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"Are you going to the dance?" I asked Hector as I rested my head on his lap, the Latin essay I helped him write in my hands, my eyes fixed in the paper looking for any grammatical error even thought I wasn't really good at the language, but I could understand it, certainly more than Hector.

I hoped so, anyway

I heard him sighed and could imagine him rolling his eyes. "Why you ask?" he answer my question with another question. Sneaky in his own way, Hector had been avoiding the subject for three whole days and I would always let it slide but not today, the dance was in less than a week.

And I was only a girl, I needed time to prepare even if I was a vampire.

"Well I have been asking you for three whole days, everyday and if I'm not mistaking my voice has suggested every single time that I want to talk about it! What does that tell you?" My voice was as calm as can be and my eyes never left the paper, but my body did tense and he felt it.

He grabbed the paper from my hand, gently, and looked down at me, baby blue eyes shinning with amusement and a grin playing at the corners of his lips. "You want me to go, Ella?" I gave him a looked that clearly said "heck yes" and smiled up at him.

"Well if you dont mind.." I trailed off, but my face said that I didn't want nothing else. He laughed, that rich laugh that I loved because it always reminded me of of my favorite guys both in the Cullen family and in the Volturi castle. I laughed along with him and took the paper back from his hand.

"Of course I would, Ella, anything you want" his voice had a jocking tone to it but his eyes look sincere and I knew he meant it and as always my heart did that tugging thing and a sweetly but no too innocent voice whisper at the corner of my mind that I could have him forever, just a few bites, three days of painful agony, and then a perfectly ever after. That was what the angelic voice told me every time my love for Hector grew.

And it scared me because I didnt know what kind of love my heart was developing for him, and God that was just too scary for words.

"Thanks!" I pecked him lightly on the lips before leaping of the bed and throwing a look a Hector, a silent way of asking him to follow.

We were currently in the Cullen Manor, everyone but Carlisle was home and it would make everything eerie perfect if I could just erase him from my head and heart once and for all.

Hector and I walked down the stairs hand in hand, and my eyes still in the paper that I knew was still in desperate need of proof-reading. Downstairs everything was normal, well normal for the Cullen's standard. EM' and Jazz were playing some kind of video game that I lost interest in the first time I played. Rose was laying on the couch by herself making it pretty obvious that she intended it to be that way, and had a fashion magazine in her hand. Alice was on the computer and I just knew she was online shopping with Belle by her side, and I believed Belle was actually the only person that came to the house and did homework, willingly anyway. Edward was being Edward, and just being plain weird my standards, he was playing chest solo.

I mumbled a quick 'hi' to everyone and made a quick bee line for the kitchen, Hector had stayed in the living room obviously fascinated and waiting for his turn to play the stupid game, I walked to the fridge looking for something that looked like Hector or Belle could eat but changed my mind when i took out a moldy cheese.

"Ugh" I almost threw up at the smell quickly discarding the idea of making Hector and Belle dinner, and opted for take-out. Or maybe not, it was Sunday after all and heck when I was alive you didnt spend a freaking whole day in someone's house, not even your best-friend's. I took out two cans of sodas before closing the fridge, orange for Belle and a cherry soda for Hector, dont ask me they were weird like that.

I almost crashed into Esme in my way out, she was wearing seemly descent clothes; hip-hugging jeans and a top with a very, very deep v-neck, her whole midsection was showing but it was enough for me that she was actually covered her ass this time and not like last week when Hector first came to the house.

I looked at her my violet eyes showing my disgust at her persona and the sneer playing at my lips not exactly conveying a friendly cause. "move will ya?" my voice was as hard as steel and the respect I had felt for her had left no trace in its way out.

She rolled her eyes but moved anyway, no exactly wanting to cause a scene in front the humans but we would be having a scene one way of another. That was the clear as day message she sent my way, already knowing of my copycat powers.

I laughed low in my throat and the sound sounded more like a growl than anything else "Whenever you want, cheap stuff" I told her in a preppy tone and my eyes flashed red with the threat beneath them. With that I walked out, head held high.


