The Lost Odyssey Collaboration is a collab of scenes from the game Lost Odyssey authored by different users here on . The scenes are in no particular order, but were written for fun just to see how many people we can involve and to see some of the most popular scenes on paper.

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Submission One

Author: Little Miss Cuteness

Lost Odyssey Collaboration

(White Boa, Queen's Room, Ming and Jansen first meet)


"Sorry gang!" Jansen murmured, smoothing his hair back, to ensure he looked as handsome as possible when he met the Queen of Numara. "I can't pass up an opportunity like this."

He made his way up the marble corridor to where the Queen, partially hidden by white veiled curtains, was playing a beautiful harp song. Jansen gazed at the voluptuous Queen with unguarded awe. Seth had been right; the Queen of Numara was leagues above the streetwalkers he was used to. If the Queen fell for him, he would be hero-worshipped by men everywhere.

He moved closer, her image, which had been obscured by the veils was fully exposed to him now. That outfit left nothing to the imagination. As she leaned over to pluck the harp strings with her delicate white fingers, he got a perfect view of her ethereal face, composed, but slightly forlorn as she played her music. He could see the glittering silver necklace, lying upon the smooth curve of her breasts, which alone must be worth more money than Jansen had ever seen in his life.

He had to charm her, or at least give it his best shot.

His cautious, but heavy steps alerted the Queen, and she hastily reached for the alarm lever.

"Wait, Your Highness!" Jansen cried, waving his arms pleadingly as he approached the Queen. "Please, I'm not dangerous, I swear."

She hesitantly withdrew her arm, folding her hands in her lap as she regarded him with masked thoughts.

He laid a hand on his chest, exhaling with a laugh of relief. "Phew, thank you so much. Uh, please, just don't call the guards yet?"

"Who are you?" The Queen demanded.

Jansen wouldn't allow himself to be deterred by her cool demeanour. It was understandable, considering he had just barged into her room, but he almost savoured the challenge.

After a moment's hesitation, Jansen flung himself into a bow, dropping to one knee as he spoke.

"I beg your forgiveness, Your Highness, for the sudden intrusion. Jansen Friedh, at your service. I am but a simple fool... drawn here by your lovely harp song." He kept his voice quite low. If he appeared to be unsure and unthreatening, the Queen was far more likely to be charmed.

"The White Boa is already underway, where did you come from?" She replied, her regal tone of voice failing to disguise her curiosity.

Jansen got to his feet, approaching as he began to work his charms on the radiant Queen. "Any man who heard such an enchanting melody would grow wings and fly to meet you. Land or sea, just so long as he found you."

He dropped to one knee before her, swiftly sweeping her slender hand into his one rough hand. "Like this," He pressed his lips to it tenderly, catching her in a gentle gaze. "Ah, I would very much like to know your name, Your Highness."

The Queen's rosebud mouth curved into a warm smile that reached her glowing violet eyes. "Ming, Ming Numara," she replied amicably.

"Such a lovely name," Jansen beamed. "And I've finally gotten to see you smile. Please, feel free to laugh at this simple fool." He lowered his gaze, hoping to seem unconfident and gentle. "Just seeing your smile has made it worth risking your wrath at my..." He gave a dramatic wince. "Uninvited presence."

"Is something the matter?"

He eyed her gentle expression a little deviously. "Forgive my impertinence, but even though your smile shines brightly, Your Majesty, I also see loneliness. Your harp song, you were playing earlier, feels the same." He couldn't keep a small grin from his face, betraying his joy at how well this was going. "It's as though it reflects your own heart."

"My... my heart?" Queen Ming murmured, placing a hand on her exposed chest. She seemed entranced by Jansen's words.

"When you play, the melody radiates kindness and warmth, but sometimes, it sinks into sorrow. That sorrow is what drove me to you..." He continued. Ming was enraptured, or at least seemed to be. Jansen kindled a small orb of magic energy within one palm, but shielded it from her eyes using his other hand, "...and sparked a desire to smooth it away." Jansen reached his hands out to her, the golden stars dancing from his palms, gliding through the air and enveloping the startled Queen with a glowing warmth.

"What is that?" She gasped softly.

Jansen got to his feet. "I shall heal your sorrow, please, trust me. If you remained here, your heart will only be stained with more sorrow."

Ming swayed on her stool, disorientated. "My heart? Stained with sorrow?"

She collapsed, but Jansen leaped forwards to catch her. He gazed down at the Queen's bewildered face as she lay cradled in his arms.

"Jansen, why did you really come? Oh..." With a small sigh, the magic overwhelmed her, and she fell unconscious.

Jansen paused for a moment, his eyes on her gentle porcelain face, her silky brown hair, down to her impressive chest.

He exhaled as he lifted her from the ground, his face bright with a triumphant grin. "Ahh, what a woman!"

He quickly rose, swinging round towards the large double doors.

Jansen grimaced at the deafening clanging that filled his ears as his clumsy movement caused the immense harp and stool to topple over.

