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The Ninja, Sailor Moon


Sakura sighed as she walked down the market street unknown to her, her mother and father was trailing close behind her. "Damn that Uchiha!" Mrs. Haruno hissed, "He should been making her his by now!" "Rini-koi, I really don't like that idea," said Mr. Haruno. "Helios, we'll get them together even if it kills me," Rini told her husband. Sakura heard her parents arguing about her and Sasuke again and sighed. "Mom, Dad I know you're there so you can come out now," she glared in their direction. "Sweetie, when are you going to go get him?" Rini asked her daughter. "He can stay with that snake-freak for all I care," Sakura told her mother.

"Now Sakura, you know that's a lie," A weasel said from atop her head. "Itachi, he's never coming back," she told him. "Not until he realizes I'm a weasel and have been for the last eight years," Itachi hissed, "Also he collecting seven crystals to give too you." "What?" she asked. "He broke your crystal to keep Orochimaru from finding you," he told her, "Your crystal was the fastest way for him to become immortal." "He broke my what?" she gasped. Itachi just nodded his head, "He really loves you, though." "Can't we just turn him and Naruto gay so the girls and I can get porn off of them?" she asked.

Itachi sighed hopping off Sakura's head. The girl would not budge when it came to just going after him. She would not abandon her village and drag his sorry ass home. Naruto came running up to them and smiled. "Ohayo Sakura, Rini-san, and Helios-san!" he yelled. Rini smiled and waved and Helios looked at Naruto distastefully. It wasn't that he didn't like the boy it was the fact he was so loud in morning. "Naruto-sama, must you be so loud?" Helios asked. "Why is it you always call me 'sama'?" Naruto asked. Helios smiled and put a hand on Naruto's shoulder. "I wish I could tell you why, but you'll have to wait," he told the younger man.

---------------------Over in the Land of Tea---------------------------

Karin sighed for the umpteenth time Jugo and Suigetsu groaned. "Sit down, Sasuke will be back when he's back," Suigetsu told her. Karin glared at him then went back to her pacing. Sasuke had been acting strange ever since he found that indigo colored crystal. "Sasuke-kun should have given that to me as an engagement gift!" she whined. Suigetsu looked up and saw what appeared to be a key falling from the sky. It hit Karin in the head and she fell to the ground. A few hours later, Karin sat up and the group let out sigh, well two of them at least.

"Are you okay?" Jugo asked and Sasuke snorted. "Figures you can't even dodge a falling object," he told her. Karin shook her head then pulled off her glasses. "My head," she muttered ignoring Sasuke. "Where am I?" she asked. Sasuke almost gave her a stunned look. "Karin, what all do you remember?" he asked. She turned her red eyes to look at him then put her hand on her head. "Endymion-sama?" she asked. "Who?" Jugo and Suigetsu asked.

Sasuke actually did show he was shocked this time. The only one who called him "Endymion" was his mother and some time Sakura in her sleep. "Ugh, the last thing I remember was standing in front of the Door of Time and then some crazy snake man," she told him. Sasuke nodded his head and Suigetsu growled. "What's going on?" he finally snapped. Karin picked up the Garnet Rod and whacked him over the head. "Ow!" he yelled.

"Then behave yourself," she told him. Suigetsu growled and Sasuke smirked. Karin then hit him. "What the hell?" he yelled. "Don't think you're out of the dog house, Uchiha," she told him. Sasuke glared at her then snorted. "You think you can get away with leaving Sakura on a bench in the middle of the night?" she snapped. "Since when do you care about Sakura?" he snapped. "Since I'm apart of her court!" Karin snapped. Sasuke growled and launched to attack her. Karin jumped out of the way and pulled the Garnet Rod over her head.

"Death Scream."

Sasuke moved as the ball of energy hit the ground. She landed and Sasuke fazed behind her. She tripped him and turned to glare at him. "Look Tuxedo boy, We have to get to Konoha and find Sakura," she told him. Suigetsu stared at Karin in disbelief. She had Sasuke on the ground in less then a minute. She jumped into the nearest tree and took off in the direction of the village. Sasuke growled and followed her leaving Jugo and Suigetsu confused. He wasn't going to let Karin near Sakura. She was too precious to him. Karin smirked as Sasuke fell behind her.

------------------ Back in Konoha-------------

Sakura sighed as she moved about her duties at the hospital. It had been a slow day and Naruto wasn't there to annoy. Well actually he was her but he was talking to Hinata. Naruto's childhood crush on her had faded and was replaced with a deep "secret" love for Hinata. Well, this was only a secret to Hinata herself. Hiashi didn't like the idea of Naruto around his daughter but Neji quickly defused that fire tell the clan leader that Naruto would boost her confidence.

Sakura sighed happy that her friend was finally finding true love. Speaking of that, Sakura bowed her head and hugged her clipboard closer to her. It had been a year since they had last seen Sasuke. The alarms in the village went off and Sakura dashed out the window. She caught up with Naruto and they ran up the main street to the village gate. Karin smirked as she came closer to her target. She jumped over them and Sasuke crashed into Sakura taking them both to the ground. Naruto and Karin stared wide eyed at what they saw.

