( if you don't read this you will become confused with the rest of the stroy because i have made some small changes)

• First off Hitomi Higorashi was not suppose to be a fox demon but a neko demon and i'll make sure to check that i don't make that mistake again.

• (This is a better description of her) Long waist length brown hair that turned red or gold depending on the lighting, hipnotising hazel eyes that change color with her mood-may not be menchened much or at all in story-with a gold line going around her pupil. Has large 38 C boobs even though she is the size of a tooth pick. :) 5 ft 2

• Sorry i wrote Hiei as 5'7 he is 5'4

• I know in the last 2 chapters that i have jumped around a little i will try to make sure that i don't do that but please bare with me if i do.

There house that they are living in is in the gardens of Reiki.

And I know that there is alot that needs to be speel checked, my computer wasn't working right at the time and i had no spell check.