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Shadows Hiding Love

"So, I was beginning controlled by a crazy snake?" Kiki asked. "Yep, but we got you back," Reiko said. Kai nodded his head then turned to watch the shadows. Sakura looked over to where he was watching then walked over to him. "Kai-chan, how about we go practice some healing techniques?' she said. "It'll help keep your mind off of Yara." He nodded his head and followed Sakura over to the trees. Ino sighed as she watched Sakura and the others getting along with the kids.

"Hey, Ino, what's wrong?" Mina asked walking over to her. "It's just Sakura's so good with kids; with anything really and I don't think it's fair," she told her. "I want to be like her." Mina smiled before noticing the dirt under Ino's nails. "Do you work with plants?" Mina asked. "My family owns a flower shop back home," she told her. Mina smiled then looked over at Kunzite. He nodded his head and grabbed the back of Shikamaru's shirt.

"What? Where are we going?" he asked as they headed to the steps. Mina lead the group to the mall and pushed Ino into the nearest store. She blinked as Mina pushed her into a dressing room. "When I feel sad, I like to shop and try things on," she told her. Ino smiled and started changing within a few minutes Ino was laughing and giggling as she changed form out fit to outfit. Shikamaru glared at the growing pile of shopping bags.

"I can't believe that you pulled me into this," he whispered. "I hate shopping with Ino." Kunzite smirked t him and looked back to the girls. "Just remember no matter how troublesome she gets, that you love her," he told him. Shikamaru sighed before glancing over to some shadows and pulled out a kunai. "What's wrong?" Kunzite asked. "We got trouble.,," he said. Throwing the knife the shadowed area moved and transformed into a girl with long blond hair.

"Nice move there," she said. "But you're too slow. I saw that coming." Shikamaru started to pull out his shadow possession jutsu when the girl disappeared back into the shadows. "You honestly thing you can catch me like that?"

"Love Chain Encircle!"

"Venus Love Possession!"

The girl moved deeper into the shadows. She laughed at them and disappeared. "Damn," Mina hissed. Ino sighed before smacking her fist onto a wall. 'This is all my fault,' she thought. 'If I just stronger, then I wouldn't need to rely on everyone else for help.' They headed back to the temple and Ino kept her head down. She had to find some way to help her friends. As if reading her thoughts, Kai ran over to her, taking her hand, and leading her to one of the trees.

"What's wrong?" he asked. "I can't do anything right," she told him. "Hinata's got the charm, Tenten the skills, Temari the passion, and Sakura gets the boy. What am I?" Kai smiled at her and jumped up into the tree. "That you have to discover for yourself," he said. "I know how your daughter and she's a very strong leader. You just have to find what you best at and love."

"I love flowers," she told him. "In fact I want to be to one who arranges and orders for the palace," she told him. Sakura walked up to them and smiled before putting her hand on Ino's shoulder. "Kai-kun, told me you've been feeling down," she said. Ino smiled at her then noticed the shadows shifting. "It's Shika," Kai whispered. "Her curse mark lets her control the shadows. She can even be come one with them."

"Get ready, Ino," she said. Ino pulled out her wand and they jumped away from moving shadows. Shika came out of the shadows and glared at them as they changed. "Stay still!" she yelled. Ino glared at her and started to perform her possession jutsu. Shika looked over that them before Ino took hold of her. "Sakura, now!" she yelled.

"Moon Healing Escalation!"

Shika screamed then fell to the ground. Kai jumped out of the tree running over to her and helped her up. "You okay?" he asked. "Which ones of us are here?" she asked. "Well, we have Kiki and Reiko," he told her. Shika nodded her head and sighed. "Well, then we have to start planning," she said. "Haku will be hard to take down." "but I thought he was dead," Sakura said in confusion. "That one you are thinking of is dead," she told her. "The Kazekege named his daughter after him."

"Her strength is the gourd on her back. The sands move to her will and on their own. She, like Naruto-same and his children, is a demon by genetic change. So in order to fight her, we must fight her like we're fighting Gaara." The two Kunoichi nodded and Kai smiled at her. "So, let's go find thee others," he said. Shika walked over to Ino and grabbed her hand. "Can you teach me about arranging flowers?" she asked. "You were teaching me about roses and daffodils."

"Well, I guess, I can teach you about flowers," Ino said then smiled. "I'll even tell you about how to take care of the plants, too!" Sakura smiled then turned to look at Kai. "You really are a miracle worker, aren't you?" she asked. "No, just a demon with a good heart," he told her.

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