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This is the end of my little "what if" alternative to Eclipse. (Sorry it's so short, but I thought it seemed like an appropriate ending and allows the story to continue as SM wrote it) I hope you've enjoyed it!


But hold your breath
Because tonight will be the night
That I will fall for you over again
Don't make me change my mind

Or I won't live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find
You're impossible to find.

Fall for You, Secondhand Serenade


I smiled as Edward said Alice was thinking of her Porsche.

He noticed my smile and traced his finger over my lips. "I really missed you." He murmured.

"Not as much as I missed you." I countered.

He put his finger under my chin, tilting it up and his eyes smoldering with intensity as our eyes met. "That's not possible." He said firmly.

I could read the earnestness in his eyes. He really believed his feelings to be stronger and more intense than mine. I even knew why he was so stubbornly convinced of this: because he was a vampire and everything was intensified. Did he really mean to discredit my feelings that much? Did he really believe I couldn't possibly love him as much as he loved me? That I wasn't committing myself completely to my love for him? I drew a sharp breath as I thought about the last argument; I couldn't honestly throw that into the mix because I knew I had hurt him when I snuck off to meet Jacob before. I know that he thought it was because he wasn't enough, but that wasn't what my intentions had been. I loved Edward, nothing would change that.

Edward seemed concerned when he noticed me draw a sharp breath. "I know you love me Bella, I'm not discounting that." He said quickly, obviously trying to make amends to me. He watched numerous feelings flicker across my face. As I watched his expression, I knew that the variety of emotions I was feeling, from guilt and sadness to anger and hurt, were showing on my face. I knew it was killing him not being able to read my mind and know what was causing the changing emotions he saw on my face. I decided that this was the time to change the subject, to avoid hurting either one of us or making one of us angry.

"You didn't have it that bad while you were gone. I had to stay here with all of the reminders of you, reminding me how much I missed you." I sighed.

"That's not even true and you know it." He replied swiftly, not missing a beat. "Besides, I thought it would be comforting for you, to be here, sleeping in my room." He added.

"That reminds me, why did you feel it necessary to get this ginormous bed?" I asked, lightening the mood a little.

"I couldn't very well have you sleeping on a couch. Besides, it would be nearly impossible for us to be like this on a couch." He pointed out. "And I think it's a very nice bed." He smiled.

"I think it's a nice bed too, unnecessary, but nice." I said defensively, "even if it is yet another of your over-the-top attempts to keep me 'normal'." I said, stressing the last word as if it created a bad taste in my mouth. "Besides, that couch is amazingly comfortable too and you know it."

"For someone who thinks it's a nice bed, you're not showing much appreciation." He teased. "Besides, I already told you that this would be difficult on a couch." He said as he rolled over until he was hovering just over me. He kissed my neck and along my jaw, causing my heart to beat embarrassingly loud as he reached my lips and I hungrily kissed him. This was about the moment when he would pull away, when I became a little too eager and pushed his strict rules. However, this time he didn't pull away, instead he kissed me harder. Maybe he'd rethought all his careful rules. Maybe there was more significance to this bed than I'd originally guessed.

"Did you change your mind?" I asked breathlessly…my heart pounded almost painfully as I waited for his answer.

Edward sighed, rolling back so that we were on our sides again.

"Don't be ridiculous, Bella," he said…clearly, he understood what I meant. (Eclipse)

I grumbled quietly beside him and he shook his head sternly in reply to my unintelligent sounds. "It's too dangerous."

"I like danger," I insisted.

"I know." There was a sour edge to his voice. "Goodnight Bella."


"Go to sleep." He said and placed a kiss on my forehead and then started to hum my lullaby. I knew I was getting no further, so I resigned myself to snuggling closer to my marble Adonis and breathed in his scent as I drifted to sleep.


So I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait, I'm sure
There's no need to complicate, our time is short
This is our fate, I'm yours

I'm Yours, Jason Mraz


The End! :) Thanks for reading! I hope you liked it!