Chapter 1

First day of school, great

It was the first day of school. I always dreaded these days. All of the new classes, but the same old people that you get annoyed with. This place was full of drama and people who talk behind your back about you and started rumors. How anyone could get a good education from this place was beyond me. All I've learned so far is that people judge you only for the way you look, not who you really are.

I walked through the doors of North Adams High School. It was the same place as sophomore year and freshman year, but this was junior year. I was hoping for things to be different and hoping things could change. Well let's face it, hopes and dreams were so much different from reality.

I got to my locker trying to put in my combination. I finally got the locker open after 4 tries. I always hated locks and locks didn't seem to like me too much either. My friend Abigail came over to my locker.

"Hey Jamie," she said.

"Hi Abby," I replied.

"Another year of high school, are you ready for this," she asked.

"Umm no when have I ever been ready for high school," I replied.

"Oh come on Jamie, things could change this year."

"Things can't change over one summer Abby," I said, "I'm not keeping my hopes up this year it doesn't seem to work for me."

The bell rang.

"I'll see you later Jamie," Abby said.

"See you," I replied.

It was time for first period. I looked at my schedule to see which class I had first. I had English with Ms. Kip. What a great class to have first I hated English. Oh well at least I could get it over with. I walked to my class and picked a seat next to Alex. Alex was like a brother to me, I've known him since the third grade and he has always been there for me.

"Hey Alex," I said glad to see someone I knew in my class.

"Hey Jamie, how was your summer?" He asked.

"All I have to say is it was better than being in school, how about yours?"

"It was alright," he answered.

I opened my notebook and stared at the blank page. Then I started doodling while Ms. Kip was talking about sentence fragments or something.

There was a knock on the door. I didn't bother to look because it was probably just a faculty member. I was more into my doodles. When I was finished I admired my artwork.

"Done," I whispered to myself.

I started to twirl my curly brunette hair in my fingers. I hate English. It's so boring. I miss the summer when I could just sit at home and do nothing at all.

Finally I looked up. There was a new student in class. He had dark brown hair and was tall. Just a little bit taller than me. I wouldn't consider myself short, but I wasn't the tallest person here. He looked pretty cute. Someone all the girls would probably start crushing over. I wouldn't fall for it though because it will never ever happen.

I sighed.

"Everyone we have a new student in our class," Ms Kip announced, "His name is Christopher Owens and he has come here all the way from California."

California? Why would anyone want to come to Ohio when California was so much better?

"It's Chris," he said.

"Well Chris why don't you take a seat in the empty desk behind Jamie," Ms. Kip said.

I immediately looked at Ms. Kip when she said my name. Then I looked at Chris as he started to walk towards his seat. He smiled at me and sat in the desk behind me.

Ms. Kip began her lecture on sentence fragments again. I started to doodle on my notebook, shading and coloring some parts with my black pen. I looked up at the clock. It was 8:35.

"Five more minutes," I thought to myself.

I sighed. Why can't the time go by faster? Maybe it's because I'm not having fun. Well who cares I wasn't going to start having fun. This class was never going to get fun. I looked at my notebook page. The whole paper was filled with little doodles.

I jumped as the bell rang because I wasn't paying any attention.

I started to get my books together. Then my notebook fell on the floor. I went to grab it when someone's hand was already on my notebook.

I looked up at Chris who was holding my notebook out for me to grab it.

"Here," Chris said.

"Thanks," I replied.

"No problem, nice drawings by the way," he said.


I stood up and started to walk.

"Wait what's your next class?" Chris asked.

I took out my schedule and turned around, "Art."

He chuckled.

"That's ironic," he said as he looked at my notebook.

"Yup," I replied.

I started to walk again.

"Well hey I have that too. You think you can show me where it is?" he asked.

I stopped and turned around again, "Umm I guess so."


We both walked down the hallway together. I waited for him to say something. He didn't so I figured I would start the talking.

"So do you like to draw or something?" I asked him.

"I like painting. In California I used to paint a lot. To keep me busy I guess," he responded, "What about you? Or do you just stick to the doodling?"

I chuckled.

"No I don't just doodle. I like sketching actually."

"Are you any good?" he asked.

"That's for you to decide," I said.

We walked down the first hallway and down the stairs.

"So why did you come to Ohio? I mean California is so much better," I said.

He paused for a moment, "Well my dad, he got a new job here in Ohio. I guess it was something better, but I wouldn't know he's always at work and never home. I barely talk to him."

"So you would still like to be in California?"

"Sort of, but Ohio seems to be nice too," he said grinning and looking at me.

"You said you barely talk to your dad," I commented.

"Umm yeah my dad is all into his job. That's great and all because it brings in the money, but I mean he could make some time for his family too, you know," he responded.


We finally reached the art room. Mr. Rivera talked to Chris and I sat down into my seat. I didn't really know anyone in this class so I didn't sit with anyone. Which could mean Chris would sit next to me again. At least I would now know someone.

Mr. Rivera directed Chris to the seat next to me of course. He sat down and looked at me and smiled. I smiled back at him.

Our project for today was to either draw or paint a picture of a certain landscape. This was probably my favorite class. Drawing was a really important part of me.

I started to draw a picture of a snowy mountain. I sketched out the outlining of the mountain and put a couple of trees around the mountain landscape. I glanced over at Chris's painting. His painting was of a forest in the fall. The colors he used really fit well with the landscape he chose. He was an amazing artist. I looked back at mine and frowned as I realized that he was so much better than me.

"Wow, yours looks really good," Chris said to me.

I looked up at him then back at my drawing.

"It's not that great. Not as good as yours that's for sure," I replied.

"Maybe, but I still think yours is great."

He smiled and flashed his white teeth.

I started to feel my heart beat faster.

"Thanks," I managed to say.

I went back to my drawing and started to shade in the different spots where I thought it would need shading. When I was almost finished I looked back at Chris's painting and admired at how beautiful it was. Then I looked back up at his face, concentrating on his painting. He was really cute and I was the first one that he talked to. He seemed really talented too and liked things that I liked.

He looked at me and realized that I was staring at him. I turned back to my drawing and started to blush.

"So, what's your family like?" he asked.

I wasn't paying attention to him. I suddenly turned back to him and tried to think.


"Sorry I don't mean to be nosy or anything," he interrupted.

"No it's ok," I explained, "Well my mom is great I mean she's really talented. She paints and she sells some of her paintings for money, but she does have another job so we're not poor. I guess you can say that's where I got my talents from."

He chuckled.

"And your dad?"

"Umm… well my dad left my mom and I when I was only two so I don't really know much about him."

"Oh…I'm sorry I'm being nosy aren't I," he replied.

"No you're not being nosy. I don't mind it."

I smiled at him and he smiled back. I started to stare into his eyes. They were blue which I never noticed before.

The bell rang.

I jumped out of my seat again, alarmed by the bell. I looked at Chris again.

"What do you have now?" I asked him.

He took out his schedule.

"Umm physics," he shrugged, "I hate physics."

I laughed.

"I know what you mean."

He smiled at me, "How about you?"

"Oh um…. Ugh I have home economics," I answered, "I may be good at drawing, but I suck at cooking."

He laughed.

"I'll see you later than. When do you have lunch?" he asked.

"sixth period you?"

"Sixth," he smiled hopefully, "I guess I'll see you at lunch then. Unless you have other plans for lunch then I guess I can sit alone."

"No I don't have any plans. Sit with us I'm sure my friends won't mind."

"Ok see you at lunch."


I turned around and walked towards my home economics class. I started to smile and blushed. Then I looked back and saw Chris staring at me with a smile on his face.

Maybe this would be a good school year after all.