I'm Broken, So Deadly

Your Just The One To Fix it.

Your Calling.

Its Early.

That Feeling...

God I miss It....


Chapter One: Fallen


((**)) I don't own Bella, Jacob, Alice, Esme, Rosalie, Edward, Jasper Emmett, Tanya, Victoria, James, Laurent, Sam, Quil, Embry, Paul, Jared, Emily, Billy, 'the Clearwater's', Charlie OR Renee They belong to stephine Meyer, I just wrote my way it would have gone. ((**))

Also thax to the person who wrote "I'll Eat You Alive" SUPER inspiring. I stole your song though. Lol.


Jake Pressed his warm cheek against the top of my hair. if I turned my face to the side and pressed my lips against his bare shoulder I knew without a doubt what would follow. it would be easy, it would be too easy. there would be no need for explanation tonight.

but could I do it? could I betray my absent heart to save my pathetic life?

butterflies assaulted my stomach as I thought about turning my head.

And then, as clear as if I were in immediate danger, Edwards velvet voice whispered in my ear "Be happy"

I froze

Jacob felt me stiffen and released me automatically reaching for the door. (Property of Stephine Meyer)

"Wait" I muttered "Just a minute..."

I was still locked in place with the faint echo of Edwards Voice in my head.

He would want me to be happy right?

Jacob stared at my face, and I knew that it was now or never, I leaned in and hugged Jacob. my heart spluttered hyperactively at the action that was about to take place. I turned my head and pressed my lips gently to his Warm Russet skin. I felt his confusion at my action and the blood rush to my cheeks Jacob pulled away and looked at me with confusion in his eyes.

"Bells I don't-"

I silenced him with one finger and leaned in pressing my lips to his. they were warm... VERY warm and soft. I could feel his heart accelerate with mine, he moved a hand into my hair and kissed me back, and in the moment I felt something I hadn't felt in 6 months. I felt like I could breathe I felt happiness and I felt love... I loved Jacob Black, without ever realizing it. until this very moment. and so the kiss turned much much more passionate I held him to me my lips moving with his, my heart ached, and maybe it always would but I could breathe. with Jacobs arms around me I felt safe, I was home, Jacob pulled away first looking into my eyes. he didn't release my hair the moment was perfect he leaned in and kissed me on the lips once more and I held him there not wanting it to end. but it did and he pulled back and looked at me for a moment

"I love you Jacob Black."

"Bella, you don't have to fake it... though it WAS nice."

"No I mean it Jacob."

"Is this because of what I said?? you don't have to make me happy Bells... I'm ok if-"

I stopped him by pressing my finger to his lips and traced over them once he was silent. his cheek, his nose, his short black hair, he cradled his face into my hand and watched me.

"I do Jacob. I'm serious."

"I love you too Bella."

Jacob took my hand from his face and held it in his. smiling my favorite smile. He pressed his lips to my hand; I blushed a deep scarlet and noticed Charlie's cruiser pulling in.

Jacob opened the door and cold air blew through the cab of the truck

"Hey Jake!!" I heard Charlie say happily as he often did when he saw Jake. I walked to Jacobs's side and he took my hand, no doubt Charlie didn't miss it. (-- A/N yeah I noticed that Harry was supposed to be dead.... just pretend that didn't happen in the book. lmao)

"Dad, I'm sorry I haven't started dinner yet... me and Jake had just gotten here when you pulled in."

"Ooh its okay... if you don't want to cook I can order a pizza."

"No its okay... I think its time we start eating some of your fish..." I smiled at him as we walked through the door I walked hand in hand with Jacob to the kitchen as Charlie took off his jacket, boots and gun. Within minutes he was in the living room cheering for a team I had never even heard of on ESPN

Me and Jake didn't say much as I cooked there wasn't really much to say once I finished dinner I served it giving Jacob a big heap of food remembering the way he ate at Emily's house. We all sat at the table

"So Jake what did you do today?" Charlie said breaking the silence

"Well me and Bella hung out on the beach and then went back to my place and I bored her with Mechanics and after awhile we watched TV and came here." Jacob Said casually

I chugged several glasses of water hoping that Charlie didn't notice. I occasionally caught Jacob looking at me and blushed. I hoped that Charlie didn't notice this either.

