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Chapter 6: Sooner than expected

Hitomi's prov

After changing out of her gym uniform she decided to head strait to Master Genkai's temple, she really wasn't feeling up to seeing Hiei at the moment. Maybe she could run that off before the others got there. She sweet dropped, yeah her get there before Hiei that was never going to happen. She didn't see the need to wait for them anyway she was a big girl and she knew the way. She would just tell Misty to tell Kurama where she was going.

"Hey Misty." She said as Misty came out of the locker room.


"Do you mind giving Ku—I mean Suichi a message for me?"

"Really?" her eyes lit up, and Hitomi sweet dropped again.

"Um. . yeah, tell him I'm going to the temple. He'll know what it means."

"Sure." She waved and started toured the school.

"That girl has got it bad, hm why haven't I noticed before now?" she shrugged, she would worry about that later, right now she needed to catch the bus to the temple before she was forced to walk.

The only thing longer then the bus ride to the temple was walking up the thousands of steps. She made it half way up the steps before it started pouring rain, and by the time she made it to the top she was socked to the bone and freezing.

I better turn out to be a high ranked demon after this, if there was one thing I hated more than my father it was being caught out in the rain.

There was no one in sight when she finally made it to the temple, but then she hadn't expected them to stand out in the rain waiting for her. She wondered absently if Yukina was here, maybe she lived here with Genkai. The way she dressed you would think that was the case, she looked like a temple maiden and was innocent enough for the job to.

She pounded hard on the door hoping that they wouldn't take long to open the door. A few minutes later Yukina opened the door.

Yukina's eyes widened as she looked her over. "Hitomi? Why are you here?" shock was clear in her voice along with concern.

"Training, remember?"

"Yes, but it's only every other day till your powers awaken fully. Didn't anyone tell you that?"

"No." Hitomi said tearfully. "And after I came all this way to."

"I'm sorry and master Genkai is in spirit world at the moment." Yukina looked really sad.

Not wanting to make Yukina feel bad about her own stupidity she decided to cut the conversation short. "That's okay Yukina it was my fault for not asking, I think I'll run a few laps then go home."

"But it's raining!"

"I won't stay out long." She smiled sitting her school bag by the door out of the rain and waved at Yukina before starting to run laps around the temple.

Guy's prov

"Have any of you guys seen Hitomi?" Yusuke asked as Kurama, Kuwabara, and Hiei came out the front doors of the school under the overhang.

"No doesn't she have gym last period? That's girls only." Kuwabara pointed out.

Yusuke scowled. "I know that buka; her class ended 20 minutes ago. I know she's a girl but she wouldn't take that long to get changed."

"Don't call me a buka Urameshi!" They started their normal bickering in the background as Hiei and Kurama watched their friend's stupidity.

"Shut up you fools!" Hiei snapped and they fell silent. He was about to say something else when a voice called out.


They all turned to look at the girl that just came running out of the school, bent over and trying to catch her breath. "Misty? What wrong? Is it about Hitomi?"

"Yes." She gasped. That was all she got out to because everyone excluding Hiei surrounded her and started talking a mile a minute and she couldn't understand a thing they were saying. Finally after a few minutes and a vain popping out on her forehead anime style she screamed. "SHUT UP!" she sighed when they did.

"Hitomi's fine she just wanted me to give you a message Suichi."

"Yes what is it."

She blushed a little but got the words out without stuttering. "She said that she was going to the temple and that you would know what she meant."

It took Kurama a minute to answer. "I see, thank you Misty."

"Any time." She blushed again before opening her umbrella and started making her way home.

"Well that being the case I don't see why we all have to go, Hiei since you're the fastest why don't you go pick her up and the rest of us will start on dinner." Kurama suggested.

Hiei was about to refuse when Yusuke and Kuwabara started fighting again. "Hn." Anything to get anyway from the buka's.

After Kurama got the other two to stop fighting they made their way to the portal that would take them home.

"Hey where'd Hiei run off to?" Kuwabara asked looking around for him.

"He went to pick up Hitomi remember?" Yusuke said sounding bored but Kurama knew better, he was worried that Hiei might say something stupid again, and they would have a re-run of last night.

