The Spaniard's Secret Girlfriend

Summary: Sara "Saitori" Lopez learns that Miguel just might have a girlfriend and she's livid! She saw him first, and she was much hotter than the pink haired tart, Matilda. But then she learnt the hard way that Matilda wasn't his girlfriend...

Pairings: Miguel/Kai

Disclaimer: I don't own the Anime Beyblade or any character associated. I do own Sara "Saitori" Lopez. She is an original character and all likeness to people living or dead is purely coincidental. This character is not based on anyone else's character design, again if any likeness, it's purely coincidental.

Warnings: Kai is a girl in this story. A bit of swearing involved by the OC and Kai with one word near the end. The use and introduction of a female Original Character. Any fans of OCs and OC pairings should leave now. Anti-OC pairings and blatant bashing of my own character. I created her; I can do what I want with her. And I plan to.

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Saitori stood still, her body tense and ready to battle. She didn't know who this Kai girl thought she was, but if she thought she could get away scot free with not only insulting her, mocking her and threatening her, but also attacking her for no reason, she's got another thing coming!

"Ready?" she asked as a confident smirk appeared on her lips.

Kai simply narrowed her eyes at her, not moving an inch.

A sense of agitation appeared in Saitori's chest and she gritted her teeth at how Kai didn't seem to be taking her seriously. Won't she be in for a shock when she kicked her ass all over the park? This battle will be one of the sweetest ones for her to date.

After she finished kicking Kai's ass, there was no doubt in Saitori's mind that Miguel would find her irritable and come crawling to her. Guys love girls who are tough, sassy and fiery; and what better way to show her spitfire spirit then by beating the crap out of his supposedly perfect girlfriend?

Then, without warning, Saitori sprung forward, moving with incredible speed. She raised her hand, curling the fingers into a fist and thrust it forward, aiming to knock that irritatingly blank look off her face with a single, but powerful blow from her fist.

But Kai blocked her physical attack very easily, raising her arm in a defence stance, Saitori's fist colliding with her forearm rather than her chin where she had intended. Saitori furrowed her brow in a sense of annoyance and dissatisfaction, indignant that her attack was blocked. She set herself to spring back to try another angle, however she found it impossible when Kai lifted her other arm to grab her wrist, holding her still. Then, she lifted a knee with such speed that Saitori didn't see it coming until Kai threw out her leg and her foot collided with Saitori's stomach.

Once again, Saitori felt the wind being knocked out of her and she landed on her butt, a good few feet away. She gasped and wheezed loudly as she clutched her stomach with her hands, a trickle of sweat dripping down her temple.

What just happened?

Saitori looked up just in time to see Kai drop her leg to the ground and took another menacing step forward, her eyes hard and focused in her direction.

Despite having a slender body, it was obviously that Kai was powerful physically as she sent Saitori flying to the ground a few feet away with a single kick to the stomach. And she was fast, too! She didn't see it coming.

This cannot be happening. There was no way Saitori was about to let herself lose to this abusive slut.

"You bitch," Saitori wheezed as she wrapped an arm around her side, her previous injuries playing up again. "Miguel should be with me, not a trashy little tramp like you."

Kai's eyes suddenly flashed dangerously and she slowly began to walk over to her, her hands curled into white knuckled fists by her sides, so tense that they did not move or sway with the motion of her body as she walked.

"Kai, no," Miguel said as he suddenly took a step forward and snared her wrist in his hand, succeeding in stopping her dead in her tracks. He took another step forward and pulled Kai backwards, her back against his chest as he wrapped an arm around her neck and rested his cheek on the side of her head, his lips brushing against her ear. "She's not worth it."

The dangerous fire in Kai's eyes dimmed as Miguel continued to whisper softly into her ear, but she still wore an expression of pure irritation on her face. "Yeah, I know," she said after a moment and her body relaxed somewhat.

She suddenly touched her forehead and gave a weary and exasperated sigh. "Yeah, I'm alright, just check on Mattie."

Reluctantly, Miguel slowly uncurled his arms from around Kai's body, seemingly ready to latch onto her again if she should lunge forward, wanting to unleash from more physically carnage.

"Kai," he said, but she simply waved him off.

"I won't do anything dramatic," she said as she walked over to Saitori, who was still sitting on the ground. "I'm just going to give her a few words of advice."

The corner of Miguel's mouth twitched into a smile and he nodded, before quickly making his way over to the young pink-haired girl's side, who was clearly shaken by the whole event. Matilda had such a gentle soul; she hated violence, unnecessary or otherwise.

Saitori tried to climb to her feet as Kai approached, but could go no further than to her knees as he back hurt, her stomach hurt, her head hurt, heck, her entire body ached and pained like she had never experienced before.

"Are you done?" Kai asked as she approached, standing tall to loom over her in a very intimidating manner.

Saitori felt very small and vulnerable being on the ground like this, though she tried not to show it by narrowing her eyes into a glare, her lips pulled into a frown. She would be defiant, no matter what would happen.

Surely, Miguel could see that Kai was a very violent and bitchy young woman? He was making a mistake choosing her.

Kai's eyes suddenly narrowed, appearing as if she just read Saitori's thoughts of self denial. She just couldn't see that she had lost this battle. It wasn't much of a battle to begin with as Saitori didn't even have an inkling of a chance with Miguel. It all came from her warped imagination.