After eating, watching TV and Jacob and Charlie talking about Billie's and Charlie's next fishing trip Jacob stood stretching. His fingers nearly touched the ceiling with his height

"Well... I should go billies going to be wondering." Jacob mumbled

"Alright Jake tell Billy to give me a call sometime."

"No problem see you later Charlie."

I walked out with Jacob and got in the truck its engine roaring to life and started towards LaPush as soon as we were on the road Jacob grabbed my hand and I squeezed his in response

"When Will I see you Again?" Jacob asked smiling his big jakey smile

"As soon as I get off work." I answered with a smile of my own

"I like this..." I muttered

"I do too." I pulled up in front of his house and he looked at me for a minute trying to phrase his question I guessed

"Will this be the same tomorrow?"

"Yeah... it will Jake." I said he smiled again hugely and leaned in pressing his lips to mine it was short but VERY VERY sweet. He opened the door and got out as I watched him walk away I knew I made the right choice.

When I got home my dad was still in the living room watching TV

"Hey Bella could you come here?"

"Sure..." I walked in and he looked strangely smug

"So what's going on with you and Jake?"

"Ooh... nothing..."

"Ooh don't lie to me Bella... all this time in La Push and now holding hands... I saw the way you looked at him... I may be old but I know when someone's head over heels."

"Am not..."

"Okay Bella... when are you going up to La Push again?"

I hesitated... I relied on Charlie being unperceptive I guess my plan failed

"I'm going after work tomorrow."

"Okay... have fun up there..."

I escaped up to my room and laid down


My Jacob.

I thought to myself.

as I drifted to sleep I dreamt of a giant russet wolf running in the woods

I ran as fast as I could not out of anger, and not to hunt. But out of Joy. I replayed kissing Bella over and over and over in my head I liked it. it was nice.

Jacob... We don't want to think about Bella that way...

Embrys voice was in my head suddenly

when did you start running? I thought

When Sam told me to do a full circle to make sure the Bloodsucker isn't around

I did that already.

Why don't you get some sleep I can take over from here.... and Paul should be joining us soon.

All I could think about was Bella's lips on mine as I ran faster and faster until I thought I could make it half way through Canada in less than 2 days

Where are you going Jacob? Paul's voice asked me

No where in particular.

Jacob goes home and sleep. I and Paul can handle this.

Embry. Shut up.

When was the last time you slept? You know for the night?

I thought about that... it had been awhile.

Proof enough.... now go...

I slowed my run digging my nails into the moist ground and turned around running again as fast as I could just out of happiness. Bella wanted me. and in the same way I wanted her. I played the kiss again.

Would you stop? Imp gonna dream of Bella. and imp sure you wouldn't like that.... Paul chided

I ignored him of all the people to have to run with PAUL? has killing my buzz. I was home in less than 10 minutes I phased and put on some clothes. I hadn't been home since I was with Bella. I walked in the house and Billy was there.

"Hey Jake. What's new? Any new trails?"

"Nope... nothin."

"how's Bella?"

The sound of her name makes the kiss pulse through me like adrenaline. to think of it in this body was different than being a wolf.

"She's good."

"I heard from Charlie."

"What did you hear? gossiping like old women?"

He ignored my comment and continued

"What's goin on?"

"Nothings 'goin on' dad."

"Holding hands... and I saw you two KISS in the car."

"why were you watching?"

"I was waiting for you."

The kiss screamed at me in my mind and I felt my bones start to turn to mush. though impossible for a werewolf.

