Robin: Girl Wonder

This is the story if Robin was girl and eighteen and Batman was only twenty three.

"We shouldn't be dealing at his our" said a random thug "yeah boss, he is right" said another "I am the boss and you will stay here" commanded the boss, "but what if they are around?", "are you drunk? They are busy with the Joker or some piece of crap". "wrong" Robin shouted and three of the four thugs were down. "you should have stayed at arkham, Maroni" "who said that" cried Maroni, "I did" Batman whispered. Batman knocked the last thug out and picked up Maroni by the throat "you are going to arkham and if you get out I will snap your back" "yes". Batman and Robin dropped Maroni off at arkham, by that time Maroni was babbling "Batty man".

Two months later

"Robin, joker has escaped again but now he is with two-face, they have so far killed twenty three people and they have planted a bomb" "Wait Batman, I have something to tell you I am pregnant with our baby what will we do?" "I don't know Elizabeth"