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It was cold. No, that was an understatement. It was freezing. And not just regular freezing either. This was the kind of freezing where your words literally turn into ice when you speak, the kind of freezing that make even Eskimos yearn for the warm sunny days of spring, the kind of freezing where you would want to snuggle up in bed with the heater turned up to the max. It was the kind of freezing where you would not want to be outside even if you were paid a million dollars.

Tezuka was outside.

Now why, you might ask, would the ever-sensible and ever-practical Tezuka Kunimitsu be outside on what might possibly be the coldest day of the year? He certainly wasn't paid a million dollars to stand around in the snow for several hours and in a forest nonetheless. Such a simple question, naturally, only requires a simple answer:

Because Fuji was outside.

And no, Fuji wasn't paid a million dollars either.

Shivering violently, Tezuka crossed his arms tightly in a futile attempt to warm himself. Futile, as in it didn't work. His thick blue coat wasn't doing its job either. Sure, it kept the falling snowflakes off of the long-sleeved shirt Fuji had bought him (Fuji had claimed that it was because the shade of royal purple reminded him of Tezuka), but he was still cold. Tezuka shuddered as a gust of wind blew into him, the snow temporarily clouding his glasses. He should have brought a scarf and a pair of gloves along. Then again, he hadn't thought that they would still be outside.

"Fuji," he forced out through clenched teeth. "Are you done?"

"Saa, just a bit longer," Fuji replied cheerfully. "I haven't found the perfect tree yet."

On the other hand, Fuji looked right at home in the snow bundled up in a fuzzy white coat and black turtleneck sweater. The silver necklace clasped around his neck bounced around, as Fuji darted around the fir trees and evergreens. In his hands, Fuji clutched his treasured digital camera, a birthday gift from Tezuka a few years ago. Today's objective? To take a picture of the perfect Christmas tree.

Fuji paused in front of a tree in order to inspect it more carefully. This one looked promising. The trunk of the tree had a unique texture, and the snow collected on the branches added an interesting touch….but it wasn't the right one. Shaking his head regretfully, Fuji rejected the tree as he had done with several other trees for the past seven hours.

The young man sighed as he looked around once more. A truly beautiful scene it was, with trees towering majestically overhead, covered with glittering piles of white snow. That same snow covered the ground for as far as the eye could see. It was the type of scene that one would see on a Christmas card, complete with snow floating down lightly from the overcast sky. As much as Fuji appreciated the beauty of his surroundings, he could not help but to be frustrated. They had set out immediately after an early breakfast, but it was now way past lunchtime, and Fuji had taken a grand total of zero pictures so far.

Glancing back at Tezuka's rigid figure, Fuji felt his lips automatically curve up into a tender smile. Despite his dislike for the cold, Tezuka had still insisted on accompanying Fuji on his spontaneous trip.

Fuji flitted over to where Tezuka was rooted; he hadn't budged from his position since they arrived. To anyone who didn't know Tezuka that well, they would've said that the stoic man looked as stony-faced as always. However, with his trained senses, Fuji could tell that his poor lover was downright miserable. Tezuka's lips, pressed in a thin line with the corners turned slightly down, and the small furrow of his brows gave him away. Fuji felt a bit guilty. He vowed to make it up to Tezuka later though.

"Ne, Tezuka," said Fuji as he glided gracefully to a stop, a gentle smile upon his delicate features. "You know you didn't have to come, right?" Stepping closer, Fuji hugged Tezuka around the waist, resting his head on the familiar broad chest.

"I wasn't going to let you go by yourself," retorted Tezuka stiffly. He wrapped his arms gratefully around Fuji's slender body. Burying his face into the silken honey strands, Tezuka relaxed as the heat radiating from Fuji's warm form gradually stilled his shivers. Maybe the cold wasn't so bad after all.

Eyes shut firmly, Fuji snuggled closer into Tezuka's protective embrace. Tezuka really was sweet in his own way, Fuji mused.

"Saa, I was really hoping to find something nice to take a picture of," murmured Fuji, a shade of disappointment coloring his voice. "I guess I'll have to wait for another time."

"What about the tree behind me?"

Distracted by the pleasant rumbling from Tezuka's chest, Fuji responded with a vague "Hmm?"

"The tree behind me," Tezuka repeated patiently.

Fuji lifted his head up reluctantly to peer around his lover. His sapphire orbs fluttered open as he let out a surprised gasp. "Oh!"

Stunning, absolutely gorgeous. Fuji hadn't noticed the tree before because Tezuka had been standing in front of the trunk. Fuji's eyes eagerly drank in the tree's impressive height, the strong branches jutting out, and the vibrant green color flashing from underneath the shimmering snow. It was the Christmas tree that every child dreamed of, minus the ornaments and garland. Yet, its simplicity was what made it so breathtaking.

"It's perfect," breathed out Fuji. He untangled himself from Tezuka and brought the camera up. Despite trembling hands, Fuji managed to snap a picture. He smiled contently. Even on the small digital screen, he could tell that it would turn out beautiful. Tezuka came up behind him.

"Are you done?" Tezuka's warm breath ghosted over Fuji's ear. Turning around, the smaller man nodded happily.

"Yes. We can go now." Fuji grinned to himself as he heard Tezuka's sigh of relief. Slipping his hand into Tezuka's larger one, they started the long trek back to the hotel. The snow continued to fall softly, enveloping the two of them in a loving white blanket, as the perfect Christmas tree continued to stand proudly, watching over them as they left. It was a beautiful holiday indeed.

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