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Chapter 1: Arrival


It was hot. I expected it to be hot, and it didn't help that I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt, a short-sleeved shirt, shorts, pants, and a bathing suit all at once. This is a strategy I thought more people should use on this show should use, since we would be living in these same cloths for at least three days, and hopefully, 39 days.

I think I forgot to mention where I am and what I'm doing. I am in Madagascar, and I'm a contestant on Survivor. My name is Bella Swan, and I'm competing with seventeen other people and we all want to win a million dollars.

I was in the boat, and we were going to meet the host of the show and officially start the competition. No one was talking.

Most of the other competitors were about average looking, and none looked very trustworthy, big shocker there.

Though trust was visually lacking, some of the people were very good looking. There was a tall looking boy with reddish-brown hair—kind of bronze looking—and emerald green eyes. It was heard to tell, but he looked to be somewhat muscular. He was very handsome, and looked to be about 23 or 24 years old.

There was also a short, pixie-like girl. She had short, spiky hair that was black as pitch. Her eyes sparkled blue in the sunlight. Even when she was sitting down, she was graceful. She seemed to be my age.

The last of the beautiful people was a man, in his mid twenties, and he was as big as a bear, with about the same muscle-mass as one too. His eyes too looked like the sun on the waves. He has black hair that had a slight curl to it, and dimples.

While the other players looked at the landscape, I stared at the boy with the bronze hair. To me, he was the most beautiful out of all three of them.

We were coming into shore now, and we could see the host, Nathan Coleman, standing on the beach. We all started to gather out few belongings and prepared to start the game.

We landed on the beach. As we walked up to where Nathan was, I took a look at my surroundings for the first time. It was beautiful. There were trees everywhere, and you could almost feel the movement of the animals.

When we reached the mat, we stopped to wait for further instruction.

"Welcome to Madagascar," said Nathan. "To day is day one on thirty-nine. Before we begin the first challenge, you must be put into tribes. We will be doing this via a schoolyard pick. The captains will the youngest person in the game and the oldest person. Greg and Hanna, pick a mat."

A girl who looked to be a year younger than me went to stand on the blue mat. She had curly brown hair that stood out from her head a good inch and a half. The man took the other mat, which was red. He had short grey hair and was short and stocky.

I hate schoolyard picks, probably because I was always picked last. At least here nobody knew how much of a klutz I was. But here they would go off looks alone, and I figured I would still be picked last—probably even after the short girl with the black hair—because I was the plainest one here.

"The blue mat is for the Manakara tribe, and the red mat is for the Beloha tribe. Hanna, start us off." This was from Nathan, wanting us to get it over with so we could start the challenge.

"I guess I'll take the guy with the bronze hair," said Hanna. I knew it. They were going to go off of looks. I was screwed.

"Edward joins the Manakara tribe!" announced Nathan, but I hardly heard anything after his name. Edward. I knew that I wouldn't be able to get it out of my head for days. THAT would come in handy when I was facing him in a challenge.

"Greg, your turn," stated Nathan. Greg looked us over for a minute before making his choice. Finally, he spoke, "How about the big guy with the black hair." Here was yet another tally for the "based on good looks" theory.

"Emmett joins the Beloha tribe!" What was with the old-fashioned names? I guess they came from small towns.

And so it went. Until there were four people left, including me. I was not surprised about the other three people that were with me. There was a guy who looked kind of weak. Another was a girl with a sprinkle of freckles across her nose and blond hair. I wasn't even surprised that the last of the beautiful people hadn't been picked yet; she was so short and delicate looking.

Now it was Harvey's turn to pick, and he was on the Manakara tribe. There were seven people on each tribe already. On the Manakara tribe were: Edward, Nancy, Josh, Lloyd, Harvey, Hanna, and Brianna, who was picking the next member.

"I think I'm going to take the chick with the long brown hair." I couldn't believe it. I wasn't last. Now I just needed to concentrate on not tripping on my way to the blue mat. I was almost successful, but I caught my foot on the edge of the mat. Crap. Well, they may as well know sooner rather than later how clumsy I am.

"Bella is the latest edition to the Manakara tribe." Again, I heard nothing; I was trying not to hyperventilate because I was in the same tribe as Edward.

The next person to pick was Anne for the Beloha tribe. On the Beloha tribe were: Greg, Ralf, Emmett, Jane, Victor, Lisa, and Anne.

"Lets go with the blonde." The girl with the freckles walked up to the red mat. And the inevitable announcement: "Katie has joined the Beloha tribe."

With two people left to choose from, it was my turn to pick. I liked the look of the girl with the black hair, but the first part of the game was all about strength and even though he didn't look much stronger, it was enough for me to say: "I'll take the dude."

"And with that, Jason is the final member of the Manakara tribe. That means that Alice, you are the last member of the Beloha tribe." Jason walked over to our mat, while Alice walked to the Beloha mat.

Nathan tossed each of the tribes a bag, and unfortunately, ours was coming right at me. Damn it. I thought about moving out of the way, but I figured that I would have to catch something in a challenge, so I better start practicing. Just like I knew I would, I missed it. It landed on the ground and I hastily bent to pick it up.

"These are your buffs. Pass them out and put them on.

Then we'll start the first challenge," ordered Nathan. I obeyed, pulling a buff out of the bag and pulling it over my head before passing the bag to Nancy. When everyone had their buffs, we waited for Nathan to tell us about the challenge.

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