"Jacob.... Jacob? Jake?" I noticed Billy's voice


He made kissy sounds at me

"ugh..." I walked away and into my bed room and laid down


I couldn't concentrate so I opened my window jumped out it and ran into the woods took off my pants and phased.

I stood at the register

"Will that be all for you today?"

"Yes. thank you."

I rung up the three pairs of hiking boots and the dehydrated foods.

And gave them their change they walked out and mike eyed me as if he knew something

"Your restless.... why?" He said

"ummm... what?"

"what's up? your having a problem today... I can tell. but your not gripping your torso gasping for air.... what's wrong? anything I can help with?"

"No... there's nothing wrong imp just tired...."

I thought about Jacob and my dream that russet skinned children with black hair ran around and a red brown wolf played with them as I eyed them lovingly from the window.

"Bella?" A voice said. a voice I didn't expect husky and low. instantly my heart swelled up until I thought it would flop onto the floor

"Jacob..." I said breathlessly

"Hey... how are you... I thought I would drop by before you came over to my house to let you know imp gonna be at the beach."

"You didn't drive all the way here to tell me that..." I accused

He kind of blushed and it made my heart throb a little but in a good way

"No.... I wanted to see you...." I returned the blush and he smiled at me

"how's Harry? Charlie was really worried about the heart attack..."

"has doing ok. has stable." I couldn't help but to notice how Jacob looked at me. didn't I notice this before?

"I cant wait to see you.... I WILL meet you at the beach though..."

he smiled at me again and touched my face I was suddenly aware of Mikes eyes on me. it was so easy to get caught up in a conversation.

"Can I have a minute to walk him to his car?"

"yeah... sure..."

I walked with Jacob out the door and onto the street

"I didn't bring a car Bella."

"I thought so." I smiled at him and he touched my face again this time studying me. it was intimate, and I liked it.

"get back to work. earn that money..." He said smiling I reached up and hugged him he was a tower. his warm body made the cold on my skin completely disappear

and I turned and walked into the store

"So what's with you and the Indian kid?"

"He's a friend."

"Friend." Mike scoffed

"yes.... a friend."

"right." He nodded

within 2 hours I couldn't stop staring at the clock. only 15 more minutes.... and I'll be free.... the second hand ticked sluggishly. imp sure Mikes mom wouldn't care if I signed out early but then Mike would notice how eager I was to get up to see Jacob.

My dream came back again.

the beautiful children frolicking with a big wolf...

My Wolf.

and me with a yellow apron on. in the kitchen cooking for

Our Family.

I watched the playing continue until I heard my name

"Bella?" It was Mike


"you can go."

"Alright." I signed out of the store and pretty much ran out the front door and jumped in my car starting it and driving to La Push at my max speed of 55 the entire way there.

When I saw Jacob lying on the bleached roots of a tree.

Well I guess you could call it OUR TREE

all my anxiety peeled away

"Hi..." I said

"Hey Bells."

I walked over and perched myself next to him

"Its gonna storm..." He said

"How do you know?"

"Werewolf senses." I giggled a little bit to myself.

"So what have you done all day?" I asked wanting to fill the silence

"nothing... I ran patrol with Sam for a few hours. we got a new trail and chased it for awhile until we realized it was a dead end and then we came back and went to the beach and threw rocks. then I went and saw you." he said.

"So nothing new on...." I choked a little on her name "Victoria?"


"I missed you." I muttered

"I missed you too bells."

He looked at me for a while and a light drizzle of rain started

"I thought about you all day...."

"I thought about you all last night and all day..." He said smiling and touching my face for a third time today. it was funny how I remembered how many times he had touched me today.

"anything at all interesting happen?"

"Well Quil joined."

"Ooh... really... does he hate it?"

"Ooh hell no... has prancing around like a show horse."

