Hiya folks. Theos the Hedgehog here. While I'm working on my next original FanFic, I thought I'd treat you to the 'novel' version of Chakra-X's "Nazo Unleashed". It is by far one of the best cartoons you'll ever watch on the net. Ever!!

Legal Stuff: I don't own any of the Sonic characters (they're owned by Sega) or the original Nazo Unleashed (that's Chakra-X's).

Oh, and if Chakra happens to come across this, you rock man!!

Nazo Unleashed

Act One: Chaos Attack

10:37 AM – Angel Island

The sun was shining and the birds were singing. It was a beautiful, peaceful day on Angel Island. Knuckles the Echidna, sworn guardian of the Master Emerald was dozing in the late morning sun. As he dozed, thoughts of his destiny ran through his head.

'I don't know why, but for as long as I can remember I've lived on this dark island, protecting the Master Emerald. It is my destiny.' The thought of being the guardian of such a powerful entity always filled the crimson echidna's heart with pride, and this was no exception. As he dozed, Knuckles sleepily looked towards the Master Emerald altar.

The huge green gem sat pride of place atop the altar. Surrounding it were seven pillars, one of which were being used. These altars held the seven Chaos emeralds. Only the cyan emerald was currently on Angel Island. The green emerald was currently under the watchful eye of Shadow the Hedgehog. Its Chaos powers helped to boost the Ultimate Lifeforms Chaos Control technique, allowing him to teleport further than under his own Chaos energy. The remaining emeralds had been scattered the last time Sonic and Shadow had transformed to defeat Dr Eggman.

It was while glancing over at the altar that Knuckles noticed something rather odd. The cyan emerald was on the ground, having seemingly fallen off its stone perch. As Knuckles got up to replace it, the gem began to glow. A light erupted from the gem. When the light died down, a pale blue hedgehog stood next to the emerald. Knuckles had never seen anyone emerge from a Chaos emerald before, nor did he recognise this intruder.

"Hey! Who are you?" he demanded, his spiked fists held up to his chest like a prize-fighter. The hedgehog said nothing, simply fixing Knuckles with a stare that could melt lead. Then in a blink of an eye, he was gone…taking the Chaos emerald and the Master Emerald with him!

The whole island began to shake. Knuckles froze and looked around him.

"Oh no" he thought. "Without the Master Emerald's power, this whole island is going to crash into the ocean!" With a deafening crash, Angel Island landed on the planet's surface, sending seismic waves across the globe. Having righted himself, Knuckles glanced around, checking for any structural damage to the altar. Having found nothing, he took to the air, gliding on the warm summer breeze towards Station Square.

"I'm going to need some help" Knuckles said to himself.

11:09 – Downtown Station Square

A robbery was in progress. The front window to a jewellery store smashed outwards, and the pale hedgehog that Knuckles had encountered earlier jumped through the gaping whole, before shooting into the sky. Clutched in his left hand was a fist-sized emerald. Only this emerald was as white as snow. The White Chaos Emerald.

The creature stopped in mid-air and turned towards the city. An evil grin crept onto his lips.

"Chaos Emerald acquired." He held his hand out, palm facing the city. A red ball of energy appeared, and was sent hurtling towards the city. Upon impact, every building and living creature was vaporized in a blinding red light. The creature simply looked on, the grin never wavering.

11.19 – Station Square Park

It took ten minutes for the news flash to hit TVs and radios everywhere.

"A large area of downtown Station Square has been destroyed by a mysterious hedgehog, which was later seen fleeing with a large gem, stolen from a local store. The military and police have confirmed that the hedgehog is not our beloved hero, Sonic the Hedgehog. The military say they are not going to make that mistake again"

A gloved hand turned the radio off, before reaching up to rub a black chin.


