Jasper's POV.

It's Christmas Eve and we're all finally happy with each other. The excitement of Alice and Rosalie is defiantly overwhelming.

"Merry Christmas everyone!" They both yelled through the house as they danced around.

"Jasper, could you at least act a little more excited?" Rosalie complained.

"Yippee!" I said trying to sound enthusiastic.

"He does this every year. At least until later in the night." Alice said chuckling.

"Oh Jesus." Rosalie said.

"Emmett? What are you doing man?" I asked confused.

"I'm trying to wrap these presents." He said.

"Want some help with that?" I asked.

"Sure." He said.

I helped him wrap presents as Alice and Rosalie giggled enthusiastically about the presents. Edward was over at Bella's for Christmas Eve.

"Okay. All the presents are wrapped." Emmett said.

"Yay! Present time." Alice said.

"Okay. I wanna give mine first!" Rosalie said.

"Alrighty."Everyone agreed.

"Well. Here is my present to Jasper." Rosalie said handing me a tiny box with a red bow on it.

I opened it and inside I found a very nice D&G watch.

"Thank you Rosalie. You really didn't have too." I said.

"Yes I did. Now here is Emmett's Present." She said handing him a slightly larger box. When he opened it up inside the box were four new X-box games.

"Thanks so much!" He said.

"Your welcome. Now here is your present Alice." She said handing Alice a bag. Inside the bag Alice found something that made her face light up.

"You bought me lingerie?" Alice said smiling.

"Mhm, and inside the card there is a gift card to Victoria's secret." Rosalie said.

"Oh my Jesus. Thank you so much Rosalie. Now to find someone to use all this on." Alice said mischievously.

"Okay I wanna go next." I said. Everyone nodded.

"Here is Emmett's gift." I said handing him a box. He opened it and found Wii fit.

"Thanks man!" Emmett said.

"You're welcome, now here is Alice's gift." I said handing her a card. Inside she found a gift card to H&M her favorite store.

"Thanks so much." Alice said.

"Your welcome, Here is Rosalie's gift." I said handing her a box. She opened it up and inside she found a ring.

"Oh my Lord. Is this?" She said curiously.

"Yes. Will you marry me?" I asked.

"Of course I will!" Rosalie said excited.

"Thank God. Do you know how hard it was to keep that secret?" Alice said.

"You knew about this?" Rosalie asked.

"Of course I did. I was the first person Jasper came to." Alice said.

"Okay. My turn." Emmett said.

"Here is Alice's Gift." He said handing her a box. When she opened it she found a lambie blanket from Bath & Body works.

"Thank you Emmett!" She said.

"Your welcome. Now here is Jasper's Gift." He said handing me a card. Inside I found a Gift card to Barnes and Nobles.

"Thank you so much!" I said.

"Mhm. Now here is Rosalie's Gift." He said. He handed Rosalie a box. Inside she found a lambie blanket as well.

"Thank you Emmett." She said.

"No problem. I guess that leaves Alice's Gifts." Emmett said.

"Okay. Here is Rosalie's Gift." She said handing Rosalie a box. When she opened it she found Lingerie.

"Thank you so much Alice." Rosalie said.

"Your welcome, Now Emmett's Gift." She said handing him a bag. Inside was a football.

"Thank you Alice." He said.

"Your welcome. Now here is Jasper's Gift." She said as she handed me a box. Inside I found a Burberry scarf.

"Thank you so much." I said.

"Your welcome." She said.

Rosalie looked at me and said "I don't know about you….but I want to try out Alice's gift."

"That sounds like a great way to end the night." I said smiling.

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