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Chapter 35

The rest of the month of June and the first part of July seemed to fly by so fast.

I managed to recover quickly from all of my injuries and head back to work in no time at all. I still had to keep the cast on my wrist for about another month, but I was managing.

Even though Carlisle and I were still trying to hide our relationship from the general public just a little longer, everything in our relationship seemed to be a lot less stressful knowing that Viviene was gone.

The story we had made up to tell everyone about Viviene's disappearance was that Carlisle finally confronted her and managed to break up with her over the phone one night. She was so deeply saddened that she permanently moved to Guatemala and said she never wanted to see his face again. We also made sure to advertise the truth about how she cheated on him, lied to him, and stole a lot of his money, that way Carlisle looked like the good guy in the break up. Which he was.

However there's one little catch to his newly "single" status. So many women are showing up, asking him on dates and flirting with him. He's being quite the gentlemen about it though, he simply shrugs it off as if it's nothing. I'm sure he's used to it. It's only been happening for over three hundred years.

After just a little longer, we had a plan to reveal we were going on a date. Not that we were dating, quite yet...just that we were going to go on a date. After a few more of these "dates" we would then let everyone know we were together, only they would think we had just been together for a few weeks, rather than a year. This kept Carlisle protected from being called a cheater. It was a very well-thought out plan...in all respects.

My Uncle Todd uncovered my grandfather's will one day, and he called me over to their house to discuss what was in it. My grandfather had left one million dollars a piece to Sandra, Melody, and Destiny. He also left three million dollars for Todd and Molly to share. When Sandra found out that she alone was now a millionaire...she started planning her various shopping trips within seconds.

But what surprised me, was that my grandfather left even more for me then he left for Todd, his own son. My grandfather left me over five million dollars alone. And what surprised me even more, is that my grandfather left his house, the home that I grew up in, to me in his will...which was worth several million dollars in itself.

I didn't need five million dollars, or the mansion that I had grown up in as a child. Money didn't mean that much to me at all. I was always used to being the "rich girl" but I truly could deal without all the riches. Besides, I was with Carlisle, who probably had accumulated even more money than that over his life time. I figured money wise I was set for life, or for eternity.

At first I didn't know what to do with the house. I really didn't want to live in it all by myself. Using such a large house for one person and one furry white cat seemed like such a waste. I knew I wasn't going to sell it, but I also didn't want it to just sit there, gathering dust. I also knew that in a few years time, the likelihood that I would even be living in the area was very slim. Carlisle said they probably wouldn't have to move for a couple of years still....but it was getting close to time. That time would be even sooner if I made the decision to be changed in the near future.

Carlisle encouraged me to live in my grandfather's house. His philosophy was that it was a lot safer than my apartment in downtown Seattle, and even though it was farther away from college, at least it was closer to work. I was still opposed to the idea, until I came up with a solution.

I took Carlisle's advice, and I moved into my grandfather's house. But I wasn't alone, as I had previously worried about. Instead, I asked Sandra to come live with me. She couldn't have said yes fast enough. Sandra just never seemed like the apartment sort of girl to me, and who better to ask to live with me than my very own "sister". The arrangement is working out quite well actually. I just made her promise to keep her music down and bake a cake at least once a week. She made me promise to stop using such big words and to invite Carlisle over more often.

Everyone else is doing alright as well. Rosalie has finally accepted me as a part of their family. In fact, out of all of the Cullen children, she seemed the most excited about Viviene's death...which came as quite a shock to all of us. Alice is already making wedding arrangements for Carlisle and I, I don't know why...because we aren't even engaged...but oh well, let Alice do as she wishes. Jasper has seemed to open up to me a little more than he had before, Bella and I are becoming even closer, and I still think Edward is amazing. Emmett is just Emmett. He hasn't changed a bit. He does keep nagging me to know if I'm ever going to "get it on" with Carlisle...to put it in his words.

I didn't think I was going to get the chance to see my group of Alaska morons again that summer. But I swore on the pizza place (Adam's idea), that I would spend at least a week with them in California that fall. I still kept in constant contact with all of them through e-mails, texts, and phone calls. Lance hasn't done anything new or exciting recently...which didn't surprise me. Lacey was now starting to think that maybe getting engaged to Lance was a good idea, so she's trying to force him into asking her to marry him...but he "won't get off his freaking lazy butt and do any freaking thing", to quote her. Other than that...she's still same old Lacey.

