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"Mmmmh well . . ." Zack scratched the back of his head. "How exactly are we going to find that thief anyway" He asked looking around like if he expected the thief to just walk out of the crowd and hand over the stolen wallet.

"I though you had some idea, when you said that we should look for him" Sephiroth crossed his arms over his chest "But then again it's you we are talking about in here"

"Heey what's thaaat supposed to mean" frowned Zack "Just give me a little bit of time, I will come up with something."

"Time is exactly what we don't have. With each second we waste in here, that thief is getting further away from us!"

"Like I didn't know that" said irritated Zack


Cloud was rather happy with himself.

'man this really was easy' he looked down onto his hand, where he was still holding onto Zack's wallet. 'Maybe too easy to actually have some fun while taking it'. He was absorbed in his thoughts again.

But that was a mistake because with that he has broken the fourth rule. 4) stay alert till you are 100 percent sure that no one saw you no one follows you aaaand hey . . . that's all.

'What the' "ow" Cloud found himself on the ground with his hood falling from his head and some more or less drunken man yelling on him.

"For what the hell do you have your eyes you midget" the man barked angrily at Cloud, who was right now frantically looking around himself, because the wallet which he was holding few seconds ago wasn't in his hand anymore. It was an idiotic mistake not to put it into the deep inside pocket of his coat. But then again, there were already other things stocked in there.

"If you are not gonna use them, I could always help you dispose of them!" But Cloud wasn't paying attention to him at all 'ah there' he spotted the wallet on the ground, he reached out for it, but found himself being lifted from the ground before he could reach it by the angry man.

"Are you even listening to me you piece of a shit" 'sheesh I really don't like people and I hate drunken ones twice as much' thought Cloud as he looked into that ugly face of drunk and simply said . . . "no"

He learned a long time ago, that it wasn't so hard to fight with drunken people. All of their senses were lowered and some of them could be happy, when they could at last keep their balance.



"Heh what's all that yelling about?" Zack snapped out of his 'fierce thinking' looking into direction of the noise, where he saw some big guy shaking by a blonde kid while yelling on him.

"Mmmmh I don't like it, shouldn't we help out that little guy?" He tapped his chin with forefinger, his brows furrowed. "This kind of things happens a lot around here. It's nothing new and we have other, more important things to worry about don't you think." Sephiroth gave Zack one of his piercing looks.

"Common Seph, true it probably happens a lot, but can you close yours eyes to that, when it happens right in front of you?" . . . silence followed that question and Sephiroth actually started to play with his nails as if entirely bored. "Ghaaach, forget I asked." Zack gave up. Sometimes he really thought it was impossible to crack Sephiroth's hard shell of a perfect soldier. But he knew better. He and Sephiroth had spent quite some time with each other and he discovered other sides of that so called perfect man, just thinking about it brought a smile to his face.

So smiling like a loon (at last in Sephiroth's opinion) Zack started to walk in direction of the blonde kid and obviously drunken man "I will go check it out?" He called back, giving Sephiroth one single wave signalling that he was going. Sephiroth sighed "do as you want Zack."

"Yeah I intend to" Zack mumbled to himself.


"Heeey you there" a man holding Cloud looked at him.

"What! You want me to teach you some lesson too?"

Cloud paled when he saw Zack standing few meters from them. 'This certainly is not good, shit that goddamn bastard attracted probably half of people in this alley.' He looked down onto the wallet 'Like the hell I will let him take it back after I have stolen it. . .ok Cloud time to go.'

With that Cloud slapped the man's arm which was holding him away. The man didn't expect any defiance from such a small guy and so easily let go. He was just about to shout at Cloud and grab him again, but before he could, Cloud took a hold of his wide shoulders, hoisted himself up and with all might kneeled him into his stomach. The man coughed, falling to his knees, holding onto his stomach. Zack just blinked 'who would have thought that the kid had it in himself.'

Then he looked down on crouching Cloud, whose hand was above a wallet 'a wallet huh?' Zack blinked few times "wait, a wallet?" Zack was staring at his, yeah HIS wallet for a moment, he then lifted his gaze his eyes meeting with blue ones of Clouds.

'Yeah not good at all' Cloud chewed onto his bottom lip, and then in a second he snatched the wallet and started to run.

"GIVE THAT BACK!" Zack shouted as he ran after him.

Sephiroth just watched what happen before him 'well at last we know who that thief is now' and he started to walk at his own pace.

