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Chapter 2: Arienn

Jareth was sitting on his throne sideways, remembering the last few months since he met Sarah. In those few months, he had learned a few things about her. He had learned that Sarah's actress- on- stage mother, Linda Williams, had left her daughter and husband, Robert Williams, for another actor, Jeremy, when Sarah was still little. It was rare when Sarah received phone calls and cards from Linda, never mind face- to- face conversation. Eventually, Robert remarried another woman, Irene, whom Sarah did not like, to say the least.

Jareth had also learned that Sarah loved fantasy and often came to the cemetery side of the park to act out her favourite scenes from some of the books she had read. And that she was a whiner. On more than one occasion, Sarah had complained "It's not fair!" After a running marathon of this saying, Jareth was almost relieved to be back with his Goblins. Almost.

Jareth snapped back to the present when he noticed a woman entering the throne room. She wore a royal blue cloak with the hood up so that all but the tips of her nose and chin was concealed.

Jareth immediately stood up and went to greet her. When he was close enough, the woman pulled back her hood. She was and Elf with long, glossy, black hair pulled away from her beautiful, sharp, angular face in a braid.

Her big, midnight blue eyes gave her an innocent look. While her full red lips gave a nice contrast with her pale skin. A very small crystal gem, shaped like a tear, hung in the middle of her forehead from a delicate- looking silver circlet.

"Hello, Jareth King," the Elf said in a high musical voice.

Jareth made a slight bow at the waist when he reached her and answered back, as was custom, "Greetings, Lady Arienn."

"May we speak in private?" Lady Arienn asked, gesturing to the nearby Goblins, who had stopped what they were doing to stare at their king and the beautiful Elf. Needless to say Goblins do not make good spies.

Jareth nodded. "Follow me."

He lead the way out of the castle and to a secret garden that only he knew about. The garden was hidden behind the castle protected by four walls, including the castle. It was a beautiful garden. The colorful flowers were in bloom and gave off their individual perfumes, scenting the air with sweet, light fragrances. When they were sure they were alone, thier formality melted away and became relaxed and friendly. They hugged.

"I have missed you, Sister," Jareth said, releasing her.

Arienn smiled, "I have missed you as well."

"How is Mother?"

"Fine. She wished she could have come with me, but she has five little ones to care for. Besides, this isn't entirely a social visit."

Arienn and her mother, Crystal, had taken Jareth and a few others in when they were orphaned during the War at a young age. He didn't remember much back then, just vague images and feelings.

Jareth sighed. "What is the official report?"

Arienn took a deep breath and said, "I came on behalf of the king's court, unbeknown to him, to summon you before them."

A surprised and angry look flashed into Jareth's eyes. "You cannot summon me like a... pet."

"I don't like this anymore than you do, but we are concerned about your increasing attachment to the mortal girl."

"I really wish you would stop trying to control my life," Jareth growled.

Arienn scoffed. "You are royalty, Jareth, even if it only over Goblins." When she said "even", she subtly broke eye contact.

Jareth caught it and asked, "What is it?"

Arienn broke eye contact fully. "Nothing."

She hesitated, obviously debating whether or not to tell him. At seeing Jareth's raised eyebrow, she continued, "I am only telling you this because you are my brother in everything but blood. The majority of the Council is against your connection to the girl. They have unofficially ordered you to stop seeing her."

Jareth snarled. "Why do I have to always report everything I do to the Council? Why do they deny me this friendship?"

"You swore an oath, Brother," Arienn reminded him softly.

"I never swore to slavery."

Arienn shrugged. "It should come without saying."

She started to walk away, then stopped and looked over her shoulder and said, "We expect you at noon tomorrow." She hesitated then asked, "What is your true relationship with the girl?"

Jareth considered the question, then said, "Exactly what I told you." As he said this, though, he knew that his feelings were a bit deeper than that.

As if sensing this, Arienn gave him an odd look, but let the matter drop. She turned and left.

End of Chapter 2

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This is how you pronounce Arienn:

Are- ee- in