodded his head. He held out a horse tether. "You didn't think I would force you to free range and free ride him though."

Bailey let out a weak smile. When Jimber was brought back out, he was saddled and Bailey was helped up into the saddled. At first, he felt like panicking, then the sensation of being somewhere he actually felt comfortable with allowed him to push Jimber forward. He was still nervous… but he and Will knew they were both going to make it and completely overcome their fears.

Author's note – That's the end of this fanfic. I hope that you liked it. It was fun to write, though it was rather short and to the point.