"Promise you'll call me?"

"I Promise"

"I Love you" I Whispered, before taking a step way from him, making my way towards the Taxi. I Can't turn around now, My heart is breaking at the thought of leaving him, and fresh tears are falling down my cheeks. I'm off to Radiant Garden College, miles away from him, and that tears me to shreds. Sighing, I shut the Taxi door closed, dying inside at the expression on his face as my mother embraces him.

Zexion POV;

He called. Yes, he's called me. Only three times. The fourth one is supposed to be tonight. The first time he called, it was to tell me that he'd managed to join a band called Melodious Nocturne, and He's their sitarist. The second time was to tell me that he'd managed to get a gig in the local bar in my old town, Twilight Town. The third was to tell me that he was playing in Traverse Town, and that He'd ring me after the gig. And that is where I am now. In my room at college, watching the phone like a stalker, whilst my roommate, Lexaeus, watches. I'm going home in three days, to see my mother, and see Demyx, as he'll be back at my house then. Tonight was his last gig for the holidays.

I Stare at the the phone, begging it to ring. It's December, and almost midnight In Radiant Garden. When it finally rings, Lexaeus walks outside, giving me privacy, whilst I dive for the phone.

"Hello" At first there's no reply, and when there is, it sounds slurred, as if he's drunk.

"Ah, I love you"

"Uh Dem? You-" My reply is cut off, as a close voice on the other end of the phone squeals.

"I Love you to Dem-Dem!" My eyes start stinging, and I throw the phone onto It's holder. Then, I do the first thing that comes to mind. Flying out of the room past Lexaeus, I ignore his shouts and instead, I tear down the corridors, running the normally five minute walk to the reception in two minutes. And then I see it. The list. This list is very important. If your name is on this list, then it tells the school that you are going home for the holidays. Taking a pen from my jean pocket, I scribble it across the page, effectively erasing my name, instead leaving a long black square. I know, that tomorrow morning, I will get a phone call from my mother, asking me if I am definitely going home for Christmas, and I will have to say no, and hear the sorrow in her voice. But I'll get over it. Just Like I'll get over Demyx.

That night I cry myself to sleep, twirling the promise ring on my finger, with my close friend Lexaeus, telling me things will be fine.


He's called my exactly three hundred and twenty four times since that day in December. He's texted me three hundred times since that day. Constantly asking me why I'm not answering his calls, or texting him back. At one point I answered the phone telling him that I never want to see his face again, and that he should just pretend I never existed. When he asked me why, I told him he should have never cheated. And he told me that It wasn't a big deal, he never thought I would find out. I then swore every bad name under the sun so loudly, that Lexaeus had to come in, snatch the phone off me, tell Demyx to stop ringing me, and then he forced me to calm down, keeping my hands tied behind me until I calmed. I seethed for hours afterwards, staying confined to my room. The days after that could not have been more humiliating.

Our science teacher, professor Vexen, had set us loads of work to do, and to tune out the sound of us chatting to another, he put the music channel on. Big Mistake. They were filming Melodious Nocturne live, and my hands had clenched into fists, whilst my lab partner, Kairi, Asked me what was wrong, and screaming about the Fact that Demyx was so hot at the same time. Perhaps it would not have been so bad, had Demyx not came onto the stage, preparing to do a Sitar solo, before he announced to the crowd;

"Everyone, I would like to Dedicate this to the Love of my life Zexion Numara. If you're listening, I Truly am sorry"

At that point, every head in the classroom turned towards me, and I was bombarded with Questions about what Demyx had done. I got aggravated at this, and Just walked out of the classroom. That day was the first day I ever got a fail on a class project.


I finish college next month, along with all the other kids who managed to cram two years into one. I Dread going home, because knowing my luck, Demyx will be there. I Have to find a way out of this...

"Zexion!" I Turn around at the shout of my name. Lexaeus is running towards me.

"Yes Lex?"

"You remember the college Christmas party? When you decided to Karaoke, and everyone thought you were Amazing?".

I Simply nod in answer.

"Well, There's a karaoke at the local bar down the road. They've got a signer or something going there. You could become a star! Just like...Him"

"Why would I want to become a star, if it means I could be like Demyx?" I ask. Lexaeus grins, then hands me a piece of paper with the details on.

"Think. You could get back at him. And besides, if you're famous, he can never get hold of you."

"Now, when you put it like that, I see where you're coming from"


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