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Victoria POV

I waded quickly into the lake. The sun blazed in the sky, burning down on my cold, sparkling skin. I felt the water quickly soak through my clothes and flow around my body. The water rippled slightly with each one of my movements as I felt the light, barely noticeable tickle of seaweed on my bare legs. Fish swam around me but they smelt in no way appetising; nothing compared to human blood. The water behind me began to move though I knew who it was so didn't bother looking. Sure enough, less than a minute later I felt familiar arms snake around my waist and a kiss on my neck. He spun me around to face him and looked deep into my eyes. The red of them still scared me slightly though the depth and truth of James's eyes took away my fear. He locked our mouths together in the most passionate embrace of my life. Arms locking around me in a steel grasp, as we fought for dominance. James stepped away and looked at me. My white shirt was now see through, showing my underwear. It was plain; pale pink laced but apparently, James liked it anyway. He growled playfully and scooped me up, bridal style in his arms; carrying me to the shore.

He lay me down on a stone which looked fragile next to his strength.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" James asked looking me lovingly in the eyes, "I don't want to hurt you," I smiled reassuringly at him.

"I've wanted this since I met you; don't be afraid of hurting me. I'm strong," he seemed to believe me and tore my shirt away with one flick of his wrist. I scowled at him. His puzzled expression made me laugh, he raised an eyebrow. My God! That was sexy. "I liked that shirt and it was my only one. Now I'll have to walk around with just my bra on," as I said this he ripped my bra off me too; tearing it at the catch, "now I'm afraid I'll just have to walk around naked." He grinned a wicked grin and began to kiss me again; if it was possible, more passionately. My bare chest pressed against his and I could feel him pressing against my thigh from where he lay in between my legs. His hand reached up towards my breasts as he requested permission with his eyes. I nodded as he began his torture. His expert hands teased my nipples as I moaned into his mouth. My hands roamed his chest and tugged on his hair as he continued to tease me.

He tore my wet shorts and panties away from me and stepped back once again.

"Beautiful," he mumbled and leaped back towards me. Before he could start on me again I undid his belt buckle and tore off his trousers. He wore plain black boxers but I could plainly see his arousal through them. I growled and began my revenge. I lightly touched the peak of him and he moaned in pleasure. I was about tear his boxers off him but he beat me to it; ripping them from himself. Dragging my fingers up his shaft I suddenly became worried. Would it hurt me? Would it be pleasurable at all? James's moan snapped me out of my daydream as I continued my torture on him. He flipped me over so he was on top and moved down towards my stomach and my hips. His fingers stroked me gently as I groaned and my hips buckled towards him. His thumb moved upwards to flick my clit. I was in ecstasy.

Suddenly, he stopped and looked at me sadly. He placed himself at my opening and gently pushed himself into me…

Lets just say; I had nothing to worry about.

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