I laughed lightly picturing it in my mind

"well I phased and I noticed I was all alone except a yelling and packing voice so I was like 'who is this?' I thought maybe Embry or Paul or something got hurt and then quills like 'Jake?' and imp all like 'ooh whoa man. I did not see this coming' and I told the others and we helped him calm down enough for him to phase back and let us get a word in and now has been running for like 9 straight hours. just running to run." I listened to him picturing Quil as a werewolf and suddenly I figured out why I couldn't see it

"What color is he?"

"Chocolate Brown."

now I can picture it.

"hmph. I guess I imagined all you wolves to be either red brown or grayish."

"nope. were all different."

I smiled at the casual way we talked about the impossible

I leaned against Jacob and he pushed a strand of hair out of my face

we sat in complete silence for a while. I watched the waves grow more and more violent and I shuddered at the memory of what happened last time I was here. and then moved to watching the clouds. there wasn't really much to watch it was just a big grey blanket covering the sky. the rain started to pour more and more water

"Come on Bella I want to show you something." I got up with out asking him and followed him. he grabbed my hand and we walked the opposite way of the town I tripped a couple times naturally but every time Jacob caught me before I smashed my face into the rocks. he picked me up suddenly

"What are you doing?" I asked

"trust me.... do you?"


"Then no worries..."

He jumped and landed on his feet easily I looked up wede jumped the equivalent of 3 stories. it only seemed like a curb. a surprised laugh escaped my lips he smiled at me and set me on my feet

"Where are we going?"

"We'll Be there soon enough. your so impatient."

I huffed and followed after him soon enough the rocks turned into sand it was gorgeous the sun was setting and Jacob grabbed my hand

"Ok. here...." He pointed to something in the distance

"What is it?"

"Its a cave... there's tide pools in there... that's where were going... its really cool. I thought you'd like it and I'll make sure you don't drown in a pool.

I scowled at him and he laughed at me we walked over there and soon we were in the cave away from the storm that was predicted by Jacob

I followed Jacob and I suddenly saw all the pools I walked over to the biggest one of them and looked in. there was a bright pink anemone and a bright orange one right across from it with a star fish plastered to the side of the hole a small fish swam around trapped in the hole it was blue with yellow on it. I was only aware of Jacobs's presence when he wrapped his hot arms around my waist I leaned into him willingly still watching the tide pool I noticed several crabs in the bottom and eventually a clown fish coming out of the orange anemone

"its beautiful."

"it is..." Jacob agreed I leaned against Jacob my legs felt tired from the walk. all the rock jumping and trying not to trip took allot out of them

He sat down and pulled me down next to him

"So Bella... what brought this on?"


"The love thing."

I blushed

"I made a decision."

"And that was?"

"To let go of the past. and live with the future..." Jacob smiled

"so imp the future?"

"yeah..." I admitted sheepishly he smiled again hugely. I loved it when he smiled like this... when he acted this way.

I noticed it was too dark for me to make out the shapes in the now black pool now and I looked outside the ocean was starting to flow in the cave but not a lot

"Time to go already?" Jacob muttered as if he could hear my thoughts Jacob got up and I got up with him and we started out it was POURING buckets of rain

I followed him with my hand in his in no particular hurry he caught something of interest out of my sight let go of my hand and strode quickly off into the edge of the forest he came back with his hand clamped over his other

"Look... its a storm frog... they sing in the rain..." he moved his hand and a green regular frog was in his hand but it emitted a high pitched sound that sounded like bells. it sounded nice, Jacob smiled and put it down it hopped off Jacob looked at me for a minute and I saw a look cross him.

"I want to Stand with you in the mountains, I wanna bathe with you in the sea, and I wanna lie like this FOREVER until the sky falls down on me...." He suddenly sung. his voice was beautiful. I didn't understand what he meant by his earlier comment

'I could sing and believe me that's nothing anyone wants to hear' he had said. I smiled at him and suddenly just ran into him for a kiss. my lips crashed into his. no having to control myself nothing. He was easily as excited I hadn't ever kissed someone like this a low moan escaped me as I kissed him I was wonderful his hot breath only made it better. I had never felt anything like this in my entire life. I molded myself as close as I could get to him until anything and everything I felt was Jacob black. he finally pulled back gasping for air and so was I he looked at me with dark eyes I was still in his arms molded as close as I could get to him has breathing was fine before mine was

"Until the sky falls down on me." He repeated in his beautiful singing voice. my blood raced again and I molded my lips to his again and I kissed him for what seemed like hours I pulled away this time burying my face in his hot chest he sang to me some more an the more he did the more I melted.

