FASH: Well, here we are at the end of Wild, I hope you all enjoyed this Tarzan-esqu tribute to Shin/Sena. The epilogue isn't too long, and the end is kind of cheesy, but I hope it makes you smile anyways.



Sena stretched his arms up over his head, careful not to go too far in fear that Shin would see and go out of his mind with worry that Sena might open up his wound again, even though it had mostly healed over by now.

Over the past week Hiruma had forced Sena to stay in bed even though the brunette was certain that he was more than capable of walking around without hurting himself. He suspected it was just a scheme thought up by Hiruma to make him seem more injured than he actually was so that Lady Shin wouldn't be able to bear any ill will against him without feeling guilty for it. Of course, the drawback of that was everyone else also thought he was in a worse condition, and they ended up worrying about him more than they should have.

Shin had been particularly insistent on staying at Sena's side while he was bedridden and Takami was more than happy to cancel his lessons to give the both of them plenty of time together.

Suzuna had come around for short visits several times a day, although she hardly attempted to make conversation. Usually she'd just observe Sena and Shin for a while with an all-knowing smile before she got back to her chores.

'Thankfully that's all over now. It feels so good to be able to stretch out my legs again.' Sena smiled lightly as he made his way downstairs, pausing when a familiar set of quick footsteps headed his way.

Shin appeared from the hallway, wildly looking around for a moment before his eyes locked on Sena, who calmly rose a hand and waved at him.

"Sena!" Shin rushed down five steps and stopped at Sena's level, worriedly looking him over. "You shouldn't go off by yourself, Hiruma said you only just became well enough to walk!"

"Seijuro, I feel fine." Sena replied, touched at the amount Shin worried over him.

"You might feel fine, but what if the pain came back while you were walking down the stairs? Even if it's improbable, I can't help but worry."

Sena bit back the need to coo at Shin's adorably protective side. "Well, what do you suggest I do then?"

Shin unceremoniously scooped Sena up into his arms and began to descend the stairs.

"S-Seijuro! This really isn't necessary." Sena weakly protested with a blush as Shin reached the ground level and gently began to maneuver Sena onto his own feet.

"Of course it is." Shin replied stubbornly before a flash of concern lit up his face. "Unless doing that hurt you. Did it? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to!"

"Seijuro, calm down, you didn't hurt me." Sena leaned up on his toes to give Shin a soft kiss for extra reassurance. "But you really don't need to carry me everywhere we go, I'm not going to break."

Shin looked about ready to protest but Sena calmly pressed a finger against his lips to silence him.

"If it makes you feel better, you can escort me around whenever I go anywhere, okay?"

Shin nodded, satisfied that Sena would constantly be in his sights in case anything troubling occurred.

"That being said, would you mind going for a walk outside with me? I've been cooped up inside so long I've forgotten what fresh air is like."

Shin nodded, but at the same time his eyebrows furrowed with worry. "Would you like me to grab you a jacket?"

"No, I'll be fine. Besides, it's only a short walk." Sena held out a hand expectantly, smiling brightly when Shin took a hold of it only half a second later.

The air outside was cool and crisp, a welcome difference that Sena wanted to take advantage of for as long as he could until he was brought back to the almost stale air of his room.

They wandered around the grounds several silent minutes, walking along one of the fenced enclosures before Shin stilled, a thought striking him.

"Hiruma told me to invite him to our wedding."

Sena flushed lightly and his fingers twitched in Shin's grip. "Really?" He cast a quick glance around, wondering what had brought this sudden conversation up.

'Well, I don't see Hiruma anywhere...'

"A wedding, that is what mother wanted me to have before, right?" Shin asked curiously and Sena nodded, noticing a familiar coal black mare out of the corner of his eye and flushing even more.

'Wait, wasn't it around here that Seijuro asked me what a bride was?'

"So when mother wanted me to have a bride, she also wanted me to have a wedding?"

"Well, yes..."

"And you said a bride and groom love each other a lot, right?"

Sena smiled sweetly. "Yes, and I do love you a lot."

"So when are we going to get married?"

Sena took a deep breath to calm himself down after the rather informal proposal he just seemed to have received. "Well, uh... I'm only fifteen right now."

Shin cocked his head to the side curiously. "Is that too young?"

"Well, technically yes..." Sena trailed off when Shin slumped in defeat, as though the information was a crushing blow to him. "But I think that if we get my parent's consent, my marriageable age would be sixteen."

Shin nodded to himself thoughtfully before asking: "Are you still feeling well?"

"Yes, why?"

"Let's go meet with your parents."

Sena, feeling oddly giddy as Shin began leading him away, vaguely wondered if anyone would protest to them having a winter wedding.

No one did, although to be honest when they told Seijuro's parents about their plan, after getting the consent of Sena's parents, Lady Shin had proceeded to choke at the mere mention of marriage. Lord Shin had worriedly patted her on the back to clear out her lungs.

"I-I'm alright... But are you certain you're ready to be married in just a few months?" She asked incredulously and Shin, probably under the impression that she wasn't going to agree with their idea and would throw a fit, instinctively moved so that Sena was mostly behind him.

"As ready as I'll ever be." Sena responded, stepping to the side so that Shin wasn't shielding him, and thus showing blatant favouritism.

"Well then, I supposed I'd better get started." Lady Shin mused as she looked upwards, tapping her chin in thought and thankfully not reacting to Shin's protective nature.

"Started? But it's months away."

"My dear child, weddings take ages to plan, come along with me now." She stepped forward and clasped Sena's hand, thinking aloud as she began leading him away. "A wedding in the winter, how untraditional. But I suppose that it will be easier to book and order things this way, since we won't have any other couples to compete with."

Sena followed after her, dumbfounded, and he could just tell that Shin, who was trailing behind them, was wearing a similar expression.

'Has she just accepted the inevitable, or is she just really excited about planning out a wedding?'

Maybe it was a bit of both, she had been neutral to him as of late, not really nice, but not anything like how she used to be to him.

He and Shin were ushered into the study and were instructed to sit down before Lady Shin peacefully began to explain seemingly everything there was to know about weddings.

The past year had certainly been the strangest time of his life, especially the tail end of it.

'But,' He mused as he reached out for Shin's hand, unable to hold back his smile when Shin eagerly took hold of the appendage. 'I wouldn't change a thing.'