"I'm sure everything will be fine Yusuke." Kurama said smiling.

"Do you know something that we don't fox boy?"

"No, no nothing at all." Yusuke didn't believe him for a minute but thought it was best he didn't know if it involved Hiei and Hitomi. At least for the moment.

The temple

"Buka onna." Came a voice from behind her as she completed her third lap. She staggered a little before spinning around to face the owner of the voice.

"Buka Hiei." She said back in greeting. Hitomi could almost see the vain popping out on Hiei's forehead. That wasn't really conserving her at the moment; she was cold, wet, and hungry. She hoped that Kurama was at home fixing super at the moment. She smiled at the thought and when Hiei cleared his trout, she looked over at him to see him looking at her funny. "What a girl can't daydream?"

"Hn, get your things we're leaving." He turned and started making his out of the temple.

She walked up to the temple to get her school bag to find Yukina sitting beside it watching the whole thing. "Yukina?"

"Oh I'm sorry I was enjoying watching you run."

"That's fine." She looked behind her at Hiei standing with his back to them. "Don't be rude Hiei come over and say hello before we leave."

Hiei glared at her but did come over. "Hello Hiei." Yukina said sweetly.

"Yukina." He said a little formally.

"Have—have you had any news about my brother?" she asked timidly.

"Not yet, but as I've told you I believe he's dead."

"I can't believe that, he's the only family I have left." Yukina's eyes began to tear up.

"I'll keep looking." Hiei said reluctantly to stop the water works before turning back to Hitomi. "Are we done here?"

"Yes mother." She grumbled and grinned when she saw his eye brow twitch.

"Hn, get on." He sounded bored again as he stooped down so she could climb on his back, which she did after giving Yukina a hug good bye. His hands went down to her knees to hold her legs up.

"See you tomorrow for shopping Yukina."

"I can't wait." She said happily.

Hiei took off at full speed before she could say bye, she immediately gasped and wrapped her arms around his neck. It wasn't like last time; Hiei seemed to running ten times faster. He jumped up into a tree making her bounce lightly against his back. She blushed, for reasons she really couldn't understand. She had never blushed like this before it felt like she was going to pass out from all the blood rushing to her face.

She tried to will her face back to normal by thinking of other things like . . . Yukina. But that really didn't do her any good because her thought jumped to Hiei, and for the second time that day she wondered if there was something going on between the two of them. It wasn't that hard to believe after all Yukina was very sweet, innocent, and caring . . . it all must be one sided. She nodded unbeknownst to her getting Hiei's attention.

Hiei pecked into her mind, and became confused and irritated. He would never understand women and couldn't follow what she was getting at when it came to Yukina, only that she thought highly of her. Then he thought it really wasn't any of his concern . . . that is unless she unset Yukina, then there would be hell to pay.

Hitomi sighed; giving up thinking it was all turning to Hiei anyways, and laid her head on his shoulder just wanting to get home so she could eat. I think I could out eat Yusuke tonight. Her thoughts then turned back to Hiei. He's so warm, I could fall asleep right here. She closed her eyes and would have done just that if they hadn't passed though the portal at that exact moment. Grrr!

Hiei stopped and let her legs drop. "You can let go now onna."

Hitomi opened her eyes and reluctantly unwound her arms from Hiei's neck. She looked over at him and her eye started twitching. Here she was socked from head to toe and he was completely dry, even from where she was laying against him.

"You could have at least dried me to Hiei." She said walking toured the house. He stopped her as she started to pass him by putting a hand on her arm and then she felt heat wrap around her and she was dry. "Um . . . think you Hiei."

"Hn." She smiled and followed him into the house unaware of the green eyes watching them from the kitchen.

When they entered the house the smell of freshly cooked food made its way to their noses. Hitomi almost groaned from how good it smelled, but knowing it wasn't done yet went up to her room to change.

She put her book bag on the bed, took off her uniform, before grabbing a part of pajamas, and going to take a shower. She was out in five minutes time her hair washed and dressed in white pajama pants with cats, mouse's, and hearts on them and a striped purple tank top. When she got down stairs she heard arguing in the living room.

