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summary: Cloud is an orphan living on the streets of Midgar . . . skilled in the art of theft ( XD ) too bad he robbed a wrong person that day . . .

"direct speach"


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Rules of Thiefs


" So you want to be a thief " " yes I want to be a thief " " then momorize these rules . . ."




Zack and Sephiroth were walking through the streets of Midgar. It's not so ofthen you could see these two take a break and just go to hang out and have some fun well Zack yeah but Sephiroth?

"haaach" sighed happyly Zack " finaly a break form that moutain of papers and signatures. For a while in there I thought that my arm was gonna fall off " He massaged his arm " So your arm is ok with Buster sword but it can't take on a few papers? " Sephiroth raized his eyerbows " "That's something else and it certainly weren't just a few papers " Zack pouted " You are actualy saying that as if you worked . . . only wiev I got when I looked at you was your head resting on that huge moutain of papers and you leaving your DNA in a form of saliva on it " Sephiroth crossed his arms as they continued to walk through most crownded part of Midgar streets.

" Ooooh Seph that hurt " Zack put his hand over his heart " I just take a little nap and you are acting like whole shinra fell down thanks to that or what and besides we weren't anywhere but in our ofice for quite a long time now and that makes me sooo bored. It wouldn't hurt to get into some action soon " Sephirot just grunted at last in this one he agreed with Zack.

Sephirot had a feeling like if someone was tailing them but in such a crowded place he couldn't tell who. Well he didn't concern himself with it that much anyway. If that person did something he sure as hell would be prepared he was 1 class SOLDIER after all . . .

Blue eyes watched two big man forms making theyr way through crowd. Few of blond spiky hairs could be seen from unederneath hood he had on his head. Cloud Strife one of many orphans on Midgar streets which didn't want to be taken into orphanage and rather lived a street life.

' Two big guys, glowing eyes, huge ass swords . . . certainly SOLDIERS ' Cloud mused as he tryed not to lose them in crowd ' great these two probably have more money then any of Midgar citizens. ' He grined and tryed to apear casualy as other people. It didn't matter he had hood on his head lots of people did or had some sort of hats.

" Oooy Seph look at this " Zack stood next to one of little shops and was holding up some book with sign that read ARE YOU GRUMPY AND GLARING AT EVERYONE AROUND YOU ? THEN YOU NEED SEX !

" This sounds exactly like book for you " said Zack and laughed loundly. " Maybe I will buy it for you as a christmas present" mocked Zack as he took out his walet.

Sephiroth just cast Zack one of his coldest glares " ha you see it is for you " " Zackary put that book down now or I will never go anywhere with you again " " Shees Seph don't be that way. You know it's not a sin to get laid " Sephiroth glared some more " Eheh ok ok lets go " Zack tossed the book away laughing as he put his walet back into his pocket walking in direction of one of greatest bars in Midgar again.

Cloud by the time they stood at the shop walked pas them stoping at other shop feaw feets away watching them. 'Rule number 1) find out where walues of you target are and Rule number 2) it's always easier to robe your prey when you are walking in other direction then it . . . well that second rule doesn't even sound like a rule rather a guide'

Cloud started to walk back in direction he come from, heading for the two soldiers.

"mmm maybe that blackhaired smily freak will be easier to go for . . ." mumbled Cloud for himself. He didn't want to go for the other one which looked like he could kill with a mere look. "Ok lets get going" he whispered to himself and went into action.

"Sooo Seph you have a girlfriend yet" Zack though about Seph with some girl 'what a funy idea' He laughed quitly then idea hit him "Or maybe you are into boys ne" Sephirots eyerbows started to twitch " Well I never saw ya with anyone . . . expect myself and its not like we have that kind of relationship" With devious smile he nudged Sephirot into ribs with his elbow.

And that instant he felt pain shoot from the back of his head "heeey not fair why did you hit me" grumbled Zack as he massaged his head 'shees man did that hurt' "Hit you? Aaand do I need to have some purpose for it?" "Ha ha ha wery funny" said Zack ironicly and crossed his arms.

"Well then stop your stupid rambling and I will stop to try to be funny" "Ok shees man but I think I might be into both well I don't mind guys in my bed as long as I get laid haha" Laughed Zack" Sephirod sighed "That just shows you are sex obsesed" "Ooow Seph you hurt me again" Zack said as if touched by it.

"I just didn't find my true love yet!! So I am looking for it" "Yeah and you certainly will find a true love through your bed actions" "Ahah no no of course not" Zack put his index finger to his chin as if thinking and then said "It's rather a kind of distraction till I find that true love" grined Zack "And can you tell me what are you waiting for? Oh maybe for your love to bumb into you and say "here I am Zack"" Said Seph in feminine voice and Zack had to laugh never hearing Seph say something that way before. "Omg can't you say it again I have to record it on my phone haha Seph talking in feminine voice wow I wonder what everyone else would think of it" "The day you uter a word about that will be the day of your death" "ok ok shees you don't have to be so defensive. . ."

Zack suddenly stoped.

'Tsk now that was easier that I even though it would be' when these two were talking and arguing Cloud passed by them showing his hand into the pocket of that blackhaired guy taken his walet without him even noticing! Or at last thats what Cloud thought.

Right now he was trying to get away from the place of crime looking casualy walking in normal peace. 'Rule number 3) never run from the place of crime becouse even if person realizes he/she was robbed it doesn't have to mean that they know who robbed them and quickly moving person is first to catch an interest of your previous target' Talked for himself Cloud in his head.

"What is it" asked Sephirot whe he saw Zack to sudenly stop " Well I . . . " Zack showed his hands into his pocket 'no walet?' he started to look for his walet his hands ridding up and down on his body as if his wallet could just transport itself from his pocket somewhere else ( XD )

"I think that someone just robbed me Seph" Zack smiled sheepishly "What" Sephirod looked around but nothing seemed out of place "Shit" Zack cursed "Well at last you will look after your thinks more now" "Well but what bothers me is . . ." Zack scratched back of his head as Sephirod watched him "that I had my acces code card inside . . . you know that one that allows as into our ofice and other places like . . ."

"OF COURSE I KNOW" Sephiroth cut him off yelling "Why the hell was it in your walet" 'what a question' though Zack "and where am I suposed to have it . . . in my underwear? Or what!?Say Seph where you hide your card eeeh" Zack angrili gesticulated to Sephiroth.

"Yeah our all great 'hail to Sephiroth' probably showes it up to the darkest place where even sun doesn't shine isn't that it?"

Sephiroth took Zack by the front of his sleewless shirt draging him close "I at last don't lose things like these but if you want to I can showe it up to that drakest place of yours for you so you wouldn't lose it again"

Said Sephirot in angry whisper "As much as I appreciate that offer . . . shouldn't we rather look for that pocket thief" Zack raised his eyerbrows in a question.

"We? What makes you say that 'we should look' it's yours card that got stolen not mine" Zack frowned at that "But you being my idiotish and inresponsible friend how could I not" He let go of Zack shirt who smiled at that "Safe your thanks for later"

Zack grinned and so started theyr chase after thief . . .

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