"I love you...." I said I noticed warm water on my cheeks along with the cold rain. tears.

"I love you too Bella."

he lifted me up and spun me around in the hug and squished me closer I wasn't gonna disagree. after he held me in his arms forever and sang to me for what seemed like hours he released me slowly and looked at my face I realized I was soaking wet and so did Jacob he carried me all the way back to the truck I started it. still staring at Jacob. I put it in reverse and it whined in protest I hit the gas a little harder and we didn't move

"Were stuck." Jacob said quietly


"Don't you wanna spend time with me?" Jacob looked at me for a second

"Well yeah. but I mean what if we cant get it out?"

"We will.... just leave it until the storm subsides."

"well how will we get back to your place?"

"we will the storm wont last long..."

"Werewolf senses?" I asked smiling

"Ooh of course." I looked at him and the raw intensity hit me all over again

Jacob looked at me for long enough that I was melting

He started singing a romantic song that I had never heard before and my blood started burning me and I realized more tears. Jacob slid over to me and took me in his arms

"Ooh honey... don't cry...."

"Its so beautiful." I whimpered against his scorching bare skin.

"I didn't think so..." He said aloud

I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his bare neck.

I traveled my way up to his mouth and this kiss was different. he opened his mouth and our tongues tied together he tasted wonderful. like the way pine needles smell and something slightly sweeter. it was amazing. the kissing continued for a long time until he pulled me on top of him so I was straddling him I put my hands on his face and kissed him with more force. I pulled back breathing hard he continued kissing down my neck and down to my collarbone he was breathing hard but not like me he slid his hand up my back as he moved back up and started kissing me the same way he was and a moan broke through my chest I heard him growl low. I liked this. a lot. and I could feel something I hadn't felt ever. the need for more. I'd never really wanted to have sex with someone. but I wanted Jacob. more than I wanted air. more than I wanted water. nothing. just Jacob.

"Bella." He said breathless as he pulled back his lips swollen

"Jacob?" I said. his eyes mirrored exactly what I was feeling. a sudden burst of thunder followed by lightning lighting the cab of the truck

"Turn off the truck..." he said I turned it off and he put his hands on my face

And looked at me I forgot my name.

"Bella.... what do you want?"

that's it... Bella.

I could feel something hard pressing into my thigh

"I want you Jacob..."

"your sure?"

"Yeah...." I moaned the word I couldn't bear this feeling any longer

he leaned in and kissed me with an animal like need. I could tell Jacob wasn't his normal self. the werewolf personality was taking over and his hands were shaking

he kissed me harder and then pulled back slipping off my shirt.

"Ooh dear god...." he whispered

"ooh Jacob..." I moaned out his name unexpectedly he started kissing me again and I didn't think I could handle this much longer all I wanted was Jacob inside me. I felt my bra drop and a string of profanities slip from Jacobs lips his hands traced up my body and I was groaning. I wanted Jacob. NOW. he pressed his lips against mine again and we were kissing. then it all hit me. what I was doing, in a truck. I still wanted him. but not here

"Ooh god.... ooh Jacob...." I could feel him hard against me and I knew it wasn't fair to just take it away

"I cant.... Jake...." I said he pulled back and looked at me for a split second

"Get up I got to phase... now...." He was suddenly tremoring so hard I thought there was an earthquake I jumped off him grapping my shirt and slipping it on quickly he got less than 4 feet away and blew up into a giant russet wolf. he let out a yelp and followed it with a ear splitting howl

