Parings-Carlisle and other character(s), Edward and Bella, Emmett and Rosalie, Alice and Jasper.

Full Summary: Brooke Jeffers, a 19 year old girl, hopeful to someday become a doctor, finds an available job as a doctor's assistant. She applies for the job, not even knowing that the doctor is the gorgeous Dr. Carlisle Cullen. She instantly finds herself interested in him, and he flirts with her as well. Soon, she finds she's in love. But there's only a few problems. One, he's her boss, two...he's several years older than her, and three, he's already seeing someone. Brooke wants to be with him terribly, and thinks that he might love her back. This story tells what happens in their relationship.

A/N-I randomly came up with the idea for this story one day, but didn't exactly know what to do with Esme. I like Esme too much to have Carlisle cheat on her, divorce her, or have her die. Therefore, in this story, Esme has never existed.

Also, I know there aren't a lot of Carlisle fics around, and I'm sorry that this story will center around him and not completely focus on Edward. Trust me, I love Edward, but he's not an extremely essential part to this story.

I may also make up city and college names that aren't actually real.

Lastly, there are a few Breaking Dawn details that will not be possible in this story.

***Do not continue reading this if you had not read Breaking Dawn yet...spoliers below.***

Renesme has not, and never will exist in this story, but the mehtod through which Renesme existed may be possible in some form later on in the story. Since Renesme does not exist, Jacob obviously did not imprint on her.

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And please, deal with me if i mess up some medical stuff in this story. I don't plan on becoming a doctor someday, therefore I don't exactly know how a hospital is run. So if i go totally of the wall on something, I'm sorry, and please help me out by telling me in the comments. "Hey Hazl, that's wrong." Thanks.

Spoilers-There could be possible spoilers from all four books.

Warnings-I have a tendency to spell Carlisle's name wrong, because I pronounce it wrong on purpose. I pronounce it Charles lee. I have no idea how i got that out of Carlisle...but sometimes, due to my way of pronouncing his name, I accidentally spell it Carlslie. So it's still the same's just me being stupid.

I also have a tendency to be slightly anti-Jacob. I try not to be too bad, but I do poke fun at him often. I'm going to try to mention him as little as possible, cause he's a very unessential part to this story. When I do mention him though, be warned that I will probably be making fun of him somehow.

I also do not write SC in my stories, it's something I have never done. Therefore, if something occurs in which SC is needed, I hint towards it rather than describing it in detail. If you are confused as to what just went down at any point in time, let me know and I will tell you.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this fan fiction as much as I did writing it!

Chapter 1

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew what I wanted to do with my future.

I wanted to save lives.

Lives, like those of my parents, who both died too young, leaving me orphaned.

Lives, like that of my Grandmother, who became my greatest friend.

Therefore, it made perfect sense to me what profession I was going to go into.

I was going to be a doctor.

I didn't ever consider another option.

My parents died in a car accident when I was only two years old. Afterwords...I moved to Seattle to live with my grandparents. I had barely any memories of my parents to rely on, and no siblings, younger or older, to comfort me. I was too young at the time to really even understand the concept of death.

My grandmother died eight years later. I may have been only ten, but I remember being so mad that the doctors didn't try everything in their power to save her. That was even more encouragement to me to become a that someday I could save some little girl's grandmother.

I technically wasn't unpopular in high school. I had my share of popular and unpopular friends. Sports were not exactly my field of expertise, but I was a cheerleader throughout my high school years. I don't think I ever would have had a problem getting a date, for some reason the guys at my high school followed me around like they didn't have anything better to do. Sure I dated a few guys, but it was not really on my list of priorities. Going out on a date meant wasting time that could be spent studying, and I didn't want to have the added stress of dating to my life. Not worrying about who to date paid off, because I got accepted to Seattle University.

So I lived with my Grandfather until just last year, when I moved out on my own, and purchased an apartment. My Grandfather, even though he's now retired, is very, very rich. He was a successful doctor himself, and thinks he needs to buy me everything. So in order to prove to him that I could take care of myself, I wanted to find a job. I had worked at a nearby restaurant as a waitress, but the job was not appeling to me. I wanted to do something medical related, but nothing was coming up.

Until one day, when I saw an ad in the paper, stating that at the small hospital in Forks, a position for the doctor's assistant was open. I thought it seemed like a very logical job for me to try for, so I got an application. We were supposed to be interviewed, so I made sure to dress up nice, and I checked to make sure that I had put enough gas in the car.

I was expecting there to be a decent amount of people applying for the job, and I knew that it was highly unlikely that I would ever be lucky enough to get it. But as I pulled into the small, old parking lot of the Forks Hospital, my eyes grew wide in shock.

There was a line, all the way from the large front doors, up to the third row of waiting cars in the parking lot.

Surely..this many people were not here to apply for the job. I considered the possibility of a blood drive going on, or a celebrity stopping here for charity work, in order to calm myself down a bit.

The parking lot was nearly full, and I had to pull into a spot that was located way in the back, next to a shiny black Mercedes. I put the car in park, and took a deep breath, before I straightened out the wrinkles in my black skirt, and my fancy red tank top. I had left my hair down, and I pushed it over my shoulders in order to frame my face. I reached over into the passenger seat and picked up my application. I opened the door carefully, trying not to put a dent in the picture-perfect car beside me.

I still could not believe the size of the line leading into the hospital. I tried looking over the heads of the hundreds of people, trying to see if there was a way through. Thank goodness, I found a hole, and I tried my best to squeeze through the line.

