Chapter 2

Explanations and plans

Sarutobi Hiruzen, The third Hokage, was cursing his luck as he working on the mountain of paper work that dwarfed his desk. 'I am to old for this shit,' He though as he glared as the pile. Sarutobi never even understood why half the paperwork was even there. He was hoping for a little intervention from the blonde ball of shunshine, Naruto. When he heard some distant yells from the bottom of his tower and Naruto apologizing as he ran, he grinned to himself. Seemed his wish was fulfilled.

"Jiji, I have the most awesome thing to show you!" Naruto exlaimed as he burst through the Hokage's doors as he ran.

Sarutobi smiled down at him. "What's so important you came running in causing all this mayhem, hmmm?"

"Jiji, I have something really important to tell you, but is there anyway to tell you without other people hearing?" Naruto asked. Sarutobi looked carefully into Naruto's eyes and noticed the thinly veiled worry there. So he reached under his desk and channeled some chakra in to the hidden seals that would automatically activate the privacy jutsus around his office.

"Ok we're all set so what is so important that you need all this secrecy?"

"Jiji first I want to tell you I know about the Kyuubi and it is what caused what else I want to tell you about." Sarutobi almost had a heart attack when Naruto said he knew of his burden. Though he quickly caught on that that wasn't the important part. He wasn't so sure he wanted to know what Naruto found more important the having the greatest of the bijuu living inside of you.

"Ok Naruto, what's more important then being the container of the Kyuubi?"

"Well Jiji, I was running through the woods and I found a cave. There was so many cards in it. I thought it was a garbage heap for a minute. But then HE came Jiji." Naruto looked wide eyed at Sarutobi, like he was almost supposed to know who he was.

"Who was he Naruto?" Sarutobi asked softly, almost afraid of the answer.

"He said his name was Glow Moss Jiji, and that I had an "Abomination" in me. That's what he called the nine Bijuu. But he said they weren't demons but were man made and everything. Then he told me about summoning Jiji. He told me that with Kyuubis Malice and humans Will that I could summon the things on the cards. Isnt that cool Jiji!?"

Sarutobi looked stumped and with a little disbelief, "Malice? Will?"

"Oh ya Jiji. He said that was the most important part. Malice and Will. That Malice is a humans need to destroy and cause chaos. While Will was Humans will to create and build. He said since I had both I was a duelist. That those cards could be used to summon things from the shadow realm like Glow Moss."

Sarutobi sat in silence as Naruto looked at him in excitement. He needed to think this over a bit. He had to hide this untill Naruto was old enough to protect himself. He could try to pass it off as a bloodline but the council might think it was due to kyuubi. Which wasn't exactly a lie since he could only do it because he had kyuubi. But he also had to protect him from Danzo and his hidden ROOT program. "Naruto you said you needed both Will and Malice right?"

"Ya Jiji, that's what Gow Moss told me." Well that would protect him from Danzo. He could pass off the Malice and Will as a state of mind too. And with Root's penchance for stamping out anything like that, even Danzo wouldn't try to get rid of something as useful as this. It did seem as the best thing to do was pass it off as a bloodline. Hell, you never know, his kids might inherit the need for wielding Malice and Will as well.

"Ok Naruto, here is what we are going to do. We are going to tell the Village Council about this. Mainly so it doesn't cause problems later on if we hide it and they find out. We are going to pass it off as a bloodline and pray to Kami your kids inherit the ability to summon as well. Then the easy part comes up. I will personally commision you to have clan status and have a house built for you. With that built we will have ANBU move the cards and help you sort them however you like and have them stored underneath your new house. We will figure out how to train you after that alright?"

Naruto looked at the aging Hokage with tears in his eyes. "Really Jiji? No more scrounging for food? No more having to bath in a river because the landlord shut off water to my apartment?" Naruto was almost ecstatic. Sarutobi looked sad as he was reminded of ways the village abused the son of the Fourth.

"Yes Naruto, your own house and newly made clan. IF, we can convince the Council this is indeed a bloodline. So try to be on your best behavior alright? Come lets go get the meeting started."

Naruto was almost jumping for joy as the Hokage told his personal ANBU to rouse the Council and have them ready for a meeting in half an hour. Then he went to help Naruto get cleaned up in the Hokages private annex of the Hokage Tower before the meeting. Silently he prayed for some help to make Naruto happy for once.