Hermione finds the yellowed list underneath her dormitory bed, when she is packing up to leave school for summer holidays. She glances down at the parchment's underlined title absentmindedly.

My Prince Charming's Requirements

She smiles, recalling her childhood fondness of fairy tales involving handsome princes and frenzied damsels in distress. Sitting down on the bed, Hermione scans the rest of the list.

He must be good-looking.

He certainly had an attractive exterior. She had been won over by his crystal blue eyes and his curly, wispy hair.

He must be athletic.

Hermione stifles a laugh, as she flashes back to Quidditch tryouts that year when she Confunded him to increase Ron's chance at making the team. Yes, she'll give him that oneā€¦

He must be brave and daring.

He was a Gryffindor.

He must be willing to give anything for me.

Disgusted, Hermione tosses the list aside and burns it with a flair of her wand. Satisfied, she Vanishes the charcoal remains.

She knows better now. Life is not a fairy tale. And Cormac was not her Prince Charming.


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