As I did so...I had so many people yelling at me...telling me to wait my turn...and get out of their way. I ignored them, as I continued to push through the line, until I ran into a girl with a strawberry-blonde pony tail.

"Watch it blondie! This is my spot, no cuts!" She shouted, then suddenly her facial expression changed. "Brooke Jeffers?"

Seeing her face, I suddenly recognized her. I had seen this girl around campus, we had some courses together actually, but I had never talked to her before. In fact...I wasn't even certain I knew her name,

"Yeah....that's me."

She smiled apologetically. "Sorry for yelling at you like that. You don't know how many people have tried to cut me in line today already."

"Not a problem. I wasn't horribly offended."I said, offering her a smile as well. "What is this line for?"

She laughed. "As if you don't know!"

"I don't." I said plainly. I had no idea what this girl was talking about...and I still had no idea what her name was.

"This is the line for the people who want to be Dr. Cullen's assistant." She said, as if I should know that already.

"Are you serious?" I asked, looking back at the hundreds of people standing behind us. "Why are so many people here just to apply for a job?"

She laughed again. "Have you ever seen Dr. Cullen before?"

"No." I replied. "Actually, I've never really been in Forks before."

"Well...when you see Dr.'ll know why there's such a line."


"Because...he's star handsome. I don't even know what he's doing in a small town like this. He should be in Hollywood somewhere, doing underwear advertisements."

I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to envision my possible boss as the guy on the package of men's I decided to change the subject.

"I know this sounds terribly rude...but I don't think I remember your name."

"'s Natalie." She said, holding out her hand for me to shake.

"Nice to meet you Natalie." I said, as I shook her hand and moved up with her in the line at the same time.

"So you seriously have no idea who Dr. Cullen is?" She asked.

I shook my head. Obviously this girl had a very small attention span.

"His entire family is amazing. But he's never been married before, surprisingly, so he's adopted a few teenage kids. The girls are beautiful, and the guys are pretty hot."

I continued to move up in the line with her, listening to stories of how amazing each individual Cullen boy was, how it was a shame that the youngest son was going to be married soon, and how it was almost an equal shame that Dr. Cullen had a beautiful girlfriend. I was starting to think that Natalie would never be able to shut up, but as soon as she was the first person in line...she shut up fast.

"Nervous?" I asked.

"Heck yeah!" She replied...jumping up and down to prove her point to me. "Why wouldn't I be? I've never seen Dr. Cullen up close before."

I sighed and shook my head. "You sound like an obsessive fan girl."

"Duh...cause I am." She replied, but I was no longer paying any attention to her.

Coming out of the front doors, was another girl from my college that I had sadly also gone to school with. Her name was Paige Urchin, and she was pretty much the picture of beauty. She had long, flowing black hair, and dark toned skin from so many trips to the tanning salon. She had dark brown eyes, and was at least four inches taller than me. She had always been popular in school, and extremely jealous of me.

As she turned around, and caught sight of me as well, I got to see some of that jealously. Her eyes instantly turned cold, and a fake smile spread across her face.

"Why hello there Brookie. What would you be doing here?"

I sighed. "I'm applying for the job, what else would I be doing here in this rinky-dink of a town?"

She grinned. "Well...I would wish you luck with that, but I won't...because I just got done with my interview. I think Dr. Cullen liked me very well."

"That really surprises me." I said, turning around to Natalie for support, realizing she was already inside. I should have known that. It was unusually quiet.

"He's mine Brooke....lay off." Paige said simply...before storming past me, making sure to "accidentally" knock the application out of my hands.

I snatched it up off the ground, more determined than ever to get this job.

I didn't have to wait long, until a short, older women with messy brown hair and glasses the size of her head, came walking out of the large automatic doors, holding a clipboard.

"I'll take whoever is next!" She called.

I cleared my throat and stepped forward, as she looked up at me and smiled. "Right this way dear." She said.

I followed her through the doors, into the large waiting room. She took me down a hallway, leading me to a closed brown door that had the name Dr. Carlisle Cullen on it.

"Dr. Cullen will be done in just a moment, you can come in as soon as the girl before you leaves. And if you need any help, you can come to me, I'm Gertrude."

I tried so hard not to laugh at her name, and extended my hand for her to shake. "Thank you Gertrude...I'm Brooke."

She smiled politely. "Nice to meet you Brooke. Good luck."

"Thank you." I replied as she walked past me back into the brightly lit waiting room down the hall.

I about jumped as I felt someone tap me on the back. It was Natalie...smiling from ear to ear.

"How'd it go?" I asked

I shouldn't have said anything.

"Oh my gosh!" She screamed. "He's even more handsome in person!"

"Great?" I said...I seriously was considering asking her if she could lay off the Dew.

"Great? Just great? More like amazing!"

I just nodded in response.

She screamed again, this time directly in my ear, and then hugged me. "Good luck Brooke! You are going to love him...I know it!" With that she released me from her grip, and took off sprinting down the hall.

"Yeah...I'm going to fall in love with my boss." I called after her...but I received no response.

I shook my head, as I placed my hand on the polished gold door knob, and tunred it slowy as I opened the door. Then, as I saw him sitting there, I finally understood why Natalie had herself so worked up.

He was sitting in a large black leather chair, behind a dark mahogany desk. He was tall, and blonde, with the fairest colored skin I had ever seen in my life.

Just as I though I might be able to catch my breath...he smiled at me.

And my life was never the same.

I hope you guys like it. I'm very sorry it's so short, I'm just trying to get it started, it will pick up eventually, and I'll try to make longer chapters in the future. If you have anything you'd like to say about the story so far, please write up a review. I always look forward to the feedback I get from my readers. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my story!