11:42 – Central Desert

It hadn't taken Knuckles as long as he had thought to locate tails. The young fox was usually tinkering with his planes, and today was no exception. Knuckles had already given Tails a detailed overview of what had happened on Angel Island, and the pair were now flying over the desert, looking for a certain blue hedgehog. Just as Tails had predicted, a distinctive blue blur shot across the barren ground. Knuckles and Tails flew lower to catch up with their quarry.

For Sonic, it was the perfect day for running. No rain (which he hated) and no Eggman (which he also hated). As he hurtled along nearing the 100mph mark, a familiar whirring made him look up, a huge smile spreading on his face. He slowed down a bit for Tails and Knuckles to catch up, whilst still travelling at easily 85mph.

"Hey Tails, long time no see" quipped the azure hedgehog. "What's up?" Tails summed up the situation: the strange creature that had appeared on Angel Island was called Nazo, supposedly formed of negative Chaos energy. He had stolen the Master Emerald, causing Angel Island to fall into the ocean. Then he had destroyed a large portion of the city after stealing a Chaos emerald from a jewellery store. Since then, there had been four more reports of large gems being stolen by a pale hedgehog. That meant that Nazo nearly had all seven. Luckily, Knuckles had managed to track the Master Emerald to location only thirty miles north of their current location.

"Aww right". Another adventure, thought Sonic. Just what I need to pass the time. He grabbed Knuckles wrist in one hand and Tails' in the other. "Let's go!" With that, Sonic kicked into overdrive, hurtling north at 300mph.

Less than ten minutes later, the trio came to a stop, dust flying up from Sonic slamming the brakes on. Tails suddenly pointed to a large pile of boulders.

"Hey, there are the emeralds!" Sonic and Knuckles turned, and sure enough, the Master Emerald and five of the Chaos emeralds sat at the foot of the boulders. However, Knuckles seemed apprehensive.

"What's up, Knux?" inquired Sonic.

"I can sense a strange energy" said Knuckles. Just then, the pale blue hedgehog appeared, dropping the sixth emerald with the rest. Sonic finally got a look at this new opponent. Nazo's quills stood straight up on his head, much like Sonics did in Super mode. Two dorsal quills stood out at 45-degree angles, almost looking like wings. His blue and red sneakers didn't look anything special.

"It's that creature again! The one on my island" shouted Knuckles. He raised his fists into attack pose. "This time I'll get him good!" He jumped into the air. "I'll take care of this guy myself." Knuckles suddenly turned into a death spin, and thundered into the ground, his spinning fists propelling him through the rock and soil. Nazo didn't move, even when the ground rumbled beneath his feet. Knuckles flew upwards, his fist thundering up into the jaw of Nazo, throwing the pale hedgehogs head back.

Knuckles landed on his feet, a triumphant look on his face. That punch would have floored even Shadow, thought Knuckles. To his dismay, Nazo's head returned to its usual position, not a scratch visible from the attack.

"Man, this guy's tough!" exclaimed Knuckles, genuinely taken aback. "No matter". Small balls of energy floated up from the ground and began to circle Knuckles. A red aura exploded around him, fuelled by Knuckles' growing anger. He rushed forward, fist raised. "Show me what you got!!"

Nazo simply swung his hand as if he was swatting a fly. The backhand caught Knuckles on the side of the head, knocking him for six, and sending him hurtling through a large boulder. The red echidna came to rest in the dirt, knocked unconscious. The new hedgehog turned to Sonic.

"Now for you, Sonic." A blast of red energy hurtled towards Sonic. The azure hero, however, simply kicked it away like a soccer ball. Nazo jumped into the air, the energy ball sailing under his feet and exploding behind him. In retaliation, Nazo sent stream after stream of energy blasts at the blue hedgehog. 'How fast IS this hedgehog' thought Nazo, as Sonic dodged every one, the grin never leaving his face. Suddenly, the azure hero landed on Nazo's head and launched himself into the air.

"Catch me if you can!" taunted Sonic. Nazo stared up, the rage burning in his eyes.

"Chaos Control!" Nazo vanished in a flash of light. The realisation struck Sonic like a thunderbolt.