I still felt terrible about everything I had put Adam through, but he still claims that everything's fine and that he's doing ok. I asked him if he had a girlfriend yet...and he just laughed and said that "the day a certain girl changes her mind about me, then I'll have a girlfriend. Until then...the answer is always going to be no." I told him he had to come see me sometime...which he immediately shrugged off. I think he's just afraid of Carlisle. I wouldn't blame him truthfully...Carlisle has a very good reason to want to beat Adam up. I don't think he will though, but Adam apparently thinks otherwise.

Carlisle seems to get more amazing by the second. More so now than ever before, I will try to process why I had to be the lucky girl that won over his heart. He could have had any girl he ever wanted, and he choose me.

I'm not quite sure on my plans for my future yet. I know that in order to stay with Carlisle forever, I have to become one of them. I have to be changed into a vampire. However, I'm not ready for that yet. I still need time to emotionally heal from the death of my grandfather, and time to recover from all of the events that have recently occurred. I truthfully am not really favoring the idea of being changed, because it will take me away from my friends and family. He isn't favoring the idea either, but I think he knows it has to be done in order to keep us together.

I'm not going to worry about that for the time being, however. There's something else I want first.

I want to marry him.

I know that he will certainly approve of this idea, but I haven't approached him with it yet. We technically aren't even "dating" yet according to the general public. To suddenly jump into a marriage would defiantly cause reason for the public to suspect something. So if I want to become his wife, I have to wait a little longer. I can easily make myself be patient, because he is certainly worth waiting for.

When I first walked through the doors of Forks hospital, I never planned on falling in love. I only wanted a job, not a future husband. But all of that seemed to change the second I opened the office door and saw him. I didn't want to fall in love with anyone. I tried to stop myself from developing feelings for him, but it was impossible. His charming smile, his velvet voice, his bright topaz eyes, and everything else about him drew me in deeper and deeper. When he told me he loved me I didn't believe it at first, but time has now taught me that I have never been loved more by anyone in my life.

Our relationship was tough, constantly having to hide our feelings for one another. We had so many obstacles in our relationship, such as long distances, jealous best friends, evil girlfriends, different ways of life, even death. One of us was human, the other a vampire. Our love was not something that was going to prove to be easy. But it survived through all of these things.

A little over a year ago when I first saw him, I gave my heart to him for eternity. I may not have known it at the time, so I tried to stop myself from falling in love with him, but I failed.

And I am so glad I did.

Why I'm so lucky...I don't think I'll ever know. When I first saw him, I compared him to an angel, and even though he actually may be the exact opposite, I still see him as an angel in my mind. How someone so amazing, so wonderful, and so perfect could ever begin to love anyone like me is beyond my comprehension. I know without a doubt, that I am the luckiest girl in the world.

I will forever be grateful to whoever changed him that dark, spooky night in London, England over three hundred years ago. If he had never been changed, I never would have known him. I never would have loved. Who knows where I would be right now without him.

So many people throughout the world would have died if that one vampire hadn't changed him that night. He has saved so many lives, and enriched the lives of so many people. He took his so called "curse", and decided to make the best of it. He changed Edward, Emmett, and Rosalie, allowing them to all meet their soul mates, years down the road. He is a miracle worker, and a miracle himself...just because he too, could have died that one night...but he didn't, he was changed instead, and through that he has done so much good for the world.

I am, and forever will be in love with the most amazing man in the world.

Dr. Carlisle Cullen, my own personal medical miracle.

That's it. That is the end of Medical Miracle. Guys, I'll let you know that this story is to date my most planned, most thought out, most successful, and my favorite story I have ever written. I started out small in the world of fan fiction. I wrote High School Musical fan fiction on a forum where one review was good. I then transferred over to another forum, and maybe would get five reviews for every two chapters if I was lucky. Then I came here, and switched gears into the Twilight fan base, not sure how well I'd do. Writing Twilight stories almost seems more "mature" so to say, than I am used to. It seems to focus on deeper topics. And there is SO MUCH more you can do with Twilight, just because there are so many misc. couple pairings. Writing a Twilight story was a little difficult to me at first, because the style was so different. But now I love it so much.

