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He remembers when he felt bubbly and lightheaded whenever in her presence.

He sat behind her in Double Potions in fifth year, and the scent of her shampoo would always waft through his nostrils constantly. She smelt like strawberries. Normally, that scent only made him nauseous – God knows what for – but with her, it made him nervous, light, and completely oblivious to the rest of the world.

But now, the berry scent causes him to be sick, and no longer is he frivolous at any mention of her.

He remembers when he felt jealous when seeing her at Hogsmeade with Connor Gellar, the precocious Head Boy from Ravenclaw at the time.

She had refused to go out with him, calling him 'too clingy already'. He found himself following her and Connor in the village, even going as far as hiding behind a stack of parchment at Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop. He had never felt such an infuriating but longing feeling before, but he needed her.

But now, he calls himself stupid for following her around like an obsessed puppy. He was better than that, he was always better than that.

He remembers everything – the fright he felt when she was Petrified, the sorrow he felt when having to leave her for the summer, and the passion he felt when kissing her.

But she never felt a thing, except for thrill and the comfort of dating someone. That was not love, only the sake of loving…

He just feels sorry she could never love, no matter what she thought.


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