'This is bad, what now what . . . wait Cloud stop panicking yeah fifth rule 5) if everything goes to hell and you are doomed, run for you life and try to use sixth rule'

Zack was running after Cloud thinking how the hell could someone like that kid rob him so easily 'damn brat, just wait till I catch you. You will regret for even thinking you could steal from me!'

If it wasn't for the big crowds of people in the alley Zack would have already caught Cloud, but like this it slowed him down and to tell the truth Cloud was a really fast runner.

"Hey you can't run forever and be sure that I will catch ya" Roared Zack after blonde mass of hair.

Cloud didn't look behind him; he just ran forward not wanting to think about the soldier who was catching up to him.

'Shit if that goddamn wallet wasn't such a standing out piece he probably wouldn't even realize its his . . . to the hell with all that'

Cloud started to think of a place where he could use the sixth rule. He noticed a street lamp close to a corner which lead into smaller alley. If it was the alley he thought it was, then it would be perfect.

'Ok now' Cloud sped up running to a street lamp. Jumping he caught onto the lamps body swinging himself around 270 using it for quick change of direction landing into the small shadowy alley.

Zack sped up too. He certainly wouldn't allow the boy to run away from him with his wallet for the second time. Not like he needed to worry much about it, with his powers as a soldier a mere/normal human couldn't outrun him.

When he run into an alley he found the boy to be just a few feet away from him.

"Ha losing your breath aren't ya" Zack grinned 'it's over brat' and it really was with Sephiroth nonchalantly walking into that same alley form other end Cloud was doomed.

"Darn it" Cloud started to back away just to bump into Zack. "Are you going somewhere spiky?" asked grinning Zack.

"And where the hell were you entire time Seph hn? Well not like I needed help in this chase anyway" Zack combed his hand through his hair.

"Where was I?" Sephiroth walked closer to the two his steps making almost no sound. "Well I followed your yelling to this alley"

"Hey I didn't yell that much, why do you have to exaggerate everything sheesh"

Cloud noticed these two not paying attention to him 'yeah just talk and don't pay attention to me at all' he took one step sideways sneaking out of between these two men, well not such a luck.

He felt his upper arm being caught "And where do ya think you are going eh spiky? Did you actually think we were that stupid as to not notice you sneaking away?" Asked Zack with raised eyebrows, now he was getting into his serious mode.

"Actually yeah I though you looked soo stupid the first time I saw you that you looked like a perfect prey" Said Cloud with somewhat bored look on his face even if he wasn't so calm inside "W-what you"

Zack's eyebrow twitched. He strengthened his hold on Clouds forearm.

"You hear him Seph he said we look stupid" growled Zack "Not you two. I said you look stupid" corrected him Cloud. Sephiroth just watched them bark at each other 'how childish'. "Do you think I won't hurt you or are you either brave or stupid enough to provoke a soldier who you just happened to rob, even though he has a good reason to give you a beating of your life because of that?"

"Where is harm in saying the truth" Cloud raised eyebrows in question. Sephiroth sighed, really this was getting on his nerves

"Will you two stop this nonsense before I give beating of your life to both of you? Now civilian where is that wallet?" Asked Sephiroth seriously, well was there ever a time when he wasn't serious?

"What wallet?"

"Tsk, see Seph you can't talk normally to this brat" he shook by Cloud a little "Brat you yourself said I seemed like good pray and I saw you taking my wallet and running away with it, do I need even more evidence? Playing dumb in this situation won't help you"

"With your brain capabilities I thought it might work . . . seems like it didn't though" Cloud shrugged his shoulders, but inside his head he was ready to scream in frustration. Even though he expected that he would be caught he still wasn't entirely, mentally prepared for that. And only thing he was doing now, was playing the tough guy, which was necessity while living on streets.

"Grrr you would deserve a punishment . . . What about a few minutes over my knee and some hard spanking?" Clouds mind process stopped abruptly. He just stared with wide eyes at Zack.

"W-what, are you kidding? I am not five you idiot go spank someone else, maybe your friend over there would enjoy it more" He tugged harshly at his arm trying to free himself from Zack's hold.

"Zack can you please keep your perverted thoughts to yourself? No one is interested in them." Sephiroth narrowed his eyes, somewhat irritated.

"Sheesh you are no fun." Zack almost pouted "Well enough of fun and now seriously . . . where is that wallet." All humour disappeared from Zack's eyes as he looked hard into Cloud ones as the soldier that he was and a first class at that!

