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Miss Parker/Jarod

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The fitting gift

It was cold and dark outside.

She was sitting at the living room table and was busy with wrapping the gifts which were laying on it.

This was a tough task, since she wasn't able to sit proper by the table, because of her enormous belly right in front of her.

She really didn't think that it would go that fast to become pregnant.

Well she knew of course that it could happen the "first time", but after using the pill for years she didn't think it would happen for at least a year.

However she thought.

Focus on the presents.

Her husband would be back soon so she had to finish wrapping, at least, his presents.

In the minute she finished his packet he opened the door and stepped in.

A smile crept on her face, like always when he was around.

„That was perfect timing Hun."

He smiled at her. „I'm a genius you know."

She frowned.

„Yeah and that includes to know when I'm done with your present," she paused „of course."

He smiled at her with his most charming smile.

„Here you are Babe, the picture."

She took it from him and smiled even more. „Oh I would love to see the face of that old billiard ball Raines."

He placed the operating instructions and the picture next to the small silvery bottle in the packet.

„Here Hun," she gave him the card „you have to sign too."

He read the text and burst into laugher.

„You are incredible."

„I know," she said while a grin spread over her face, again.

It was Christmas Eve and he was sitting alone in the Renewal Wing next to a small, green, dingily looking plastic tree,

which was blazoned with colored shining fairy lights.

Willie his all-time faithful sweeper brought the daily mail, including a small packet without a sender.

It was a long time since he had received a packet.

Looking at it closely he noticed that it was wrapped with an ordinary brown packing-paper.

It didn't take him long to open the gift.

On top was a small light blue envelope.

He opened it and read.


Dear "Dad"

Honestly, I have to thank you for your behaviour every day of my life.

It made me choose my way easily.

For that, I thought hard about a present that would perfectly fit.

And I think I found the right one.

Have fun with it.

P.S.: There is a picture too.



He took the bottle out of the box and looked on the label printing.

There was written in big golden letters.

The Raines edition

Written under it, a bit smaller, in black letters.

New: -Machine oil-

Pretender Org. promises:

Where ever you use it, nothing will ever squeak again.

Or you'll get your money back.

(Example of use: squeaking wheels of trolleys used for oxygen bottles…)


Raines snorted. He placed the bottle on the table and looked on the picture.

And what he saw he didn't like.

Miss Parker with the silver bottle in her hand, she was smiling to Jarod who had his arms wrapped around her, smiling back.

Jarod was standing right next to his parents; on the other side of "His daughter" was Jarods sister and PROJEKT GEMINI.

But the worst thing was yet to come; the hand of the pretender was resting on the belly of Parker, who was apparently pregnant.

That was too much, with a loud bang he landed on the ground.





Merry Christmas everybody ;)