"He can use Chaos Control?!" Sonic cried out. Nazo reappeared above Sonic, one powerful kick sending the blue hedgehog plummeting back to earth. As Sonic tried to gather his senses in the small crater he had created, Nazo floated above him. Then bringing his palms together, he created a much larger energy blast, firing is vertically at the fallen hero.

"DIE!" shouted Nazo. The energy blast struck the ground and exploded, rocks and rubble being blown in all directions. The triumphant smirk on Nazo' face disappeared when the smoke cleared.

In a flash of green light, Shadow the Hedgehog appeared, having saved Sonic from certain death through his own use of Chaos Control. Sonic picked himself up and grinned at Shadow.

"Hey Shad, what took you so long?" Shadow glanced at his doppelganger, his usual sneer never once leaving his face.

"I didn't come to save you. I came for the Chaos emeralds" said Shadow matter-of-factly. His full attention then turned to Nazo, who had landed on the ground a few feet in front of him.

"What's this?" questioned Nazo. Shadow grinned evilly, taking out his green Chaos emerald.

"I'm the ultimate Lifeform, Shadow the Hedgehog" With that, Shadow used his own Chaos Control to vanish before Nazo could react. Suddenly, Nazo found Shadow behind him, a pistol held to his head. "Are you ready to admit your own foolishness?" chuckled Shadow. Sonic could only cover his face with his hand in mild embarrassment.

'You've gotta be kiddin' me!' he thought.

Out of nowhere, Nazo's elbow ploughed into Shadow's chest, sending the Ultimate Lifeform hurtling backwards, crashing into a boulder. As he collided with the rock formation, his grasp on the green Chaos emerald failed him, and the gem flew through the air, landing next to the six other emeralds and the Master Emerald.

"This is the Ultimate Lifeform?" mocked Nazo. His attentions turned to Sonic. "Now for you, Sonic!" A red energy blast formed at Nazo's fingertips, just as a yellow blast crashed into his back. Glancing back, Nazo saw Tails had just equipped his arm mounted blaster, and was aiming up another shot. "Argh, you pest!" Nazo used Chaos Control and re-appeared face to face with the young fox. The pale hedgehog held a palm to Tails' face. Sonic saw Tails' expression change from one of defiance to one of fear.

"Sonic…" Tails' last words were cut of by a huge blast, the Chaos energy engulfing the young fox. Sonic could do nothing but fall to his knees. Nazo began to circle him, like a lion hunting an injured prey.

"You should now know that nothing can save you or this miserable planet" said Nazo, the venom in his voice painfully clear to Sonic. However, Sonics thoughts were elsewhere. He thought about his fallen friends. Knuckles. Shadow. Tails. The Chaos emeralds began to glow, just as a questioning look appeared on Nazo's face.

"You bastard!" shouted Sonic. The glowing Chaos Emeralds suddenly turned black, and standing where Sonic had been was a black hedgehog with blank eyes. Dark Super Sonic.

"This is most unexpected" commented Nazo, before firing a large energy blast at his new foe. Dark Super Sonic simply swatted the blast away. Nazo charged up and lunged at Sonic. The dark eyes narrowed, and Nazo's punch was caught one-handed. The dark energy flared up around Sonic, as he pulled back his other hand. He unleashed a devastating right punch, connecting with Nazo's face. The force of the punch sent Nazo flying out of sight.

Sonic came back to his senses, the blue returning to his fur and the dark aura dying down. But not for long. Centring his energy, Sonic willed the seven Chaos emeralds to him, which began to spin around. As the spinning gems reached their optimum speed, Sonic let out a primal scream to the heavens. The Chaos energy poured into his body, a bright light bubble expanding outwards. The bubble burst, and pure Chaos energy rocketed skywards. Standing at its source, the energy swirling and crackling around him, stood Sonic. His blue fur was now a shining yellow, and as he opened his eyes, his emerald green eyes turned the shade of rubies. Sonic was now Super Sonic.