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Brett has been acting really weird recently. I mean, not like he doesn't usually act weird with all the studying and reading he does. But recently he's been doing it unnecessarily, even for Brett, and has started a fitness regime. It's so unlike him as he usually wouldn't do anything he doesn't like, unless I convinced him to that is.

I think he's gone insane!

I'm not really worried or anything, but it's really weirding m e out now. I mean it's halfway through the first term and Brett's still following the regime and even missing meals to study. That's seriously strange for Brett who always balances work with health.

Plus, for some really really strange reason no one else, but me has noticed. I mean, Yoko's too involved in that 'Best Karaoke Singles Ever' CD she's been asked to make, most of the teachers are busy with their marking or whatever else they do and anybody else who could possibly pay attention to Brett isn't. I don't think anybody, but Dad, Yoko, me and may be a few other teachers have really taken an interest in Brett. I mean, once you get past the work-a-holic and the responsibility he seems to carry around with him. He's actually a normal slightly hyperactive fun kid, but no one sees that. Everyone else either ignores him or teases him. I mean, I'm the only one really allowed to make fun of Brett, and I never really mean it.

I'm starting to think I'm the only sane one left in this place.

Brett (Bria)

Josh is being seriously annoying. He won't leave me alone. He constantly tries to talk to me when I'm working. He even looks over my shoulder to read the work and when I say he looks over my shoulder, he literally presses his nose to the screen and pushes me off my chair.

Doesn't he have some prank to pull or his bike to ride up and down the corridors?

Then, when I go to the library or my favourite studying spot, he comes and drags me off somewhere else. It's so annoying; the only time I get any peace is when josh is asleep.

Even if there was a possibility he had a reason to check up on me, he's doing it all wrong. He'd never succeed anyway, I'm way too cautious to allow a secret to slip as it would cause a domino stack of them to fall and escape.

Josh's probably just bored and decided to entertain himself by irritating me, especially as Yoko is so busy now. We barely see her any more. May be that's a good thing (in my case anyway), but Josh seems to be suffering. I hope he finds something else to do soon; like another dangerous sport. Some of the stuff he does is pretty cool, but Yoko probably wouldn't let me try it and Josh definitely wouldn't teach me. Although he has teased me about before, he couldn't have been serious.