Hi there! It's me, BlueMew1495, again!

Okay, to better explain what's going on here, I'll insert a little short story for ya.


Sparx had been flying around looking for his brother, Spyro, for hours. When he couldn't find him, he began to get worried. A few minutes after a short panic attack, Spyro walked through the temple doors.

"Spyro!" Sparx said. "Where've ya been, bro? I've been looking for ya all day!" Spyro didn't answer his brother, which let Sparx know what he was doing.

"Admiring Cynder again, are we?" Spyro nodded vacantly and sighed. He looked up at his brother and said, "I need some ideas to impress her…but I don't know what to do. You got any ideas?"

There was a long silence. Nothing was heard but a cricket in the temple somewhere. Sparx shook his head…then, they look over at…YOU. That's right, YOU, the READER.


I think that about explains it. Spyro's trying to impress Cynder, but he can't think of any ideas. He needs YOUR help. Send some ideas in your reviews and tell me ways that he might be able to impress the black beauty.

By the way, I don't care what it is, as long as it's within a T rating. I don't want anything rated M 'cause I don't write that kind of crap. Thanks!