The first thing she saw when she entered the room was Hiei, she stared at him till he looked at her and she looked away blushing. Only to have it replaced with a 'not again' look when she spotted Yusuke and Kuwabara fighting over a stupid fighting game they were playing. When will those two ever grow up. She shook her head sadly.

After watching them from the doorway for a few minutes Yusuke finally noticed that she was there. "Hey Hitomi!" he smiled stupidly.

"Don't you hey Hitomi me, you could have told me that I only trained every other day." She glared.

"Oh, really I thought I did." He said nervously backing away from her. "Anyway it didn't go to waste, you get out of training tomorrow to go shopping and meet the new team mates coming so Genkai will be happy to know that you did something today."

"Really how many and when are they getting here?"

"There are a few coming, but only two are staying. They should be here after we get back from shopping."

"Convent." She muttered, but when she thought about it she knew that she would have a lot of fun.

"Hey I thought girls were supposed to like shopping." Kuwabara said finally looking up from his game.

"I do when I have the money, but that's not too often. " Try maybe twice.

"Well Koenma's paying for everything remember and he has more than enough money to spare." Yusuke grinned at her and she knew what he was thinking.

"Your right Yusuke if he's paying I believe that I could find quit a few things to buy." She grinning evilly causing him to bust out laughing.

"Suppers ready!" Kurama yelled from the kitchen.

"Yey!" Hitomi yelled and out ran Yusuke and Kuwabara to the kitchen; all three of them left Hiei watching after them with a huge sweet drop forming.


Mornings, in Hitomi's option, came way too early. Sitting up in bed she sniffed the air around her; pancakes, bacon, and eggs; Kurama was going to make her fat. Picking up the phone Koenma had given her after she moved in (it was preprogramed with everyone's number even Shizuru's, Kuwabara's sister who she hasn't meet yet—she has meet everyone else at least once) according to her phone it was 7:30. Time to get up before Boton came crashing into her room, sometimes the girl could be rather exhausting.

She looked around the room for the first time noticing that Hiei wasn't there, he had been sleeping on the window seal before she fell asleep last night. She shrugged maybe he was getting ready. Then she saw a black blur flash past her window.

She quickly dressed in a white t-shirt, a pair of sweat pants, and flip flops, she had a feeling that she would be trying on a lot of close today. (Yeah I know this is boring please forgive me!)

"Morning everyone." Hitomi said cheerfully starching her arms over her head as she entered the kitchen. Everyone was already there even Hiei, who was sitting in the window ignoring everyone.

"Morning." Kurama said as he set a big plate of pancakes on the table.

"Yeah food!" Kuwabara yelled before him and Yusuke started fighting over the pancakes.

"You two never change." Hitomi signed as she put chocolate chips on her pancake. "By the way Boton when are we meeting the others?"

"Well I told them to meet us at 8:30, which should give everyone plenty of time to get ready." She looked over at Yusuke and Kuwabara. "Or in their case done eating."

They both sweat dropped. "They'll never change." They said together, looked at each other, and laughed.

"We better eat before they decide they want our food."

"Yeah your right." Boton laughed again.

Needless to say they got done eating fairly quickly. (Time 8:05) Yusuke and Kuwabara were rubbing their full belles, and Boton and Hitomi were talking quietly to each other. None of them were paying attention to Kurama as he lend against the wall beside Hiei.

"What do you want Fox?" Hiei didn't bother looking his way just continued to stare out the window.

"Hitomi seems to be in a better mood, all that running must have given her time to think everything over."

"Hn and I should care why?" it wasn't really a question.

"Well I thought you would be relieved that you no longer have to walk on egg shells around Hitomi and Yusuke."

"Like I said why should I care?"

"I know you better than that Hiei, Yusuke's friendship means a lot to you." And Hitomi even if you won't admit it.


"Come on everybody time to go." Boton said picking up her purse.

That was something else that Hitomi wanted to buy today, a purse. She had one once but because of her father's love of destroying everything of hers it didn't last very long.

"I don't see why we have to go." Yusuke grumbled.

