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Spyro woke up the next morning. He had a splitting headache and, at first, couldn't remember what had happened the day before. Then, after a few minutes of hard thinking, he remembered. Man, I really am an idiot…he thought as the memory played in his mind as if it were a short film. I've gotta think of something else…maybe I should have listened to the guardians…Then, as if nothing had ever happened, his expression brightened and he jumped out of his bed. "I've got it!" he shouted, running out into the rest of the temple. Sparx and the guardians saw him running for the door leading to the Dragon Village. "And just where do you think you're going?" Ignitus asked, not really expecting an answer.

"I have to got to the market for a little bit," Spyro replied as he opened the door and walked outside. "I'll be back in a while!" He ran for the village without even bothering to close the door. Sparx, slapping his forehead, moaned. "I've said it a thousand times before and I'll say it again!" he shouted to no one in particular as the guardians looked at him. "MY BROTHER HAS LOST HIS MARBLES!" "I couldn't agree with you more, Sparx," Cyril said as they all walked off.

On his way to the back garden, he ran into Cynder, deep in her thoughts. "Hey, Cynder!" Sparx waved. She looked at him for a moment, then ran up to the dragonfly. "Sparx, there you are!" she said. "How's Spyro? Is he all right? Where is he?"

"Slow it down with the questions, Cyn! Spyro's fine. He just ran off to the market for a bit. Probably to go pick something up for you." After he spoke, he slowly flew away, leaving Cynder alone to ponder his comment. "Sparx, would you just tell me what's going on with Spyro lately?!""Like I said yesterday, that's for him to tell you, not me!"

Cynder growled as she stalked away.

About an hour later, Spyro came bursting back into the temple carrying a medium-sized box on his back. "Cynder!" he called. "Where are ya, Cyn?!"

"There you are, Spyro!" she shouted, walking out from around a nearby corner. "You had me worried sick! After what happened yesterday-""I know, Cynder, and I'm sorry. I didn't mean to worry you. I just wanted to give you this!" He handed her the box. He continued as she opened it. "Consider it an apology for all the misery I've caused you these past couple days."

"White chocolates?" she said, as if she were displeased. Spyro nodded, smiling widely as he thought to himself how much she would love him now.

But the exact opposite seemed true; after a few minutes of staring at the box of white chocolates, she threw it in his face. "You idiot!" she hissed as the chocolates melted on his scales. "I hate white chocolate!" Once again, the black dragoness stalked away, this time back to her room. She slammed the door as Spyro sighed and looked down at the ground, noticing a piece of heart-shaped chocolate lying on the ground, broken into two pieces. Ain't that the truth…Spyro thought as he walked miserably back to his room.


That was fun to write! I only said white chocolates because she strikes me as a girl who would be more of a fan of dark chocolate…for obvious reasons. And I loved doing the part with the little broken chocolate heart on the ground! ;D

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