A/N: Ok This is a Yugioh/Naruto crossover sort of. Its more of a crossover of the card game then the show. Oh forgot to say I dont own yugioh or Naruto. If I did you really think I would be up writing fanfiction at 5:30 in the morning?

Walking down the street, 7-year old Naruto flinched back from all the glares and dirty looks he recieve from the villagers of Konoha. It was October tenth, the celebration of the defeat of the great Kyuubi no Kitsune. He was subtley looking for a place to hide for the night of the festival before people got drunk enough to coming hunting for him. He didnt know why everyone hated him so much, but he guessed it was how much he looked like the Yondaime Hokage. Naruto thought he might remind the of how much they had lost.

Though Naruto may act like the stupid deadlast of the academy, he was actually a closet genius. He created the act in hopes that if he acted naive and idiotic he would be seen as less of a threat for whatever he was hated for and the beatings would stop. But soon, Naruto realized that was a pipe dream which lead to his hidden goal in life. To become powerful, so powerful that everyone would have no choice to repect him. So his true dream was to surpass, not the Yondaime, but the Kyuubi in power. He didn't argue that the Yondaime was powerful, but the Kyuubi took on an entire ninja village, and almost won.

Lost in his thoughts of how much respected he would be when he was so powerful, he forgot to watch where he was going and bumped in to someone. Flinching back, he looked up in to the face of the man he ran in to, to lock eyes with the sharingan. He cursed in his head. The Uchia clan was perhaps his number one enemy when it came to beating and assasination attempts. He had only met one "kind" Uchia, and all she did was give him an apple before walking away. Losing himself to his thoughts again, Naruto only caught the tail end of what the man said. "--we have here boys. The little demon boy."

Looking around he saw another four Uchia with sharingans active, chuckling as there sharingans start to spin. The man he in front of him grabbed his arm tight enough to bruise, and spoke again, " Lets say we take a little walk out of the village so we can..."educate" you on your proper place demon boy." Naruto started to shake in fear and on instinct swung his freee arm up between the mans legs. The man released him with a grunt of pain, and tipped over sideways.

Not wasting his free getaway, Naruto grabbed his tatty greyish shorts in one hand and sped away as quickly as his small frame could. He didn't have to look nehind him to know if they were giving chase when he heard all there hooting and hollaring at him. Naruto sped through every back alley and short cut he knew in the village, Which happened to be a lot, and soon found himself at a fenced off forest. "Training ground 44," Naruto read silently. He looked again at how the trees grew closely together and how dense and dark it was. It was the perfect place to lose the people chasing him.

So with nary a thought, Naruto scaled the ten foot high fence and fell over to the other side. He ran in to the forest quickly, not seeing that behind him the four shinobi had stopped and were smirking of how they had driven the great Kyuubi in to the Forest of Death.

Naruto was sraeting to second guess himself for coming in to this forest. All the strange sounds, and he hadnt seen an animal in his entire time in here. When he stopped for a breather and to listen to see if the shinobi were still on his tail, he heard a branch break behind him. Spinning quickly, Naruto felt his eyes go wide with fright. There, in front of him, slinking out of the forest, was the biggest tiger he had ever seen. It was al black with almost dark blue stripes. Had to have been six feet tall and eight feet long, from snout to tail. "Nice kitty," Naruto choked out. The tiger roared and pounced, causing Naruto to tumble through the bush behind him. When he hit the ground he heard more breaking, before he fell through and in to a large cavern.

As any kid was wont to do, he started screaming in fear as he fell. Luckily for Naruto, he hit something soft and rolled down it to come resting on the floor. Slowly getting up, Naruto checked himself over to make sure nothing was broken. Seeing he was fine, Naruto proceeded to check over the cavern he was in. Hr groped around in the dark for what he had landed on. Hand grasping something, he pulled it up. It was a card of some shorts, and holding it up to his face, he could barely make out some type of picture. Naruto kept feeling around, and realized he had landed on a giant mountain of cards.

Naruto was intrigued by The Cavern of Cards as he called it. Trying to figure out how to get more light so he could see more of the cavern he remembered when he once saw a ninja channel there chakra in to a piece of paper and create a brilliant flash of light. So he picked up a card off the ground and channeled chakra in to it. The card started to glow a soft purple before there was a small flash. But instead of the light he was thinking about, there was now a glowing figure. Naruto screamed and tumbled back in fear. "Wha-what are you?" He stammered.

"I am Neo-spacian glow moss, my master." The thing replied.

"Master? Why did you call me master?" Naruto asked Caustiously. Now that the thing (Glow moss) didn't seem to be attacking, he was curious about it.

"You channeled your energy in to my card and called me forth from the Shadow Realm, master." Glow Moss warbled.

"What's the Shadow realm?" Naruto Inquired.

"The Shadow Realm is where beaing such as I exist. Humans such as yourself, called Duelists, wold call us forth through are cards and hace us duel for them." Glow Moss replied.

"So any Human can do this?"

Glow moss shook what passed for his head in a negative. "No, only humans who possess both malice and will. Malice is a red energy that is made up of humans need for destruction. Will is a blue energy made up of humans will to create. Yopur will calls my mind from the shadow realm and your malice creates it a body to inhabit."

"So I have both this malice and the will?" Naruto asked in awe. If all this was true he was going to bre greater than even he ever thought.

"Yes I sense a great amount of malice in you, but an equal or even greater amount of will as well. I believe you might hold one of the nine abominations. Though how that is possible is beyond me."

"What are the nine abominations?" Naruto crinkled his forehead in confusion.

"The nine abominations were created before the Great Sundering. Beings created from pure malice. They have no minds of there own, but they can soak up all the negative energies and malice around them to create false personalities. The dont truly exist in natures design so are true abominations. The only live to destroy, and the destroyed over half the human population before a contigent of Duelist got together and stipped them in what was called the Great Sundering."

Naruto thought on all this. If he had one of these abominations in him. Then it could only be the Kyuubi. The only thing was why? and how? That did explain why the village hated him though. The hated the Kyuubi and by extention hated him for carrying it. But with using these cards he could get the respect he always wanted!

Looking back at Glow Moss he asked, "So I just channel a little bit of both in to a card and summon a monster?"

Glow Moss nodded, "Yes thats it exactly. But there is more than monsters. There is traps and spells as well. Your malice and will, will follow the text on the card to the letter." Naruto looked around gleefully at all the cards he had. But then he thought what the damn village council would do if the discovered his power. He would have to talk to Sarutobi-jiji, the Sadaime Hokage, before he did anything. He had Glow Moss follow him over to the wall of the cavern under the hole he fell in brefore releasing him. As Glow Moss faded away, Naruto started climbing the wall to get out and talk to jiji.