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Yami felt how the sun rays hit him in the face, he opened his eyes and sat up rubbing his eyes, he looked at the clock, it was just 8:00 in the morning, and it was going to be hard for him to sleep again. Maybe Yugi was awake at this time.

The dark half stood up from his bed not caring that he was only wearing boxers, he came out from his room and entered Yugi's. He smiled at seeing that his light was still sleeping, but then Yami lifted his eyebrows curious at something.

Yugi was moving all around the bed and he seemed to be moaning, not just that but he was kissing his pillow! What the hell was Yugi dreaming right now? Whatever it was it seemed to be entertaining for the young teen.

"Um… oh yes… keep doing that, oh yes!" He said as he held the pillow tighter and kissed it

Yami covered his mouth trying to not laugh.

"Oh yes! Oh gods…" moaned Yugi "Do it harder!" Screamed Yugi in want

Yami crossed his arms and whispered to himself "I wonder who is the lucky bastard that is making my Aibou to scream"

Yugi moved around the bed and panted "Oh yes Yami! I love to be your pleasure slave!"

At this Yami blushed and cleared his throat to make Yugi wake up.

The small teen opened his eyes, it was then when he realized he was kissing his pillow and that Yami was watching with a smirk on his face. Yugi blushed and let go of the pillow, he sat up and looked at Yami embarrassed "I… can e-explain"

Yami's smirk turned wider "Oh really? So you can explain to me that you were dreaming of us having sex when we just had sex last night?"

Yugi turned more nervous and was not able to find an answer.

Yami just chuckled at Yugi's expression "I guess that explains why I hear you some nights moaning"

Yugi blushed madly "WHAT?"

The older teen chuckled "Oh yes, and um, in case you wanted to know for what I heard I'm better in reality than in your wild dreams Aibou" then he left the room laughing.

Yugi stood up from the bed still blushing "Yami wait! I need an explanation and now!" Then he ran behind his dark.

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