"Argh, great, just great." He grumbled, hoping no one had heard it. He could easily find out if he just hopped over to the doors. A little eavesdropping wouldn't hurt anyone.

Jansen could hear raised voices on the other side of the door. The fool of a General was accusing Kaim and Seth of attempting to kidnap the Queen. Jansen glanced at the unconscious Queen in his arms. Clearly he couldn't join the others just yet, so he'd need to find an alternative escape route. He caught the sound of the General berating is men for opening the emergency hatch. They'd probably be okay out there, but Jansen needed to find this hatch.

Given the fact that the room, ornate as it was, was almost completely empty, it didn't take him long to find this hatch. Surprisingly though, it led to the engine room. Surely it would have been safer to have the Queen's emergency hatch lead to where help may be waiting, but it was better for Jansen that there was no one around.

He followed the corridor, but it led only to a dead end. "Well, I guess this is as good a place as any. There you go."

He gently lowered Ming onto the warm metal floor, gazing at her for only a second before a shrill tweeting noise caught his attention. He rose, following a small bird through clouds of steam as it flapped awkwardly towards an open window.

"Hey there, little guy," he smiled. "You lost? You're not chasing me too, are you? Whoa!"

Jansen threw his arm up quickly, his magic cooling a jet of steam before it melted the tiny bird. It fluttered off safely to freedom. Jansen sighed with relief as it sailed away. "Phew, close one!"

"You're quite kind, aren't you?" Came the wise, honest voice of Ming from behind him.

Jansen raised his eyebrows with surprise. He hadn't realised she was awake, how long had she been awake for? Never mind, time for his silver tongue to work its magic again.

"Ah, you're awake, Your Highness-" His words stopped short as he turned towards her, or attempted to. Jansen's feet, now solid stone, were sealed onto the metal flooring, and the magic induced effect was rising towards his knees.

Ming, who was still on the floor, had her arm raised, her hand shimmering with magic energy. Jansen was beginning to feel a little nervous. He had been sure that she was falling for him, but now she had tricked him, and he wasn't sure how far she was willing to go with this petrification spell.

He patted his legs, which were beginning to feel more numb and rigid by the second.

"Okay, this isn't funny. I need to get out of this!"

"You know, I was never really asleep," Ming told him with a mischievous smile as she swept gracefully to her feet.

"Huh?" This was a side of her he hadn't bargained on seeing. He might have even been able to enjoy it, had it not been for the fact that he was gradually turning into a garden ornament.

He almost toppled forwards as he tried to move.

"I couldn't trust your true intentions, so I tested you. I sincerely apologise," Ming continued, strolling slowly back and forth in front of him, oblivious to his state of near panic.

"Well, then would you do something about this, would ya?" He asked in exasperation.

"Not just now," she answered, resuming her regal, but still patient, tone of voice. "I am the Queen, after all, and I cannot just simply run away with you."

Jansen stared at her disbelievingly. She sounded like she was trying to convince herself as much as she was him. He couldn't understand why she would turn down a chance at freedom to act instead as Kakanas' puppet.

"But that bastard, Kakanas, is taking advantage of you," he insisted fiercely. "You can't feel comfortable surrounded by these lunkheads, can you?"

"Even so, I cannot forsake my duties," she replied briskly. She turned to him, unable to keep the smile from her voice. "Your feet will be fine. Just remain here for a little while. Nothing higher will turn to stone."

"Gee, thanks for considering my... higher parts." He grinned.

Ming gave a light giggle, regarding him with the affectionate gazed he'd been hoping to coax from her earlier. "You finally sound more like yourself."

"Huh?" He responded, confused. She clearly was not as gullible as he had first thought. She'd seen through his flattery to the coarse young man underneath, but now she liked him more? It contradicted everything he'd ever learnt about women. But then, he had learned about most things about women from Ladies of the Night.

Perhaps there was something special about the Queen. It was confusing.

"Such insincerity reflects poorly on your true self." She finished.

"Phew, all that formal speech stuff was making my shoulders stiff anyway, but I'm all fired up now, my Queen. When I get out of this, I'll prove my sincerity to your heart's content," he grinned, pointing a finger at her smiling face. "Oh yeah, you can bet on it!"

Ming tilted her head, considering the stranger she had just met. It was refreshing to speak to someone like him, a little rough, but a kind-hearted individual nonetheless.

A bellowing voice broke into her contemplative thoughts.

"Your Majesty!"

They glanced up to see Kakanas sprinting towards them, arm outstretched, flanked by a few guards.

"Oh crap, this is so unfair!" Jansen panicked, thrashing about to try and free himself.

"Have you been harmed?" The General asked Ming. She replied that she had not, her warm gaze focused on Jansen as he pointlessly struggled against the spell which was mostly protecting him. If Kakanas and his men saw him as no threat then they had no reason to harm him.

Jansen, however was more concerned with his bad luck, and the ass-kicking Seth would give him when he was returned to the little group. He wouldn't be able to sit down for a week!