Title:Define : Relationships
Genre: Main: Romance / Others vary between: Angst, Humor, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Parody
Rating: K+ - M
Pairing: All
Length: Varies between drabble-short and oneshot length
Spoilers: Will be posted at the beginning of each chapter.

A/N: Since my idea list for this got insanely long, insanely fast, I'll be dividing it into two parts. Romance/Pairing related stories will go here. Others, centric-fics, funny, pointless drabbles, and things of the life without a romantic/pairing theme, will go there. I'll call it… "Define : People." Clever me. Lol.

Also, to pass the time but writing pointless one-shots in between the hours it takes to write a chapter of anything else I'm currently on: A one-shot collection for every time you heard a line in the anime OR manga and thought… "That could be taken the wrong way." A la Ichigo pining Renji to the floor at Karakura High and telling him to "Take it off." Yeah, those moments. Or lines your heard and thought… "Something could be written about that, but I am too lazy to do." Well, I'm bored enough to do it, so it all works out for everyone. That one will be just yaoi fics though, cuz it's funnier that way. Lol.

And now, onto the information for this story/collection!

Chapter List:
1. Info. Chapter
2. Cloud x Renji (one-sided) (drabble)
3. Ichigo x Zaraki
4. Hanatarou x Ururu
5. Ikkaku x Ichigo
6. Isshin x Masaki
7. Urahara x Ichigo
8. Izuru x Inoue
9. Ichigo x Keigo
10. Unohana x Captain!Yoruichi
11. Ichigo x Renji
12. Ikkaku x Inoue
13. Ichigo x Ririn
14. Byakuya x Grimmjow
15. Tatsuki x Karin
16. Tsubaki x Inoue
17. Urahara x Aizen
18. Mizuiro x Matsumoto
19. Hitsugaya x Inoue
20. Ichigo x Grimmjow
21. Karin x Yoshino
22. Everyone x Byakuya (onesided)
23. Renji x Nova
24. Byakuya x older!Yachiru
25. Byakuya x Hisana
26. Zaraki x Ichigo
27. Chad x older!Karin
28. Yoruichi x Inoue
29. Ukitake x Byakuya
30. Mizuiro x Lisa
31. Byakuya x Rukia
32. Ichigo x older!Ururu
33. Ichigo x Grimmjow
34. Shunsui x Lisa
35. Byakuya x Nanao
36. Chad x Hitsugaya
37. Gin x Izuru
38. Stark x Ulquiorra
39. Ikkaku x Tatsuki
40. Byakuya x Matsumoto
41. Zaraki x Mayuri
42. Mizuiro x Byakuya
43. Ishida x Inoue
44. Izuru x Soifon
45. Ichigo x Urahara
46. Grimmjow x Yoruichi
47. Luppi x Matsumoto
48. Grimmjow x Ilforte
49. Izuru x Matsumoto
50. Grimmjow x older!Nel

A/N: Have no fear my little chickadees, I'm not abandoning my other stories! It's just that, when I'm at work on the weekends, we get slow sometimes and there's not much to do, so I write (I can study at home. Lol.) But A Certain Slant Of Light and Bamboo Dragon each have a stack of papers of notes and an in-depth timeline that need both a large gap of time and a pretty big chunk of floor/counter space to deal with. I have neither of these at work, so I've decided I'll just write drabbles.

And, to make things more interesting, I wrote down a crap load of characters names on pieces of paper, stuck them in an empty Victoria's Secret bag and just randomly pick two. I'm gonna try to do whatever I pick, with a few exceptions. Incest is a no-no. And if I pick a pairing that I just… can't write. I'll take a note of it, and see if I might come back to it later. The first pairing I actually picked was Chad x Yumichika and I was like… o.O … Pass.

Anywho, if I pick yaoi/yuri pairings I'm gonna do (seme/uke - top/bottom - dominant/submissive - whatever you wanna call it) in the order I picked them in.

This chapter is just gonna be the table of contents, makes it easier to see things yeah? If you have an idea for a pairing, crack or otherwise, I'd be willing to add it to my list. Lol.