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Pt.1:Snow Day!

Edward and the other's had to go away hunting but Carlisle was staying behind because he had a shift at the hospital the night they left. The would not return until the middle of Saturday night, and it was now Saturday morning. Edward gave him a job. Babysitting Bella. Charlie was already gone when Carlisle pulled the mercedes up. It was snowing quite heavily out.

Carlisle got out and knocked on the door. He heard a faint "coming!" and the door opened to reveal a very excited Bella. She was jumping up and down like a three year old with a glossy look in her eyes. Carlisle stared at her in shock.

"Bella?"he asked.

"Good morning Carlisle!"she screamed. "Come in!!!!!"

"Um...thank you."said Carlisle.

She ran inside and into the kitchen but she ran into a wall. Carlisle caught her before she fell back and hit her head.

"Whoops."said Bella. "He he I am so clumsy!"

"Yes."said Carlisle. "Please be more careful Bella."

"Sorry."she said. She pouted a little and Carlisle sighed.

"It's okay Bella."


"Bella are you okay?"asked Carlisle.

"Yes!!"she trilled.

"What did you ear for breakfast?"he asked warily.

Bella hesitated. "Eight poptarts and a bucket of ice cream."

"Bella why aren't you sick?"asked Carlisle.

"Ah! No! I don't want to go to the hospital!"screamed Bella. "DONT MAKE ME GO!"

"Bella,you don't have to go anywhere."said Carlisle.

"So you mean I can't go play outside in the snow at your house?"asked Bella.

"I thought you did not like snow."said Carlisle.

"Oh that is the old Bella! Make way for the new one!"

"Good gracious."muttered Carlisle.


Carlisle managed to shove a very excited Bella into the mercedes and back to the house without anything going terribly wrong. Bella was already in her snow suit and screaming to go play in it. She got out of the car as soon as it stopped moving and ran behind the house and dived into a pile of snow taller than she was. Most likely made by Emmett due to it's extreme size.

Then she got stuck in it. "Carlisle!"she yelled.

"What is it Bella?"he asked.

"I'm stuck."she whined. "Get me outta here!"

"It's okay Bella."soothed Carlisle. "I'll get you out of there."

"Thanks."said Bella.

Carlisle came and put his arms under hers and pulled her free from the giant pile of snow.

"Better?"he asked.

"Yes,thanks!"said Bella. "SNOW BALL FIGHT!"

Carlisle felt the wet snow hit his face and sighed to himself.


"Snow. Ball. Fight. Now." demanded Bella. "Please?"

"Why not..."

"Sweet."said Bella.


So they had a snowball fight. Carlisle did not really participate because he was afraid of hurting Bella so for one hour he let her repeatedly throw snow balls at his face. Bella found this highly amusing that he stood there not moving while she repeatedly hit his face with snow balls. He was smiling slightly at her giggling. He found it really cute. (a/n:cute as in awww little two year old cute!)

"Carlisle I'm cold..."said Bella.

"Right let's go inside."said Carlisle.

"My feet are all numb."said Bella angrily. "Why are they all numb Carlisle, WHY?!"

"Most likely they are frozen Bella."said Carlisle.

"Well...I knew that!"huffed Bella.

She walked forward and fell, so Carlisle picked her up and carried her into the house before she could further injure herself or get colder. Now she would probably get a cold. He wondered if he should of made her wear gloved over her gloves and socks over her socks. Of course socks are so overrated so why not shorts over her socks?

She ran upstairs and changed into her pajamas because she would be staying the night so she figured putting on your pajamas twelve hours before you went to bed would not hurt. She ran back down the stairs again and was still shivering.

"Carlisle?"she asked.


"Could you turn the heat up higher?"asked Bella.

"It is up as high as it can go."said Carlisle. "Here."

He held up the blanket from the back of the chair he was sitting on. Bella walked over and he wrapped it around her.

"Thanks."said Bella.

"So you got all of the hypers out?"asked Carlisle amusedly.

"Yea and a stomach ache..."said Bella. "I do not know what got into me this morning."

"Eight poptarts and a bucket of ice cream."said Carlisle.

Bella rolled her eyes. "hahaha doctor you are so funny, I fear I may die of laughter."

"Well now don't do that Bella."said Carlisle. "Go lay down on the couch."

"Ah! If you are going to go all doctor on me take a step back!"said Bella. "Back back back and WAY back!"

"So you want to get sick?"asked Carlisle.

"Just give me something for it!"said Bella.

"What if I give you the wrong thing?"asked Carlisle advancing on her.

Bella backed up. "I don't wanna a doctor!"

She tripped and fell on the couch and could not escape her blanket. She screamed as Carlisle hugged her. "Silly Bella."

"I hate doctors!"said Bella.

Carlisle put on mock hurt. "You hate me?"

"Well no...you are my second dad... but I hate it when you go all doctor on me!"whined Bella.

"Fine then I'll get you some medication to settle your stomach."said Carlisle.

"Good, because if you did not get away I was going to barf on you, HA!"

"Bella...working as an ER doctor I have had tonnes of kids barf on me."said Carlisle.

Bella giggled then full out laughed at him. She was rolling on the couch and laughing so hard it was not funny."HAHA you suck!"

"Bella..."said Carlisle.

"Barfy McBarfington!"

"Bella stop moving..."said Carlisle. "You're unsettling your stomach!"

"HAHAHAHAHA!"screamed Bella in delight. "Uhhhh...I do not feel so good."

"Told you so."muttered Carlisle.

Alright here in the first chapter in a series of times where Carlisle 'babysits' Bella. The next one will be a Summer day and they are swimming in the Cullen's pool (YES THE CULLENS HAVE A POOL) well I dont know that SM never said otherwise though.

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