The Talk

A/N- This is a take off of what I think would have happened in the baby Princes room if Susan had been allowed time to explain where babies come from to her older brother. Taken from the deleted scene "The Nursery" in the Prince Caspian 3 Disk Collectors Edition, which I now own thanks to my mom and my upcoming birthday.


Susan and Peter ran down the dark hall looking for Miraz's room without success.

"Peter, maybe we should just forget about it. We should go back to our troops and help them. This doesn't need to be done now," Susan said as they came to a fork in the way.

"No, this has to be done now. Miraz has taken everything away from Narnia, now it's my turn to take away everything from him. Come on, lets keep looking," Peter replied sharply as they turned right. They went down a few stairs and walked forward a few feet until they came to a large wooden door with a crown in the high center. "This must be it. Ready?"

Susan nodded. With that, Peter slammed the door open and raised his sword high to attack as Susan readied her bow and arrows. When they got in through the door into the room, there was nothing there but a baby crib. They were in a nursery. The two siblings walked forward towards the crib and looked into it. They were looking into the face of the "heir" to the Telmarine throne, King Miraz's son.

"Where did that come from?" Peter asked, looking a little disgusted.

Susan just looked at him. "Mum never had that talk with you? Well, when a man and a woman love each other very much, and they are usually married, they start to kiss and--"

"I know where it came from! God Susan, I don't need you to give me "The Talk" right now. I mean, we are in the middle of a battle, and we have to find Miraz's room! Come on." And with a huff, Peter whirled around and exited the nursery. Susan could have sworn she heard him muttering to himself "don't know where it came from, ha! I know where they come from. Yes, Mum had that talk with me. When I was like, thirteen! Don't know my a--"

Susan followed her disgruntled brother out of the room, making sure to close the door quietly so as not to wake the little baby who was sleeping peacefully and so the guards weren't told of their whereabouts. Just before she closed it though, she looked back at the sleeping baby and whispered "Good night" to the baby before following her brother out into the dark and into a battle that could be her last time on this earth, if the mission failed.