The moment she stepped foot into this quaint little village, Matilda and Miguel had warned her to watch out for this girl, Saitori. Mattie didn't like her in the least, but she was less vocal about her dislike than what Miguel was. He told her plain and simple that he didn't like her, he thought she was a bitch and that he was annoyed that she seemed to be obsessed with him. But what really angered him the most was the way she treated his teammates as if they were not worthy to lick the bottom of her boots.

Ever since Kai had started dating Miguel, she had become close with all his teammates, Matilda in particular as the young girl latched onto her as if she was her older sibling.

Miguel had reassured her that Saitori wasn't a threat to their relationship and Kai believed him. When she first bumped into her earlier today, it just set Miguel's words in stone. He was right; Saitori was nothing short of an abusive, egotistical, loud mouth bitch.

Ok, so they weren't Miguel's exact words, but she knew what he meant. He was too polite sometimes.

Kneeling down to Saitori's level, Kai leaned forward so she was right in her face. "If I ever catch you anywhere near him again, I will set those chicken fillets of yours on fire," she said, indicating to her breasts that were comically out of line and shape. "And if you dare insult Matilda again, I will take great pleasure in choking you to death with that white belt of yours, do you understand?"

"You can't threaten me!" Saitori exclaimed as she scooted back and struggled to fix up her bra, sorting it out and pushing everything back into place.

"Yes I can," Kai said, her voice once again reverting to that scarily calm and threatening tone she used earlier in the day. "I just did. And don't think I won't follow through with the threats."

Saitori sneered at her, her mouth opening to fire out a heated retort, but gave a whimper of surprise when Kai brazenly grabbed her by the hair. "I will punch your fucking head in," she whispered threateningly low, her voice balanced and dangerously calm.

"Kai," Miguel's voice caused Kai to pull back, letting go of Saitori's hair and watching as she fell on her butt again, a look of shock and fear on her face. "Let's just go. There is no point in staying around here anymore."

Yeah, there wasn't any point anymore. Saitori was obviously a very stubborn person, and it will take more than a severe beating and several colourful threats to get her point across that Miguel was simply out of her league.

Kai took to her feet and turned around, presenting her back to the injured girl on the ground. She turned her eyes to Miguel, who in turn had his hands resting on the shoulders of Matilda, who appeared to be a little frightened. "Ok," she said in a soft, reassuring tone. "Let's go."

Miguel gave her a smile and nodded, letting Kai walk over to him and Matilda before they all turned their back on Saitori and walked out of the picnic area, heading to another place where they could hang out together, just the three of them.

"Are you alright, Matilda?" Kai asked the smaller and younger female, her eyes trailing over her body in a sisterly manner. Ever since the first moment she started dating Miguel, Matilda had become the little sister she never had. She was cute and adorably sweet. She simply can't imagine why anyone would call her a bitch, let alone hate her.

Then again, it was obvious that Saitori had a few screws loose.

"I'm fine," Matilda said in a reassuring voice as she stepped away from Miguel's gentle hands and lifted her hands from her side as if to show them that she really was alright. "She didn't do anything to hurt me."

Kai continued to eye her critically, her inner anger growing when she realized that Matilda was covered in a light layer of dirt, succeeding in ruining her pretty little dress that suited her so well. "She ruined your dress," she said, a twitch in her eye.

She had the right state of mind to march back to that picnic area and demand that Saitori buy her a new one or pay for it to be cleaned properly.

"It'll wash out," Matilda replied quickly, picking up the corner of the dress and brushing off some of the dirt and grass. "See, it's coming off already."

Kai wasn't exactly satisfied, but she dropped the subject as it was obviously Matilda didn't want her to do anything about it. "So that's who you were talking about?" she instead asked, turning her attention to Miguel and then back to Matilda.

"Yeah," Miguel said with an exasperated sight. "Her name is Saitori."

"I know," Kai said with a sadistic little grin on her lips. "I encountered her earlier."

Matilda gasped softly in surprise. "You did?"

"When did this happen?" Miguel asked as he tilted his head to the side in question.

"Not too long ago, actually," she quickly answered, her eyes rolling as she recalled their first encounter. She knew immediately that she was the girl they warned her about.

Miguel didn't warn her because he feared that she was a threat, he warned her because he was fearful that Saitori might do something to royally piss her off and hence, getting her into trouble when she attacked her in a fury.

"What happened?"

"Not much," Kai shrugged as she shook her head at all the petty insults and demands that were made. "I just thought it was hilarious that she considered herself a threat to this relationship."

Miguel laughed as he walked over and pulled Kai into his arms once again, his grin widening when he heard Matilda giggle softly behind him. "A bit conceded, wasn't she?"

"No obnoxious little brat like her will ever be good enough for someone like you," Kai said as she rested her head on his shoulder, snuggling into his arms. These arms were for her, and her alone, to snuggle into. She won't allow anyone else to interfere.

"That's right," Miguel replied as he rested his against her hair, his arms pulling her closer against him. "I already have the perfect, most amazing woman with me now, why would I settle for the bottom of the barrel?"

Kai gave a laugh, a light blush on her cheeks due to the compliment and leaned back to give Miguel a soft kiss to the lips. "I love you," she whispered, her voice soft and warm.

And an equally soft smile appeared on Miguel's lips. "I love you, too."