This story like I mentioned before, started it's planning process last June/July. It came about just because of a small comment mentioned by my sister. I then took it into my mind and played with it, until I got this story. I went so in-depth as to actually research names for characters, one major character that was a result of this was Viviene. I thought for hours trying to visually picture my characters in my mind. The title changed three times. And as you all know, so many of the planned chapters changed as well.

I didn't know at first how successful this story would be. Most people tend to like and read the traditional Edward/Bella, Jacob/Bella...etc. But I have always been one up to writing something different and challenging. I absolutely love Carlisle, and I felt as though I had to tell Brooke's story. It's a very common plot in the Carlisle realm...assistant and him fall in love...etc. But I tried to add some twists to make it not so common. I was beyond shocked with the success of this story. I was used to getting a review a chapter at times and now here's this story...with 213 total reviews! For a non-Edward centralized story...I think that's fantastic!

Since I love you guys so much...lol...I'm gonna give you a little preview of my upcoming story...Just Acting. This isn't the actual summary of it, rather just a description I'm going to give you.

Just Acting is going to be a Bella/Edward centralized story. Everyone in the story is all-human. It has been in the making since this June/July (funny huh?). This story is really going to be a highly combined project between my sister and I. We have talked so much of this story out...it's crazy. We walk around quoting ourselves and our parents think it's odd. Haha.

In this story, Bella and Edward are high school seniors in Phoenix. Edward and Bella have always had an intense dislike for one another. Sounds pretty traditional right? Well...you see that's not all there is to the plot. Edward is the world's greatest movie star, and he's dating one of the world's most famous actresses. He left school when he was sixteen to pursue his career, and he managed to climb up the box office record to take the number two spot for best-selling movie world wide. He comes back senior year with the plan to film a new reality show. Bella, even though she really despises Edward, has secretly admired him for a long time. The story will centralize on the two of them quite a bit. Bella will slowly start uncovering some secrets that Edward has kept hidden, and learn that maybe he isn't such a bad guy after all.

This story is going to be so funny...because Edward is not going to be like himself AT ALL. He is going to be far beyond full of himself, and that alone is going to add a very humorous element to the story.

So keep your eyes open for Just Acting...it may be up as soon as next weekend. ;)

I have a few questions to ask you guys real quick. You can choose to answer all of them, some of them, or none of them.

What did you think about my take on the very common doctor and his assistant plot?

Who were some of your favorite made up characters, besides Brooke, and why? (Adam, Sandra, Gertrude...etc.)

Did you like my slightly different take on Carlisle in this story?

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Could you really visually picture what was going on in the story, and fell a lot of the emotions that the characters where feeling at time time?

Lol...and now for a team question...because I know how my sister would answer this..haha.

Are you Team Carlisle, or Team Adam? (Concerning Brooke)

Ok, now for the thank you's.

I first off want to give a huge, gigantic thank you to my sister. Even though she never actually comes on here an reviews my story, she is my number one fan. Every chapter that goes up is first read out loud to her while she sits on my lap. (This was easier three years ago when she was much smaller. She still demands it happen though...lol) She gives me advice on what to change, what to keep the same, and she also offers me a second grammar check to each chapter. When I have an idea for a story, I can sit for hours and talk it out with her. We put our ideas together and sort of act them out almost, before I transfer them into the story. She'll tell me things she thinks are funny, and let me know what she wants to see. I write for everyone on here, but I specifically write for her. She's been an amazing help. Thank you so much sis for making this story so great! I love you!

And now you guys. This has been the funniest, most helpful, and most awesome group of readers I have ever had for a story! I smile every time I read your reviews. It makes me feel so good as a writer to know that I write something that so many people enjoy. I first started fan fiction over three years ago, and I never in a million years dreamed I would be so successful. You guys were the driving force behind each and every word in this story. Thank you so very much for your continued dedication to me and my writing. It means so much to me. You guys are amazing...and a million thank you's would never be enough to express how grateful I am to all of you! Thanks so much!

Medical Miracle may be over for now...but don't forget...Brooke and Carlisle's story doesn't end here.