A Hero dies in her eyes, and a sick disease has taken her place

She sways, so confident, so brilliant and coy

It makes her betrayal all the more shocking

Her words, so harsh and unforgiving, so reprimanding

they shake her to her very core, what she believed in

Could it be, in fact, true?

She doesn't get to know, for the words are already out of her mouth

She speaks of execution, of pain and judgement

the others do not heed her

the horrible truth spins through her head

she is already a corpse, walking through life like it's nothing to her

all just a game, or something that's day to day with no joy or emotion

Exile! Or worse, she speaks

But now, the memory drifts away, and she's back in her own room

silent and solemn

quite in her meditations

and betrayals lingering in her mind like a shadow of a former friend