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Cliff Diving



Line 1, Jacob Black
Line 2, Bella Swan

Line 3, Sam Uley





I woke as another howl broke loose. My brothers were calling.
I woke up, and snuck out with extra clothes. I was almost excited.

I woke, and phased immediately; strategizing as I ran.

I ran. No way was I gonna miss this.
I drove, anxious for my 'double' date.

I planned. We need to end this.

I grinned, we almost have her cornered.
I worried, and the room closed in around me.

I growled. We must stop her; it is our duty.

I snarled.
I left.

We lunged.

I missed.
I walked.

She ran.

I turned around to watch her run.
I was stressed, and began to pace.

Again we started the pursuit.

Not the water!
The hole burns.

We can't catch her

I'm frustrated.
I'm stressing.

I'm disappointed.

I'm going to Bella.
I'm going to jump.

We're going to Emily's

Where is she?
Why not?

Harry's where?

I saw tire tracks.
I stepped to the ledge.

I left for the hospital with the pack.

These must be Bella's.
I inhaled, waiting.

I hope Harry's okay.

I followed the tracks.
I exhaled, listening.

We're here.

I began to run.
I jumped, then screamed
Someone stay connected to...



Sam, help me!
Goodbye, Edward.

I'm coming.

I can't be too late...
I love you...

I need to help him...

I phased.
I sank.

I ran.

I dove.
I slammed into a rock.

I ran faster.

I swam.
I slipped under
I neared the cliff face.

I can't be too late!
Is this death?

I can hear them!

I pulled her out.
I faded into black.

I saw them and phased.

Please be all right...
Not Edward?

I jogged towards them.

Throat burning...

She looks bad...

Please Bella!
Water spewing...

Is she not breathing?

Get rid of the water...
Am I dying again?


Can she hear me?
Waves fading...

For how long?

I don't know!
I am so cold...

She'll come around.

Can we move her?
Ugh, cold rain...

Is she injured?

What if...?
I opened my eyes.

Ah, she'll be alright.

Is she okay?
I can hardly talk.

You have her?

Sam can go.
Head spinning...

I phased as I ran.

Yes, she'll be fine.
Fire on the water?

Back to the hospital.

Why did she jump?
That was stupid...

I flew through the woods.

Wait for me next time.
Of course I will.

I'm on my way, guys.








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