Four hours later one of our visitors left, Edward walked Belle to her truck and kissed her goodnight promising low in her ear that he would be passing by in a few hours, another few quick kisses and Belle left. No twenty minutes later Carlisle arrived and Hector was still in the house, my room to be exactly and was greedily accepting the help Rosalie was giving him with his essay. Who knew Rosie had been so intrigued by the world's history that she actually majored a few times, learning dead languages and everything.

Carlisle said 'goodnight' to everyone and kissed Esme in the cheek once she helped him with his jacket, cheap stuff obviously thought that wasn't worth her job and dived for more, almost eating half his face in the process. They kissed for a few more minutes and we all watched in fascination as tongue and saliva was shared, hands touched places they shouldnt in public and their no needed breathing was raged. "Good porn, eh?" I whispered in Jazzy's ear and his whole body shook with laughter, silent at first but too contagious to be kept that way for long, no seconds later we were all laughing, half of us not knowing at what exactly.

The commotion apparently ruined their mood cause they separated Esme looking disappointed and lusty, Carlisle was just plain embarrassed and sat down on the nearer seat, face in his hands. I looked at him and slowly I could feel the love I once fell for him being drained of me, and looking back at the last couple of weeks I really didnt even attempted to resist, didnt even want to anymore.

"Whose upstairs with Rosalie?" Carlisle asked, still not accustommed to Hector's sent and it was fine by me.

"Hector" Emmett answer simply, even though he still didnt like Hector all that much he was almost himself when Hector was around and that was a really big start.

"She's helping him" Alice added from her place in my lap, she was picking at her red polish nail and I was playing with her hair, my finger buried deep in the maze of black spikes.

"A Latin essay" Jasper provided from my left where he was too involved in his cellphone to even looked up. He was playing Tetris from the sound of it.

"They're getting well together" Edward added from his place in the piano.

"They gonna be besties by tomorrow" I finished, and smiled up at him.

By the look in Carlisle's eyes he did not like the information he received. And Esme was just too happy to comfort him.

Fuck, it was gonna be a loud night.


When the clock stroke midnight Hector left just like Cinderella, promised to see me in the parking lot tomorrow at seven and indifferent to Carlisle death glare as he kissed me softly on the lips, but softly wasnt something I wanted at the moment and when he went to pull away I reacted way too fast and catch his bottom lip between my teeth, softly not too hard to draw blood and be a cause of murder. Hector opened his eyes surprise and the desire to kiss him was evident in my violet eyes, and Hector was more than please to please my desires.

His hand went to my neck to drive me closer, but I didnt need too much coaxing in to go willingly. He kissed me softly, like it was heaven and he wanted to take his sweet time and I was not gonna object to that. His kisses taste what I imagined would be cherry and it was sweet, as sweet as the candy I ate as a child, his lips were soft and gentle, and once again I thanked God for he did not seemed aware of the coldness or hardness of mine, and his hands held me against him like I was his most precious possession, like I was the thing his dream were made of.

And God never make them turn into nightmares.

We kissed for like it felt forever and a the same time not long enough, as we parted I licked his lips tasting what lay beneath the skin. His lips were cherry red, his eyes as brilliant as the stars, and the affection and maybe love he felt for me grew, and maybe if it continue to grow like that we could share for both of us. I pecked his lips before stepping back and smiled at him my most genuine smile in a long time.

"Good night" he whispered, his smile soft and his eyes sparkingly like fucking New York in Christmas Day.

And I liked it, it made me felt wanted, desired, and like a complete bitch, all at once.

"Sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite" I whispered back, hugging myself against the emotion coming from behind the mid-open door. Apparently Hector misunderstood for being cold and kissed me quickly in the forehead, saying his last good bye for the night "Night Ella" with that he turned around and walked to where his Jeep was parked.

I dont know why but it let me with a sick feeling of foreshadowing.


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