Demyx POV:

I was scared alright...I Mean, I was shoved into the room after being chased by mummies, and then I see a mountain Lion looking at me like I'm something to eat. I poked Zexion's shoulder repeatedly, until he turned to me.

"What Demyx?"

"...Zexy...Why Is that mountain lion staring at me?" I whispered. Zexion reacted almost Instantly. Gripping my wrist tightly, he pulled me backwards behind him. I swear, my wrist is definitely going to be badly bruised. Then It registered that Zexion was actually stood in front of me, in a sort of protective stance. I saw him squint his eyes, before pointing his torch at the animal in question. He sighed, walking over to it. "What are you doing?!" I hissed.

"Demyx..." He said, placing his hands over its mouth.


"It's stuffed.."

"But it could still eat us!"

"I Don't mean that type of stuffed I mean, it's been killed, and then had its insides taken out and it's been filled with stuff." He knocked on its back, a hollow sound echoing through the room.

"Oh...." I felt stupid. Real stupid. Zexion must have read my mind.

"I Don't blame you for getting scared. After that little show with the dead mummies, I wouldn't be surprised if these things came alive. However, if these sprung to life, we would be so fucking screwed." He said, softly at first, harsh towards the end of the mini rant. He walked over to the furthest wall, his outline getting fainter and fainter the further he went into the darkness. I heard him curse a few times, with the accompanying sound of a thump. He was obviously walking into things, making me snicker. Then the lights flickered on. I squinted, the light a bit too bright.


"Yeah?" His voice sounded distant.

"Where are you?"

"In the next room over. Next to the light switch." I nodded to myself, walking across the room, my eyes focused ahead as I passed the numerous stuffed animals. There were Lions, Zebras, leopards, monkeys, mountain lions, tigers and pandas. I was scared, truly. Entering the next room, my eyes widened.

"Whoa! It's a forest!" Zexion slapped me upside the head lightly.

"It's not a forest, Its a very well drawn tapestry. Gods, this must be hundreds of years old." He said, examining it. I half expected him to get sucked into it, but thankfully, nothing happened. It only fluttered, and a lot of dust fell down from it. It seemed almost magical, a strange pull emitting from it. I resisted and walked away.

"I Don't like it Zexy.." I murmured.

"Why? It's just a tapestry."

"It's making me feel weird. Can we go?"

"Go where?"

"Away from that tapestry.."

"Fine. We'll try that room through that door." Zexion huffed, attempting to push the door next to the tapestry open.

The Time has come and so have I.

I'll laugh last cause you came to die.

The damage done, the pain subsides

And I can see the fear clear when I look in your eyes.

"Don't open the door!" I smacked his door away from the handle, yanking him back from the door near the tapestry.

"Why no- Urgh.." His face screwed up. "Can you smell that?"

"No, I heard it though.."

"You heard the smell of death?"

"Kinda? I heard it in my mind, like, I knew what was behind the door.."

"Right....Well, There's no other doors, so what do we do?"

"Back through there, and then out the door?"

"We can't, the mummies are probably still out there." He answered.

"We shall run..." I suggested.

"Your taller than me, so therefore probably faster."

"Trust me Zexion. I just don't think we should go through that door. I'd rather face mummies than what I think is on the other side of that door." Zexion looked up at me, Realizing I was serious. He nodded, and led the way to the door, turning the lights off as he did so. I took his hand in my own, ripping the door open, and bolting out the door, dragging Zexion behind me. I will find a way to open the door at the top off the stairs, because my life really does depend on it. I heard bones cracking as we ran past the floor with the mummy tombs on, but I kept running forward. I could hear Zexion panting behind me, but he never let go.

Sadly, I couldn't open the door at the top.

Before, You go,

Could you just leave me one last kiss?

As I heard the reanimated mummies ascend the stairs, I pulled Zexion closer to me, locking lips instantly. Hell, If I was going to die, I was going to die with at Least one last kiss from him. His arms wrapped around my waist, tightening and pulling us even closer.

I was so scared.

I always was.

I Knew we should have never entered through the doors in the first place. I registered a clicking sound in the background.

Whilst I was still in Zexion's arms, still lip locked, my vision went black.