Jake... I heard my name from 4 different people.... I focused on calming down. I wasn't mad. and that was way unexpected.

ooh... I heard from the 2 who remained wolves and didn't split

ooh Jeez Jake. in a truck? Quil echoed in my head

Shut up. there was even venom in my thoughts

I paced thinking about it. what caused the change? I don't think I was mad... at least I don't remember being mad

Jacob.... I heard Sam's thoughts

Sam..... what happened.... that's never happened.

your animal side took over... and you let it.... and at the slightest of seconds you lost your temper for a fraction of a second and it happened,

this isn't her fault though

no... its no ones fault... is just part of who we are Jacob.

What of I hurt her? ugh I AM a monster.

It shouldn't happen again. just watch the animal... keep it under control...

No.... its not right. what happens if I suddenly get mad again? imp worse than that damn bloodsucker.

Jake... don't stress it. Quills Voice answered me

Sam's Voice came back

The roads are completely flooded in Forks. there's no way anything with out shoulder high tires is gonna made it through.

Great. now I get to have more alone time with Bella. Billy's probley still at the Clearwater's and me and Bella get to be all alone together. Ooh well maybe it will help things. I thought to myself

I watched Jacob pacing. I've got to help somehow after all it is my fault... I thought about how to help and suddenly he was the Jacob I know he opened the door and shoved on his pants

"I'm SO sorry about that Bella... the Wolf instincts took me over and I just... I don't know what to say imp so sorry."

"Get In Jacob... it's cold out there..."

"Not For Me... and hold on... imp gonna do something..." He closed the door and walked to the front of my truck and with a quick shove I was out of the mud and onto the concrete. Jacob grinned a big Jacob grin spreading all the way across his face showing his bright white teeth against his dark russet skin he got in the cab of the truck

"Why didn't you do that in the first place?"

"I wanted to spend more time with you..." He admitted sheepishly. I couldn't be mad at him because I wanted nothing more than the same. I started the truck and started towards Billy's house

"Ummm. Bella... the roads in Forks are completely flooded... Sam told me."

"Ooh.... do you think my truck could make it through?"

"No.... He said that you'd need tires shoulder high." Jacob said to me

We pulled into Billy's house and parked in his driveway and I got out of the truck and dashed for the house Jacob was right behind me.

"Do you mind if I borrow the phone?" I asked him

"Sure, Sure." Jacob answered me going through the refrigerator I picked up the phone and dialed Charlie's house. It rang a few times followed by Charlie's gruff


"Hey Dad... me and Jake got stuck in the storm and the roads are completely flooded in Forks, Sam told him you'd need shoulder high tires to get through it."

"Yeah they are. I made it home just in time."

"Ooh... so imp staying at the Blacks house tonight and I'll be home tomorrow as soon as the waters gone."

"Alright. Is it ok with Billy?"

"I don't know yet has not home. but Jake will call and see."

"Alright. Bells. I'll see you tomorrow. Don't give Billy too much grief."

"I won't. Thanks dad."

"No problem." we hung up and I walked into the living room Jake was sitting on the small couch watching TV.

"Jacob... you didn't really give me the chance to say it but imp sorry about the truck thing. I wasn't thinking straight. I'm sorry I made you mad..."

"Ooh no honey... that wasn't your fault... ooh Bella. You always twist things until there your fault. Don't worry about it... it was all me. Don't stress." He said

"No... If I hadn't have started it wouldn't have happened."

"Think about it bells... I started it... I pulled you on top of me. And I started the kiss."

"No I did."

"But I made it what it was." He said a little smug

I blushed thinking about what had happened. Jacob got up and pulled me into a tight hug I heard the door open and Jacob let me go. Billy wheeled through the door

"Bella. I heard about the roads in forks. That truck isn't gonna make it through. You can stay here if you want to. Jacob will Fill up the air mattress for you."