"Come now Yusuke do you really want to make Keiko mad after you ditched her two times last month?" Boton asked.

"Hey! It wasn't like I wanted to and I didn't ditch her twice I was just a little late on that last one."

"Yeah two hours late." Hitomi pointed out.

"Whatever stupid girls." Yusuke grumbled.

"What was that Yusuke?" Boton and Hitomi asked doing that anime thing were their taller than him and fires in the background.

"Nothing, nothing at all." Everyone laughed at him.

The mall

"Man where are they?" Kuwabara asked looking around the crowded street in front of the mall. The rest of the girls were late in showing up.

"You need to learn patients little brother." Shizuru said from behind them. They all turned to see Shizuru, Keiko, and Yukina standing behind them smiling.

Hitomi stepped forward and bowed to Shizuru. "It's a pleasure to meet you Ms. Shizuru."

Shizuru lifted Hitomi's face so that she could get a good look into the girls eyes. She smiled at what she saw before letting go of Hitomi's face. "Right back at you kid, and call me Shizuru no Ms. needed."

"Alright," Hitomi smiled and turned to the rest of the gang who were talking, or she guessed what they called talking, behind them. Keiko was yelling at Yusuke wall Boton watched, Kuwabara was hitting on Yukina who was to dense to understand, and Hiei was glaring at them with Kurama at his side smiling. "Um . . . are you guys ready to go in?" unsure if she wanted to interrupt them or just go on with Shizuru.

"More than ready!" Boton said cheerfully. Hitomi had a feeling that it was going to be a long day, and she had no idea how right she was.

4 Hours later—Sorry didn't feel like writing in all the shopping, it's boring anyways.

"No more!" Hitomi said almost crying as they finally stopped for a break at the food court. They had gotten them some food and a drink from Mc. Donald's.

"I'm with Hitomi." Kuwabara said looking dead tired at the table beside the girls booth.

"Yeah that was more traumatic than grandma's training." Yusuke complained leaning back in his chair.

"You think it was bad for you? Try having to change your close every five seconds!" Hitomi was in a sour mood, she didn't like crowds and she was learning the hard way that that's all the mall was, a crowd. (I've only been to the mall like 7 times in my life and every time nothing but crowds could find a thing . . . come to think of it I still get lost ^_^')

"Ok we get it the shopping's done for the day." Shizuru said, she had been waiting all day for a cigarette.

"But we haven't gotten Hitomi near enough clothes." Boton wailed.

Hitomi looked over at the thirty plus bags that surrounded the guys table and sweat dropped. "Boton I don't think I'll be wearing all of this in one year, how about we come back another time."

Boton signed dramatically then cat smiled. "Oh fine have it your way, but I beat you anything that by the end of next week you'll be wanting to go shopping again."

Hitomi looked confused. "Why?"

"Um . . . well you know there's that thing coming up and who knows it may make you want to go shopping." Boton stammered waving her arms everywhere.

"Howe?" Hitomi tilted her head in confusion. ( I was thinking about the sound that Sakura on Cardcaptor Sakura dose when something unexpected happens, I thought it was cute and wanted to use it. )

In the meantime Hiei was secretly watching her, as Kurama watched him. Kurama was laughing at Hiei on the inside and made sure to keep his thoughts hidden, it wouldn't be good for Hiei to find out what he was thinking about. Kurama looked at Hitomi. But Boton is right, who knows what kind of changes she will go through this we-. He paused and sniffed the air, after a minute his eyes widened. Not good!

"Hiei!" Kurama shouted making everyone look at him, but there was no need Hiei was already moving to catch Hitomi as she started to fall over. She was panting like she wasn't getting enough air and was starting to sweat. Once Hiei disappeared with Hitomi Kurama turned to the others. "It seems that she has gone into heat sooner than we expected. Boton you go tell Koenma, the rest of us will take Hitomi's things back to the house. Is the room ready there?"

"Yes, I showed it to Hiei yesterday after Koenma finished it."

He smiled. "Good than all there's left to do is wait." She will go into the transformation of her demon form first; that should take a day, and after that she will go into full blow heat. Who knows how bad that's going to be, I hope Hiei can handle it.

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