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I want a Transformer for Christmas (AU)

The stuffed animal was the strangest creature Tezuka had ever seen, and that was saying something since Tezuka had seen a lot for a five year old. "What's that?" he asked its owner, a boy about his age.

The boy beamed, sapphire eyes sparkling. "It's a whale," he declared proudly, holding it out. "A beluga whale."

"Be-looooo-ga," Tezuka repeated in awe, stroking the fuzzy white toy and admiring the velvety feel. Well, his grandfather did say having a pet would teach him about responsibilities.

He wondered if Santa could include a big enough tank to go with his pet whale.

No parking spaces (AU)

"This is ridiculous," muttered Tezuka, strangling the steering wheel and imagining that it was a certain Atobe Keigo's neck.

"Seriously," grumbled Fuji, staring vigilantly out the window. "You'd think that he could at least choose a place for his Christmas party with a bigger parking lot." Tezuka grunted in agreement, turning into a lane they'd gone through twice already.

Several minutes later, they were still driving in circles. "You know," Fuji said finally, "We could just skip the party, find a deserted alley, and have sex. How about it?"

Tezuka wordlessly turned the car around and stepped on the gas.

Batteries not included (AU)

Huffing irritably, Fuji rummaged through the sea of wrapping paper and tape once more. "What a cheapo," he announced to the world at large.

"Who's a cheapo?" Tezuka entered their living room with two steaming mugs in hand.

"Shiraishi," Fuji clarified, accepting one. "He gave me that as a gag gift, but no batteries to go with it." As his hands were occupied, Fuji nodded his head to point out a bright blue vibrator.

Tezuka blinked, and pulled out an unwrapped package of small cylinders from the mess under the tree. "Well, Chitose's present makes a lot more sense now."

Stale TV specials (not really Tefu)

"Wow, it's snowing hard," breathed Eiji, face against the clubhouse's window.

"Fsssssh," Kaidoh hissed in agreement.

Inui frowned. "But my data said it wasn't supposed to snow," he mumbled.

"Either way," Ryoma griped, "we're stuck inside."

"It could be worse," Fuji piped up. "Tezuka could have us running laps. Outside."

The team stared at their captain, who was talking to Ryuuzaki-sensei at the back, before pouncing on the TV remote.

"Being snowed in is so fun!" emphasized Taka.

"Oh boy, soap operas are the best!" enthused Oishi.

"I love infomercials!" simpered Momo.

There were no more complaints from then on.

Singing Christmas carols (not really Tefu either)

Every year, Seishun Gakuen put on a special winter festival for the parents.

Each club (or class) did something different- setting up booths, acting out play, so on. And although it wasn't official, there was a contest for the best group.

That particular year, the tennis club, singing a medley of Christmas songs, won hands down. They'd rehearsed diligently in between practice matches, and, come festival time, gave an enthusiastic performance that had the audience weeping.

With tears of agony staining his cheeks, the principal later congratulated Ryuuzaki-sensei on forming a club with all the tone-deaf students in the school.

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