"Ooh its ok. I can sleep on the floor." I said

Billy rolled his eyes and then rolled away to the kitchen. I walked over to the couch and sat down next to Jacob he pulled me close to him with his arm around my waist and we watched a few episodes of The Simpsons. And then a few episodes of King of the Hill. By the 3rd episode of King of the hill Billy rolled in and said his goodnights and reminded Jacob about the air mattress and that he could roll it out at the foot of his bed.

"Sure. Sure." Jacob agreed.

We watched a few more TV shows until I had gradually gotten into Jacobs lap with his arms wrapped tightly against my stomach

Jacob went through the channels slowly and settled on a car show.

"Are you tired?" Jacob said to me quietly

"Only a little."

"Do you wanna go to sleep?"

"No..." He smiled and kissed me on the cheek

Over the next few hours the thunder got worse and worse until it was practically the only thing you could hear. I was really tired now. and Jacob noticed. he picked me up and we walked into his room and laid down with me next to him in his small bed he draped a small blanket over us both and started rubbing my back with small circular motions. it felt good. I could feel his hot body against mine. I'm sure we didn't really need the blanket but I liked it on me. Jacob moved closer and pressed his lips against my neck and then kissed me on the lips. I rolled over so I was facing him and we started kissing again. His mouth moved slowly against mine. He moved closer to me wrapping an arm around me and opened his mouth kissing me. His mouth moved a little faster now. I put my hands on his face. Then our tongues were in twined. Eventually he was hovering over me kissing me breathless. He rolled so he was on top of me kissing me still and occasionally pulled back trailing all the way to my collarbone with kisses. The same feeling suddenly over came me as in the truck. All I wanted was Jacob. Without asking this time he slid off my shirt and licked around my breast until I was moaning out his name, he defiantly liked that. Jacob was growling a low unbroken growl the aching in my lower stomach got worse and worse as the kissing continued. All I wanted was Jacob in me again. My body was begging for it. He pulled back and licked all the way up my entire torso and a moan louder than the others escaped my lips. This made him growl a lot louder. He liked it a lot.

"Jacob..." His name escaped my lips again and he smiled at me a little. He leaned back and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants pulling them off me and tossing them aside

The growl got louder but thunder drown it out I could see something straining against his pants. It was big. Really big.

"Bella... This is what you want right?" He said breathlessly

He rested his lower body against me and I could feel him really hard through his pants. The aching in my stomach was driving me insane and I knew the only way to fix it.

"Jacob Please..." I moaned out. He leaned down and kissed me on the neck his breathing was hard and I knew he wanted it just as much as I did. I reached down to slide down my panties to show him just how serious I was and my hand touched his dick. It was hard and throbbing. He growled deep when it happened and I blushed a little. And he took my hand and gently pressed it to his lips

"Billy's in the other room. I don't know if we can do this." it sounded like he was in pain when he spoke

I touched his muscular stomach and slid my hand down I was just above what I wanted to touch the most and he growled deep again and grabbed my hand

"Billy's snoring." I whispered

Jacob looked at me for a moment

"Ooh Fuck it." he mumbled as he leaned in and started kissing me again with one hand I felt him slide my panties to my knees and he slid his hand up my thigh until he was barley below what I wanted him to touch so bad. I tangled my fingers in what little hair he had grown and wrapped my legs around his waist. He touched it for jut a moment and I moaned his name he whined a whine of lust. The wolf was taking over again. His warm fingers slid over my clit and down I whimpered his name and moved my hips he slid one finger in me and my hips moved with out my mind even telling them to get him to go in deeper. He made a strange noise I couldn't place it was like a cats purr. But it wasn't. As he slid in another. he was panting now. I moaned and pushed so he would go deeper. he started pumping his fingers in and out of me and his name came across my lips again this time louder than the others he watched as my chest heaved. I was getting close. when my walls started to tighten around his fingers he pulled his fingers out of me and licked his fingers the growl grew and grew in his chest until it sounded like thunder all in its own.

