Rudolf blinked as the boy continued to struggle. Now that the boy had revealed that something awful might happen, he was getting angry. His eyes narrowed slightly and he held the boy up higher. "And where exactly do you come from?" Rudolf asked with an annoyed voice.

"Like I'm going to tell you," he replied.

Rudolf grinned wickedly, "If you don't tell me, then I will personally feed you to horde of hungry Victreebel. Do you understand me?"

The boy called his bluff. "You're lying. No old geezer like you would dare feed a young kid like me to a Pokemon." The boy began to laugh in a mocking tone.

"Why you little-!" Rudolf was cut off by Alaina.

"There is no need for you to damage your hands over this whelp. Let me take care of this," she said, grabbing the boy by the ear and dragging him away. Rudolf hated to see what might happen to the kid, but he didn't care enough to stay. He had a mission to do. He needed to explore the region outside of the castle so he and the other Guardians could ambush any enemy attacks.

Meanwhile, Jean was investigating a cave. She stuck her head inside and saw an Ursaring with two young Teddiursa. "Oh, excuse me," she said politely, leaving the cave. Jean knew better than to bother the massive bear and her offspring. And she knew too well that a mother Ursaring will defend her young no matter what the cost. She and Aaron had experienced that the hard way. She smiled at the memory. It was in the early spring. Jean and Aaron were exploring the forest outside of a village. They had both been sent there to investigate several rare Pokemon sightings. During their investigation, they had stumbled in on a slumbering Ursaring and her young. The incident ended with Jean and Aaron running for their lives.

Of course, Aaron is gone and I can't do anything about it, she thought, touching a tree limb to keep herself from falling into a shallow stream. A few Wooper sat at the water's edge. They noticed her, but knew that she wouldn't harm them. A Pokemon has nothing to fear from a Guardian.

"Wooper!!" The Wooper called to her.

Jean smiled and waved at the Pokemon. "Hello. I hope I haven't disturbed you," she said, sitting down on a log.

"Wooper woop woop wooper!" They answered.

Jean smiled and looked around. Several small Pokemon had gathered around her. They all knew that they had nothing to fear. Jean would never harm them. Even several larger Pokemon approached her. This included a couple of Stantler, a Linoone, three Pikachu, an Oddish, and a Bibarel. Jean didn't have to guess why they were near her. She quietly pulled out her flute. The Pokemon leaned in closer. With a smile, she began to play a soft melody. Even more Pokemon approached, even ones who were loyal to Jean. Jean's Rapidash came to her side, drawn to the sweet song. Another Pokemon that was loyal to her was a female Weavile. They all sat together, listening.

The song was carried by the wind. Rudolf, who was still very curious about the Wand of a Thousand Truths, had left the castle. He was now wandering the grounds of the castle. What's that sound? He wondered when he approached the forest. It sounds like Jean's flute. Why would she be playing?

Rudolf's black and yellow outfit was very visible in the green and brown forest. Pokemon could see him very easily, but made no attempt to avoid him. They knew that he was a Guardian, after all. After walking a ways into the forest, Rudolf heard the flute much clearer. The melody was slow and sad. He approached further and saw Jean with an entire group of Pokemon by her side.

"Jean?" He called to her.

The playing stopped. "Rudolf? What are you doing out here?" Jean asked.

"I heard the music and decided to check it out. Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"I know you've been through a lot recently."


"Do you want to talk about it?"

Jean smiled, but shook her head. "Not really."

"Why didn't you tell the Queen that you were Aaron's fiancée?"

The smile faded. "I wanted him to be remembered as the hero who saved Cameron Castle. I didn't want his named to be tied down with mine. We weren't married. It doesn't matter anymore."

Rudolf walked to her and laid a hand against her shoulder. "But it does matter. Jean, you can't let your feelings for Aaron stay bottled up inside forever."

"Rudolf…I understand your concern…" Jean began.

Does she know that I have feelings for her?! Rudolf thought.

Jean finished, "But I think I can handle my own feelings."

That wasn't exactly what he wanted to hear. "Oh. Okay. Well, if you want someone to talk to, you can come to me."

She smiled and kissed his cheek. "I will," she said softly. With that, she continued playing her flute. The melody remained depressing. It was obvious that Jean was hurting.

Rudolf sighed and turned to leave. Then he said, "Jean?" She looked up but did not stop her playing. He sighed again and whispered, "Nothing. I'll see you later." With that, he left her and the Pokemon. He headed back toward the castle to find that Damon had been spying on him.

"So having love trouble, huh?" Damon asked. He was standing on a tree limb.

Rudolf glared at him. "What is it to you?" He challenged.

"Nothing," he replied innocently. "I just have a tip for you. If you want to attract her to you and make her forget about dear ol' Aaron, do something great. Make her impressed. Make her believe that you are greater than Aaron. Believe me, it works every time."

Rudolf wasn't so eager to trust the Guardian of Darkrai. "Why are you trying to help me?" He asked.

Damon leaned back against the tree trunk and answered, "Because I can't stand seeing a woman upset. Do you know what I mean?" When Rudolf shook his head, Damon continued, "Women have this ability to make or break a team. If Jean isn't happy, then no one is happy. You understand?"

"Not really," Rudolf admitted.

Damon leaped from the tree and landed next to Rudolf. "You will. Sooner or later," he said, walking away.

"But Jean doesn't look upset," Rudolf protested.

Damon looked over his shoulder and said, "Believe me, lover boy, if you know women as well as I, you would know that Jean is very upset. After all, who can blame her? Her fiancée just died and she's scared and alone. If I were you, I would try to comfort her."

"But I tried to…"

"Talk to her? Please. Don't talk. Act. Do something amazing in order to impress her. That's the best way to get her to forget about Aaron."

Rudolf watched as Damon entered the castle. Can I trust him? Maybe I should approach the others with this problem? No. No. I must try to impress Jean on my own, he thought.

CRASH!! The sound of glass breaking could be heard over the sound of Jean's flute. Rudolf looked up and saw a Honchkrow and several Murkrow flying away from the castle at a rather quick pace. The Honchkrow was carrying something long. The tip was shiny. It looked like…

"The staff!!!!" Alaina yelled. "Get that wand!! We can't let them have it!!"

An entire squadron that consisted of Crobats, Pidgeotto, and Swellow flew after the black birds. That's where Rudolf realized that they were attempting to recover the Wand of a Thousand Truths. "Oh no…" He whispered as the enemy Pokemon flew over the hills and out of sight.

Alaina could be heard from inside of the castle. "No! No! We lost it!" She yelled.

Suddenly, Bianca and her Staraptor shot out of the broken window. She was going to attempt to bring back the wand. The wind blew her hair back and ruffled Staraptor's feathers. "We can't let them get away!" She yelled.

"Raptor!!!" Staraptor agreed fiercely.

Right then, a Charizard shot past the duo. "Hey! What are you doing up in my neck of the woods?" Siegfried asked, holding on the dragon's neck.

"Follow that Honchkrow! It has the Wand of a Thousand Truths! It's going to the enemy!" Bianca yelled.

Siegfried looked confused. "The what?" He asked.

"Oh never mind! Just come on!!!" Bianca cried.