Dreams Never End

January 14, 2001 (10:42PM)

Summary: 3+MU, 3+11, 2+HS. This is a fun Duo and Trowa friendship fanfiction. Duo and Trowa start a hobby that everyone is curious about. It ends up deeply affecting them when the discover the lives of two Gundam pilots that lived a little over one hundred years before them. If you haven't seen War in the Pocket... you must!!! Cute and angst mixed beautifully!

Warnings: Angst, some mild language, crossover to War in the Pocket and Gundam lore. Middie and Lady Ann Une are related in this one, cousins. Not exactly cannon, but need to do it to make the story work. I don't own Gundam Wing characters, Sunrise/Bandi does. I'm just borrowing them for entertainment purposes.

Credits: lyrics by Joy Division, poem by A. Rimbaud

SPECIAL NOTE: These stories were written a long time ago, but I've never really done much with them. Some success with Weiss Kreuz fanfiction has encouraged me to go back and post all my old things here. My Gundam stories are typically comedy or spy-thrillers. These are some of my great ideas I got before I went to college so my writing isn't as good. I just feel compelled to get them on the Internet and off my hard drive. I haven't read any Gundam fanfiction in several years either so have no idea what's come and gone. This is mainly a purging on my part, but I still hope there are people who enjoy them. More will be on the way.

Chapter 1: The Alex

"What is it, Duo," Trowa asked the excited American who skipped around the cabin in glee.

"I tell you, I've made the find of the century! No! It has to be two centuries. Please come with me. I need your help. You're a little more electrically inclined then me. I promise I'll do anything. Please?"

"Okay," Trowa said. He rose and plucked his coat from the end of the sofa. Duo raced ahead of him and hopped in the baby-blue, dilapidated truck Heero had stolen for the group.

"I'll get all the parts we need," Duo said. He stomping the gas down as he guided the truck through the forest. "It's so great! You'll love it!"

Trowa tuned the rest of Duo's prattle out and stared at the passing moonlit forest. He stretched his lanky legs as best as he could, wishing he had another espionage assignment rather than chasing after one of Duo's projects. He came around when the jeep halted suddenly, forcing him to put his hands against windshield.

"Here we are. Come on, come on," Duo suddenly shouted. This interrupted Trowa's thoughts from turning towards his last spying assignment. He had abruptly left for a two week vacation, citing family issues, however it was his developing relationship with Colonel Une that drove him to the Gundam safe house.

Duo grabbed Trowa's wrist and dragged him out through the driver's side. He lead him around several trees and down a slight slope. They pulled back a grate and made their way down a narrow tunnel that was only illuminated by Duo's flashlight. The air was stifling thin. The heat forced Trowa to take his coat off and carry it.

"Ta da!" Duo shouted and flung his hand upwards.

Trowa whistled low as his emerald eyes slid up the antiquated mobile suit. It rested in a seated position on a dirt mound. Trowa took Duo's mag-light and slowly swung the beam around the shallow dirt-encrusted chamber made of metal walls. He walked over to one of the walls and dropped his coat. He wiped some dirt back from faded writing.

"Federation property. This has to be around one hundred and fifty years old," Trowa speculated.

"Who cares! Look! It's a mobile suit that's made of Gundanium," Duo said, whirling Trowa back towards the mobile suit. Trowa raised an eyebrow of disbelief. "It tested good. The pure stuff smelted around the Zeon Wars. She's built like the Tallgeese. Solid."

"That dates it to be around one hundred and fifteen years old if it isn't an Anaheim Corporation machine. Then it would be more like one hundred and ten years old," Trowa said as Duo took the flash light back.


"They use to build mobile suits around the end of the Zeon Wars," Trowa answered from

some of the stray knowledge Doctor S had imparted to him.

"Great. I knew you would know. Do you think you can handle the electrical systems? I've got the hydraulics and..."

"Wait a minute. Have you even sat in the cockpit and examined any of it?" Trowa asked. He noticed the grime and webs undisturbed around the cockpit hatch. Duo shook his head. "It's over one-hundred years old, Duo. We'll have to piecemeal most ever thing we need. Besides, why on earth do you want to fix it? Isn't one Gundam enough for you?"

"Yeah, but this is a piece of history. I want to see what Gundams were like back then. It doesn't belong in mothballs. Please, Trowa. I'll even let you sit in the cockpit first," Duo offered with a sly smile.

Trowa smirked at Duo's offer. He took a running leap at the machine, tucked into a ball, and flipped twice before releasing. Trowa landed with perfect grace on the left knee of the mobile suit. He watched Duo scramble up the foot after he threw his coat down. The part-time circus clown held out his hands and dragged Duo up the rest of the way.

Trowa barely reached the release switch for the cockpit. He yanked hard on the gummed up leaver. The cockpit platform squealed and vertically, thunked opened. Its bouncing vibrations almost knocked them off the Gundam's leg. Trowa took the flashlight and shined it in the pitch black.

Trowa lowered himself, with Duo's assistance, into the red cracking leather seat. He wiped a couple of dials and switches off as Duo leapt to the cockpit platform and flopped on his belly.

The platform was a lot higher than their Gundams. It was level with the bottom of Trowa's chest. The joysticks were level with the hips rather then the shoulders, which would annoy Trowa if he had to pilot it. Then again, most Gundams were designed for right handed people. A fact he had gotten used to the few times he had to use a mobile suit other than Heavyarms.

"Well? Will you help out," Duo badgered. Trowa ran his hand along a plaque by his left knee as Duo shined a the beam on it. Duo asked, "The Alex System Gundam? Have you heard of it?"

"Nope, but lets find out about her," Trowa answered. Duo smiled and jumped up with a yelp of joy. "One question," Trowa said. Duo froze and gave a blank look down at him. "Why didn't you ask Heero or Quatre to help you? After all, in the year we've known one another you've only spoke to me three times."

"Heero would just blow it up and Quatre has so much to do lately with his father's business. I just though you would appreciate this. You like history and machines more than anyone else. We can make it into a hobby. Besides, you owe me for the Deathscythe. Not to mention beating the shit out of me when I was in jail with Wufei. Also... trying to blow me up first time we met. I don't forget anything, Trowa Barton!"

"I was committing espionage most of those times. If I wouldn't have blown up your Gundam I would have been under suspicion as a subversive. Is that why you don't like me?" Trowa asked. Duo nodded, furiously blushing. Trowa sighed and said, "I apologize. I had very few choice about conducting my missions. After we fix this Gundam what will we do with it?" Trowa asked. Duo sighed at Trowa's pointed question and shrugged.

"Alex will tell us I'm sure. We just have to find the story and write the end," Duo said with his habitual crooked smile.

"What if you're writing the sequel that wasn't meant to be?" Trowa asked, pulling himself to the platform.

"I don't think I would have stumbled on her if she wasn't to take up some of my spare time. You know, you're asking a lot of questions for your normal self."

"This is not a normal situation. We'll move some lighting in here tomorrow morning and make a list of things we need," Trowa said.

To be continued.