- - -

Yuffie POV:

After Larxenes little fit, Xigbar stayed in the main hall, whilst me, Larxene, Xaldin and Lexaeus made our way towards the store room. Vincent was also with us. Larxene almost started screaming when she realized that the key for the door was on a ring, with about fifty other keys on it. Thankfully, Vincent picked out the right key and unlocked the door. Larxene rushed into the room, yanking the opposite door open with a very loud click. We all stared at what we walked in on. Zexion and Demyx were lip locked. We were all frozen in place, until Demyx's body went limp, and he collapsed in a dead faint. Zexion kept him upright, and looked over at us. He was glaring. I swear he had just stopped global warming and made a new set of Ice caps. But that is not the point.

Zexion POV:

I am going to kill them all. They are the reason me and Demyx were trapped in there. I just sent a glare at them, not noticing the hotel manager press a switch on a remote. I was pulled through the door with Demyx in my arms, before the door automatically closed. I faintly heard the clicking of bolts, before I too, fell unconscious.

Yuffie POV:

We placed Zexion and Demyx on the bed in their room. Automatically, Zexion curled up towards Demyx, and Demo's body curled to support him. It was so sweet!! But also, really serious. A docter had told me and Larxene that they had both collapsed from being overstressed and pure shock.

Zexion POV:

I woke with my head on Demyx's chest, having no clue how I got there. Then I remembered the previous night, and I jolted up in the bed. My head started thumping, and I knew that I would be giving Yuffie, Larxene, Xigbar and Xaldin a very painful and miserable death. Not Lexeaus. He had nothing to do with it as far as I knew.

I looked back over at Demyx. He looked so cute. Climbing out of the bed, I slowly walked into the bathroom, filling the sink with cold water. I then proceeded to dunk my face in it, desperately needing a way to wake up. The water was cold, Icy cold, but I put up with it. Drying my face off, I locked the door, sitting down and leaning my back against the bath. My eyes fluttered closed, and I replayed the events of the night before over and over in my mind. None of it could have possibly been real, could it? My eyes snapped open, and I looked down at my hands for some reason. They had a gold sort of dust on them, along with green paint. Sniffing them, the tiniest scent of death lingered there, and I instantly remembered Demyx telling me to not open the door. I had smelt blood from the room, before I'd even opened the door. Damn, I'm rambling.

After I excited the bathroom, I kneeled down next to the bed, gently stroking Demyx's hair.

Eventually he woke up, muttering incoherent things that I couldn't make out. His eyes slowly opened, and his eyes washed over my face, before he dived at me. Yes, dived at me. From inside the bed. My head hit the floor as we fell down, but I couldn't care. Hell, Demyx was ontop of me...

He kissed every inch of my face, before wrapping his arms under me and squeezing me tightly. We rose from our 'position' and stood calmly in the middle of the room, Demyx's face in my hair.

"Don't ever let me go..." He whispered.

"Well, can we ever go back?" I asked.

"Of course we could.."

"Then, don't expect me to let you go again.." I kissed his neck and jaw sweetly, the butterflies in my stomach doing somersaults in bliss. He breathed in heavily, and I let my head rest on his chest. We stayed like that for about half an hour, breathing in the others scent, before Yuffie burst in the room.

"Guys! Guys! You awake yet?! Guys!! Gu- Oh....I'll uh..Be outside.." She bounded out of the room, closing the door behind her. However, she failed to keep her squeal quiet, and so all that could be heard was her loud 'Yay!!'

Demyx grinned down at me, before kissing me softly, sweetly. His hand lifted up and gripped the chain in my shirt pocket, and he ripped it apart. Pulling away, he placed one ring on his finger, the other on my own. Then he kissed me again. I Inwardly smiled, knowing that everything will fall back into place. The broken pieces have been fixed, and I'm never leaving Demyx alone like I had done for the past three and a half years.


Alas, This is the end...But hold on...Could there be a sequel? Thats up to you..

The basic plotline would be...well, Im not telling you..But it would have something to do with Demyx and Zexion no longer famous, having retired, and a tragedy for Demyx will happen...
^ ^

So, should I turn that into a sequel?

Oh, and the two songs I used where

DMC4Soundtrack -The Time Has Come

Madina Lake -One Last Kiss