"Are you ready?" He asked me as he slid his hands to the tie on his shorts

"yeah...." I moaned the word again. he looked at me until I thought I couldn't take it anymore my stomach was pulsing with the ache.

"Jacob. Please...." I whimpered He leaned down and kissed me roughly on the lips He was growling a low growl still. he leaned away and untied his pants and slipped them off. he was huge. Big enough that I highly doubted he'd be able to fit. I could feel it pressing against my opening I moaned and Jacob answered me with a loud growl

"I think Billy's gonna catch us..." He growled the words

"Jacob.... I want you... so bad..." he snarled, something I'd never heard before. it was much different from the vampires

he shook his head and brought a hand to his temple rubbing it I noticed his hands shaking it turned into tremors and it shook the entire bed. he squeezed his eyes shut and slowly the tremors stopped

"Jacob...." I squeezed my legs together trying to make the ache stop. I could feel him hard against me and I could see it. he opened his eyes and leaned in kissing me on the lips

"your sure."

"Yea. please Jacob... Billy wont wake up..."

He kissed me on the lips and I felt him press harder against me and then the tip go in I moaned out his name. I wanted this. I wanted this ALOT. I wanted it more than I wanted ANYTHING. he pushed it in and the heat overflowed in me it was burning hot inside of me. I felt like I was boiling. but I liked it. I ached for more. and so he gave me more. he slid in further and stopped I whimpered his name

"Does it hurt?" He suddenly asked me.

"No... keep going..." the words were ran together and mostly a mumble and he understood me. he slid in further and suddenly something broke in me and it did hurt

"I'm hurting you..." He growled.

"Please... don't stop... that was just my virginity."

"I don't want to hurt you... This was a bad idea..."

"Its fine... Go..."

"No I'm hurting you... Its too big... I'll give you an orgasm anyways..."

"No... Please Jacob...." he looked at me for a minute and then slid in further. I moaned his name loud. but the thunder drown me out. he started thrusting against me. growling. I liked it a lot the aching in my stomach was gone replaced with a different ache. one I liked though. the pain had disappeared

"Ooh... Jacob... Harder..." I groaned the words he went harder. his face buried in my neck biting at it a little. I heard the same sound he was making like a cats purr but not one. he moved harder and I wrapped my legs around his body tight.

"Say my name Bella." He growled the words into my ear

"Jacooob." I moaned his name so loud I was sure if there wasn't any thunder Billy would have woke. I moved against him and he groaned. the first human sound I'd heard out of him. I could feel my stomach rippling. I was so close it was hard for me to think he ground against me and I clutched at his back. I was so close that I was shaking

"Jacoooob!!" the name came off my lips in practically a scream

he growled it was loud. it ripped out of his chest like a chainsaw ripped to life. I was so close now that I couldn't control the moans coming out of my mouth. it was loud but Jacob didn't seem to care. Billy was probley awake from all the noise. and I didn't care. it was sudden. Orgasm pulsed through my entire body rocking me. it was easily the best thing I had ever felt in my entire life.

"Jacoooob. oooh don't stop.....please Jacob... please don't stop..." I screamed the words. the feeling rocked my entire body for longer than I had expected. then I could feel Jacob pulsing inside of me and the cum dripping from me onto the bed he growled and groaned and then it was over he was still for a fraction of a second and then slid out of me and rolled onto his back breathing so hard I thought he was hyperventilating. I was still pulsing from the orgasm and Jacob let out a deep growl all of a sudden the breathing stopped and he breathed normally

"Bella?" He said my name slowly

"Yeah?" I noticed I was breathless. and gasping for air

"I am so surprised. how didn't Billy Wake up?"

"I don't know." I whispered the words

"Whoa." He said he pulled me onto his chest and kissed me on the lips lightly

"I love you." I said kissing his chest he pulled the blanket up over me and wrapped his hot arms around me

"I love you too."

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