Sakura lay flat on her back with Sasuke right above her. The only problem with this was that Sasuke's left hand was groping Sakura's chest. "Uchiha, you pervert!" she yelled punching him into the ground. Karin's eyes got even wider and Naruto held up a ten sign. "Ow," he muttered but soon got up. "Sakura, wait," He yelled getting out of his hole. "What do you want, Uchiha," Sakura asked glaring at him, "I had to get home and feed my weasel." Sasuke looked at her in shock. She should have come running into his arms. She should be bawling her eyes out into his shirt. She shouldn't be standing there calling him "Uchiha".

"This is going to get ugly," Naruto said pulling out a bag of chips. "I thought that was Choji's thing?" Karin asked. "Hey, I don't always eat ramen," he told her. "One since when do you call me 'Uchiha' and two since went do you have a pet," he asked. "One you're a back stabbing closet perv and two that weasel is your brother," Sakura told him. "What do you mean Itachi's here?" Sasuke yelled grabbing onto her shoulders, "Why is he at your house?" Sakura pulled his hand off her shoulder and squeezed his hand. Sasuke let out a whimper and Sakura pulled his hand down.

"listen Sasuke, I'm glad you're back and if you think I'm the same little fangirl that you left , you dead wrong," she hissed, "Itachi has been living at my house for the last eight years!" Sasuke looked her and pouted. "Can you stop breaking my hand?" he asked. Sakura let go of his hand and turned away from him. She headed back to her house leaving Sasuke shocked and scared. "She ignored me," he said before falling to the ground in the fetal position. "Wow, so this is what happens if Sakura ignores him," Naruto said watching his friend suck his thumb. "It's kind of disturbing," Karin said taking a few chips. "Hi there I don't think we've been introduced," Naruto smiled, "I'm Naruto." "Hello, I'm Karin," she smiled.

"So what are we going to do with the newly outed perv?" she asked kicking Sasuke in the side. "The only thing we can do," he told her, "Take him to Tsunade." The two of them left and headed for Hokage Tower. "Baa-chan! I brought Sasuke Closet Perv Uchiha and a new girl to join our village!" he yelled only to be punched. "What did you call me you brat?" Tsunade asked then noticed Karin. "Naruto, you idiot, you brought a sound Nin into my office!" she yelled. Karin ducked behind Naruto ad waved the Garnet Rod in surrender. Tsunade looked at the girl in shock then pouted. "Damnit, kid, you're out of my jurisdiction," she sighed.

"What do you mean by that, Tsunade-sama?" Karin asked. "With that you get to deal with someone higher up," she told her. "There's some one higher than the Hokage?" Naruto asked. "Yes and this person in to remain a secret to all but a select few," Tsunade explained, "You'll know who they are when you become Hokage." Naruto looked down at Sasuke and smirked, "I know the perfect punishment for Sasuke. The reason he's in the fetal position is because Sakura told him off then ignored him. So I thought maybe Sakura could just ignore him for a month or two."

Sasuke let out a soft whimper and Tsunade grinned. "Naruto, Sasuke will be under your care until three months from today," she told him, "I will tell Sakura her newest mission is to ignore Sasuke, give the bastard a taste of his own medicine." "Hai!" Naruto saluted her then took Sasuke back to his apartment.

---------------20 minutes later-------------------------

Naruto dumped Sasuke onto the couch and watched as he rolled over. "I hate you, Naruto," he muttered before turning back over. "Oh come on Sasuke," Naruto said moving into the kitchen. "You're just getting a tasted of your own medicine. You could just run away again." Sasuke shot him a glare then sighed. "I can't run away," he spoke. "She needs me here and I can't leave her alone with Karin lurking about."

"Have you thought on how strong Sakura has gotten since you left?" a voice asked. "What do you mean, Naruto?" Sasuke asked. "I didn't say anything," Naruto said moving back to the couch. "Ugh! Why is my son acting like a moron?" Naruto and Sasuke turned to the window to see a yellow cat grinning at him. "Sasuke, isn't the Cheshire cat purple?" Naruto asked. Sasuke blinked then blinked again. This had to be a bad dream. Cats couldn't talk. The yellow cat grinned again before making a figure eight around Naruto's legs. "I can't believe how you've grown Naruto," the cat said, "The last time I saw you, I could easy hold you in one arm." Naruto bent down and picked the cat up. He held it at eye level.

A pair of familiar blue eyes stared up at him and Naruto said something no one would ever hear him say. "Daddy," Naruto said automatically. Sasuke's mouth dropped as the cat purred loudly. "Naruto, that cat can't be your dad!" Sasuke yelled, "The Yondaime is dead!" Naruto turned to face him and the cat jumped down. "Sasuke Uchiha, how much do you know about Naruto's past?" the cat asked then jumped up on the couch. "I'm not allowed to say and from what I have said I could be killed," Sasuke told it.

"Well, allow me to introduce myself," it said, "I'm Minato Namikaze, I'm the Fourth Hokage."


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