"I don't know" Cloud looked quickly away. "I think I dropped it while running" he lifted his gaze back meeting Zack eyes which were still hard and serious again.

"I don't believe ya" he said in a steel voice. "Where is it? You see there was something rather important in that wallet of mine."

"Zack" said Sephiroth in warning tone and gave him that look like 'don't talk about it'

That caught Clouds attention "Important?" he asked curiously 'more important then money? Now that sounded interesting'

Then Zack out of blue started to search Cloud for his wallet. Legs, body, arms "Hey! Stop touching me that's considered as abuse" Cloud fidgeted, slapping Zack's arms away from his body. "Well maybe if you gave me that thing which doesn't belong to ya I wouldn't have to do this!" 'He seems quite scrawny' thought Zack as he ended his unsuccessful checking up thing.

Ok there was no other chance he had to get it out of the boy, he needed to know where that goddamn wallet of his was. It would only bring trouble if it got into the wrong hands with that code card inside. Yes of course they could reprogram codes and cards of all owners, but it would take some time, man they should already come up with a better security system or Zack could stop losing his things.

Zack caught Clouds forearm and with one swift movement twisted his arm in a rather unpleasant manner, putting on some pressure "aagh" 'shit Cloud don't make weak sounds' Cloud said to himself "Now tell me or I will break it" warned Zack

"Like the hell I-I will. What would t-that give me!"

"Are you stupid or what? I am just about to break your arm! Can't you like . . . give me my wallet and go to rob someone else?"

Cloud was quite and so Zack added some more pressure "Aaaah" anguished yell tore from Clouds throat "Sheesh I can't do this" Zack let go of Clouds arm "you are lucky I am not the one to bully silly little brats like you" 'You just did' thought Cloud bitterly "Um, Seph will do that" Zack grinned and pushed boy into Sephiroth's arms. Who just raised his eyebrows at him.

"I will?" He asked boredly, Cloud and Sephiroth looked at each other and Cloud felt this cold feeling run down his spine. "Yeah, you will get information on my wallet out of him of course, you are the best in this after all" snickered Zack

"I think I am best in other thins too, but maybe this one is the most pleasurable of all . . . now where to start?" mused Sephiroth deciding to play Zacks little game. "I am rather good in breaking arms and legs, crushing bones, dislocating limbs, cutting off fingers or whole limb if needed, tearing nails off which might be fun to do. I didn't try that one yet" He took a hold of Cloud's hand who stared down at it, horror written all over his face 'I-is he serious?'

'As expected. Seph always catches up on everything, lets see if you really are that brave ne?' "Well general! Start wherever you want to and you don't have to hurry, we have lots of time after all . . ." 'G-general' Cloud squealed inside his head, his face going even paler if it was possible. Well he did know that he just robed a soldier, but to meet a general out there and was it that general of which everyone talked about?

"Um I just remembered. Seph, wasn't Hojo talking about lack of experimental material in his laboratory as of lately? We could take him there after you had your fun too don'tcha' think?"

'Experiments?' Cloud couldn't stand this stupid talk, they couldn't be serious ne? "You wouldn't do that to me. If you didn't break my arm before why should I believe these things you are saying now" He almost shouted at Zack.

"Well because. . .you see, yeah I may have a weak spot in my heart for brats like you" He put his hand over his heart "But I am not the one going to do that ne? So there is no problem with my feelings getting in way" Zack smiled happily.


"But what? Did you maybe think I will rescue you from that? Why would I. I am the one who just came up with it" Zack leaned on a wall which was few steps away from them.

Cloud really wasn't sure what to do by now. 'What is here to lose, I mean my life is already a crappy one, why should I stand down, to be kicked into on the streets like a filthy rag again? There is nothing to lose for me, I won't surrender, I won't. I can't!' He lifted his blank eyes to stare into Zack's. "You can't kill me if you want to know where that shitty wallet is, you can't and even if you make a cripple out of me I won't tell you, even if you say you don't need to know about that wallet anymore, I don't care I am NOT TELLING YOU!!" He screamed the last part out completely losing it. He glared hard into Zack eyes "so what are you going to do about it mister soldier" he spat out the last words.

Zack really didn't like that look in the boys eyes. Even if he didn't surrender, when it came to wallet, he certainly did surrender, when it came to life. He looked like he was prepared to throw it away, to throw away everything he had, but what was that everything he had? Zack didn't know anything about him. Why such a sudden change from energetic young boy to one prepared for death?

He didn't know.

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